Hard hard HARD agree with this.

The rotten decision making preceded the Covid pandemic…and countries like Singapore IMPLEMENTED OUR flu pandemic plan with far FAR greater success…imperfect but FAR better

Because they ACTED on it
And had resourced PH to do so..& gave it clout
But which of us thinks giving the likes of Jenny Harries MORE clout would have made a difference?

It wasn’t more clout she needed but a massive kick up the arse from a political leader who was going to put saving lives and health and well-being at the heart of the response
That was never going to be Johnson.

Oh no. Not trivial Johnson.

Clark Kent Johnson from Feb 2020
Oh NO not this Johnson. He was all for the keep calm and carry on as normal when we were in the abnormal. Pretend it isn’t happening to us BRITISH.

Or THIS Johnson from 3-3-20…who just a few days later said that Many loved ones are going to die, whilst leaving schools open, restaurants, Cheltenham Races, crowded events
Let’s imagine for a moment that Rory Stewart had wine the leadership race.

He knew that the Leadership steer mattered crucially.

(As did NZ’s Ardern).
“Why did we not have a suppression plan? This is more interesting and the answer is that the DH/PHE/Cab Office explicitly rejected the idea when it reviewed the nation's pandemic strategy in 2010/11 “

Some form of herd immunity (slow or fast) was always the plan
“Why did we not have a suppression plan? This is more interesting and the answer is that the DH/PHE/Cab Office explicitly rejected the idea when it reviewed the nation's pandemic strategy in 2010/11 “

Some form of herd immunity (slow or fast) was always the plan
( see Nuki’s thread within a thread)

It took me a while to realise it was the PLAN not an unwelcome consequence of insufficient resource.
They knew there was an alternative but did not plan for it.

What is far worse is they had Operation Cygnus and Operation Alice flagging up the gross weaknesses in infrastructure and PPE and STILL did not act on it. Not in 2016/17/18/19

Oh no.
Johnson disbanded the committee whose job it was to assess and respond to risk in Sept 2019.

Because all that matters to this callous negligent eejit was getting Brexit done.

However badly.

However harmfully to our nation states.
Look at this calculation done by an onlooker @BarclayBenedict on 13-3-20.
Surely these calculations were being done IN Government?

• • •

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More from @fascinatorfun

12 Oct
@John_Cotter Rather decent of him to sink “Frosty” & his insincere claims of “good faith” - and just hours he made the claim- right in it for the whole world to see - including the EU and their lawyers.
@John_Cotter Just to preserve them
@John_Cotter Still at it today. “Cheating foreigners is a core part of the job”⁉️

Beginning to wonder if he’s having a breakdown.
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12 Oct
I’ve been feeling pretty bloody awful the last week.

Is it a sense of impotence and shame watching Frost all set to break our word - and legal obligations again. And to NI disadvantage?
Is it the report and knowing that Johnson in his cowardly way hides….and voters will let him get away with it?

The collective shamelessness of the Tory Party

The ineffectual opposition.

The anniversary of my mother’s death (on Sunday) - her birthday today?
Watching deaths continue to pile up (over 200 (60 day) deaths today?

Wondering when and how it will all end?
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12 Oct

And what possible GOOD reason can there be for that instruction?

And who designed and signed off this policy?
“The policy says: “Instant messaging is provided to all staff and should be used in preference to email for routine communications where there is no need to retain a record of the communication.”
“Instant messages history in individual and group chats must be switched off and should not be retained once a session is finished.”
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12 Oct
Calls for inquiry as negative Covid PCR tests after positive lateral flow reported | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Prof ⁦@alanmcn1⁩ gives sensible interim advice whilst the issue is urgently investigated.
“There needs to be really clear and immediate messaging from government around which test [people should] act on. My very clear advice would be that if you have a respiratory infection, stay at home because you’re going to pass it on.”
“But if you’ve got symptoms of a respiratory infection and a lateral flow test that’s positive, I would be working on the assumption that it’s Covid-19 regardless of the PCR result at the moment.”
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12 Oct
This chapter makes sorry reading.

And quite something that in March it was thought that the intermittent lockdown approach might get deaths down to 100k even if no vaccination

Bad. But not as bad as the possible half a million.
Yet here we are 18 mnths later, post 3 lockdowns of sorts, Alpha then Delta variants increasing the risks & worsening the odds, 45 mill+ fully vaccinated
163,500 Covid deaths (by date of death): deaths & hospitalisations still piling up.
And a Government even sloppier than at the beginning.

The second and third/ fourth waves are unequivocally on Johnson. His choice against scientific advice.

How very Johnson to absent himself from the country when the Select Committee report is published.
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12 Oct
In China, in the early days of the pandemic it was established that about 21% of (mostly elderly) admissions had a history of diabetes but a further c20% were diagnosed on admission.

Was Coronavirus precipitating diabetes or were these people with it previously but undiagnosed?
“The precise mechanisms for new-onset diabetes in people with COVID-19 are not known, but it is likely that a number of complex interrelated processes are involved”
These include
📌previously undiagnosed diabetes,
📌stress hyperglycemia,
📌steroid-induced hyperglycemia, and
📌direct or indirect effects of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) on the b-cell.
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