This represents another disturbing SJW trope.

Superman fought Doomsday to the death. This one single superpowered monster defeated the entire DCU and forced a final performance of selflessness and sacrifice from the Man of Steel that left readers weeping.
SJW creators are quick to cheapen stories like this.

"What? Superman couldn't defeat a single Doomsday without dying, but my cheap-o, knock-off Kroger brand DIVERSE Superfolks can EASILY defeat a whole army of them without breaking a sweat! See? Told you they were awesome!"
When you do this, you diminish and devalue Superman. Evidently, he sucks.

You diminish and devalue Doomsday as a terrifying and ultimate villain.

And you diminish and devalue the work of those who told that story.
But as the writer here explicitly states, and as I explained in my interview with The Daily Wire, SJWs aren't as concerned with storytelling as they are with creating 2-D avatars for the readership they hope to appeal to.
They call this "representation." It seeks to flatter readers based on their immutable characteristics, group them by skin color and gender, and then slap someone else's brand on their chest. This is somehow a "Superhero" meant to flatter someone who shares these physical traits.
As such, this character MUST BE FLAWLESS. Any imperfections or weaknesses displayed by this character will be misconstrued as a racist, sexist or bigoted attack on EVERYONE who shares those traits, and SJWs are consciously or subconsciously aware of this.
So they offer bland, overpowered, unknowable and vaguely ethnic and/or queer clones of the characters that everyone in the world loves, and wait for media attention.

None of this will be remembered if comics survive another decade. It just doesn't have the heart.

• • •

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12 Oct
Was there a deliberate effort made to make Kal-El's descendants resemble the 3 Kryptonian villains from SUPERMAN 2?

Why are they so sullen and terrifying?

Wearing the "S" and being of Superman's lineage should come with his optimism, charm, and charisma or it means nothing.
So much of who Superman is and has always been is how we relate to him. We're HAPPY to see him. When he arrives, everything is going to be okay. We trust him.

The Snyder movies failed artistically because they failed to capture the almost Christlike purity of Reeves portrayal.
I understand that these aren't "Superman", they're his offspring, but like the Snyder version of the character, I don't trust them. They look angry and menacing, like they aren't here to help and sacrifice themselves if necessary for humanity.

They're here to destroy.
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1 May
ComicsGate is a rebellion of fans & professionals against Radical Leftism, or "Social Justice" taking precedence in comic books over and instead of good stories and characters.

Leftists feign concern for "marginalized people" to take control of platforms and businesses.
They pretend to cater to "under represented people" so as to cast their critics as "bigots" who are clearly "racist, sexist, homophobic" etc. It's a repressive tactic, and it comes along with Cancel Culture, which SJWs further utilize to create fear in anyone who resists them.
ComicsGate attempted to convince the mainstream comic book industry not to fall for this, to save comics from these political parasites, but the damage was already done to the hobby and industry. It's absurdly "woke" now, with fewer opportunities and unlivable wages. It's sad.
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31 Aug 20
So let's discuss the next phase of ALL CAPS COMICS.

Let's talk about the idea of a monthly CYBERFROG and a monthly JAWBREAKERS series, offered only via subscription. Written by me and Zack, drawn by a couple of consistent and fast artists (like Kirkman found Charlie Adlard.)
This has been something I've been thinking about for a year, because subscriptions have always been Direct to Consumer. It's entirely makes sense.

ALL CAPS would have a sudden growth spurt. I'd hire an editor, we'd use a regular printer each time...
And we're already shipping enormous quantities of trading cards, stickers and comics every day.

We'd have to offer an annual subscription, and get 2000 subscribers to make it work, for both books.

The subscription would probably be $125 plus shipping. It might be impractical.
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23 Aug 20
Glad you asked!

SJWs are worthless Leftist activists for activism's sake, dedicated to rooting out behavior they deem problematic in other people. They identify others by sex, race, or sexual orientation, and these factors come with a hierarchy of intrinsic morality.
SJWs demand their stupid opinions be enshrined as the customs, rule or law of any organization they invade. They believe in the inevitability of "progress", which is only Socialism. They repeat slogans and buzzwords which make them sound like robots.
They're completely willing and capable of denying logic, science, their past words or actions, or any aspect of reality that contradicts their current "narrative," which is their agreed upon narrative, which is their shared political lie.

They engage in Cancel Culture.
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21 Aug 20
SJWs do nothing but chatter and gossip, working hard to gatekeep undesirables and fix social problems within the Comic Book Industry, giving not one shit about how to make it more profitable and sustainable for the creators who depend on it.…
2020 still has these manic, worthless clowns pointing fingers over “harassment,” investigations into workplace practices of DC and BOOM, unions and “pledges” and The Patriarchy, the awesome Twitter disses of dysfunctional dangerhairs, and #ComicsGate while the Direct Market dies.
I’ve always said that Comics Is made up of two kinds of people: those who work to create and sell comics, and those who do nothing but agitate to control the mechanisms behind the scenes. The first group will eventually be subjugated to the second group.
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13 Aug 20
Prediction Thread:

DC's publishing future lays along the lines of YA novels and things that can easily, directly and inexpensively be adapted into streaming shows for teenagers. Which actually is the smartest path for AT&T.
In a way, it's the ultimate victory for SJWs, because they've shrunk DC Comics down to an entirely controllable size for them, producing books in which SJW content merges fairly easily with superhero properties.

In other words, GOTHAM HIGH is the future of DC Comics.
BATMAN, SUPERMAN and JLA will still be published, as they still sell over 40,000 copies. But the line is going to be chopped down by another 75%, and nothing that isn't a guaranteed sale is going to be published.
Read 7 tweets

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