@GreggGraison @WajahatAli Native American genocide, The Alien & Sedition acts, human captivity, Jim Crow, The Confederacy, The Pinkertons, The Engineered Starvation of 1893, Henry Ford and the Capitalists who funded and profited from WW1 & WW2, The German American Bund . . .
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli countless massacres and lynchings of African Americans, multiple red scares, blacklisting, Hoover and COINTELPRO, the assassination of transformative civil rights heroes, The Vietnam War, The John Birch Society, "Reaganomics" A/K/A the defunding of the middle class . . .
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli the John Birch Society, union busting throughout all the 70s, 80s and 90s, "The War on Drugs," the exporting of working class jobs, the advent of government subsidized high-tech to further concentrate monopoly power, "The War on Terror" . . .
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli The Tea Party, The Kochs, Erik Prince and the largest private mercenary force on Earth, racist "militias," Donald Trump and the advent Postmodern American Fascism, the Seditionist Caucus, The January 6th coup attempt, AND THAT'S ONLY A TASTE. You must be deaf, blind and ignorant.
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli I see you consider yourself to be a traveler. How long have you been removed from the United States? Has it been the last 25 years?
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli Do you read history or do you just read about history from second-hand sources who are presenting fiction as fact? Do you believe the roads here are paved in gold, because nowadays you can barely drive your gaddamned car over them without fear of disappearing into a sinkhole.
@GreggGraison @WajahatAli @threadreaderapp unroll please. Thanks.

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30 Sep
@Megankstack Throughout American history, beginning with the Federalist papers, "the Fourth Estate" has marched hand in hand with politicians and their wealthy donors.
@Megankstack Among the richest and most vibrant literary and journalistic eras in American history was during the mid to late nineteenth century, when the original American Left, derided as "populists," established a network of independent presses across the country.
@Megankstack Most of those manuscripts and columns have been buried.
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29 Sep
"As folks go, it's easy for us to fail.
No one to stop us from the downward slide.

Unless compassion and love rule the day."
~ @StereoRooster
"In this world, prison is all in the mind.
Life's easy for the happy-go-lucky
Until they find a chip on their shoulder
Really unnerves the most reasonable
Even if they chill as ice cubes in fire."
~ @StereoRooster

"The school treats me like a tool for money.
How'm I supposed to make it in this swirl?"
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@Sen_JoeManchin @WSJopinion "The word 'inflation' attracts a lot of negative attention, but inflation also has the potential to reverse economic stagnation. FDR’s New Deal played a significant role in post-Depression economic reconstruction and is a prime example."

@Sen_JoeManchin @WSJopinion "Inflation, deflation, these market descriptors have been embellished, recontextualized and divorced from their primary and original function."

@Sen_JoeManchin @WSJopinion "Currency, deflation, inflation and the institutions designed to regulate them don’t exist in the a priori, abstract environment that produced them."

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"Guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. They ain't got no family, and they don't belong no place. They got nothing to look ahead to . .
"Well, we ain't like that. We gotta future. We got someone to talk to who gives a damn about us . . . Some day we gunna have us a little house and a coupla acres, and a cow and a pig and a chicken . . ."

"We gunna live off the fat of the land, George, and have rabbits."
". . . and when it rains in the Winter, we'll just say, 'hell with going to work,' and we'll just build a fire in the stove and we'll just set there and we'll listen to the rain . . ."
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29 Jul
@SethCotlar That's what I meant when I wrote that social media isn't conducive to civil discourse and debate. I had been noticing and following strange activity on social media dating back ten years or more. A lot of patterns that added up to more than mere happenstance.
@SethCotlar One day, I created a faux right wing account and was quickly invited into some strange corners of Facebook where everything terrified me: lots of violent, racist stuff. I've been keeping an eye on that activity with varying degrees of scrutiny for the last decade.
@SethCotlar Before media began reporting on the "troll farms" that are operated out of Russia, Arizona and elsewhere, I was convinced there was some sort of group coordinating online to influence public opinion in the comments sections of Facebook. So I interacted with those accounts . . .
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27 Jul
@TXWomenRESIST @DoctorDarienMD @POTUS "As soon as the necessary information about the virus that causes COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to build the unique spike protein into an mRNA vaccine."

@TXWomenRESIST @DoctorDarienMD @POTUS Sounds "experimental" to me.
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