Though the discussion is happening on semantics of Modi' statement, this is a core issue for the civilizational block.

We must flush out the differences between our own concept of Dharma and legal rights-moral duties model of West.

China and Soviet Union provide good alternative theoretical models to study. There have been good philosophical critiques of the theory of the natural rights by Burke& Bentham among others.

"Human rights" are an even bigger joke (political tool).


The funniest thing is these guys dont believe in Gods as they are "atheists". So why do they believe in "rights"? Are "rights" some universal law of physics discernible by mathematics? Can you sense them?
Needs elaborate readings on ethics, philosophy of law and rights plus knowledge of our own Dharma-shastras to make a good argument.

• • •

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12 Oct
Both sides are wrong here.

First of all idiots defending Aztecs should understand that not all cultures are equally evolved and refined.

Ours considers non-violence not only towards humans but towards animals too as the supreme duty (conditions apply)

Christians consider all non-human life on earth as their God given property. All who dont believe in One Book/Prophet are inferior to the believers, hence they must be saved even if it means war. That is how the Church justified two thousand years of bloodshed.

The Aztec culture was brutal and Adharmic. But it is useful to understand that they were not mad. They believed in their worldview with as much fanaticism as Medieval Christians. The Captor and Captive became father and son. The Captive was treated as a deity...

Read 6 tweets
22 May
Japanese (Kampo), Korean, Chinese governments all fund and support their traditional medicine systems.

In 2018, 572.8 billion yuan was the gross sales revenue through Chinese traditional medicine.

Western doctors are also trained in traditional styles.……

Medicine IS cultural whether or not IMA likes it:…

Here is WHO chief himself:
Read 23 tweets
4 Dec 20
1) Seeing a lot of attempts recently by NRIs in Canada & the usual Khan Market gang to drive an artificial wedge between Hindus & Sikhs in order to overtake the ongoing dialogue between farmers & government for their own malicious agenda.

A thread-
2) First of all, Sikhism IS a different religion legally and we respect that. But neither party can deny the common structure, shared culture & heroes - two branches of the same tree. Recent attempts at Abrahamization and subnationalization are both dangerous & fake.
3) Guru Gobind Singh-

"Sakal jagat main Khalsa Panth gaje
Jage dharam Hindu sakal bhand bhaje"

"The Khalsa sect will roar around the world. Hinduism will awaken, its enemies will flee."
Read 22 tweets
13 Oct 20
Excellent question!

This exact same point is regularly used by leftists to downplay Ghazni's raid on Somnath as "a normal affair" and to spread the "India didnt exist b4 1947" narrative. A long thread:
So the Muslim invasions on India came in 3 parts- the Arabs, the Ghaznivids and the Ghorids. All three had different results and the internal situation in India was different every time.
3/n We will discuss the situation until the raid on Somnath(1026) happened. First, the Arab invasions. In 634, under Umar Caliphate, the first wave of attackers came. The king of Sindh successfully repelled them. In 663,Ali caliphate, Baloch fighters repelled another attack.
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12 Oct 20
At a time when Ghazni was raiding, looting and plundering North India, Rajendra Chola I in the the South was creating one of the largest and most powerful thalassocracies (sea based empire) in subcontinent history. Two game changing events were unfolding simultaneously. (1/n)
He first took care of regional rivals in the south- Pandyas, Cheras, Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas. In 1017 CE, he invaded & conquered whole of Sri Lanka. By the end of this decade, entire southern part of the subcontinent was under the Cholas. But the Chola was just starting. 2/n
Rajendra Chola was an ambitious king & a strategic genius. His enemies simply played into his hands. A massive Shiv bhakt, he managed to take on several dozens of entrenched empires by dynamic planning & ruthless attacks.

In 1019, he launched the North Indian expedition! 3/n
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11 Oct 20
(1)The British classified many local janjatis that resisted colonial presence as “criminal tribes”in the notorious Criminal Tribes Act of 1871.
“Tribe” is a derogatory Western term. In the terminology of Bharat, all these so-called tribes are jatis.
(2)Tribes are those jatis the West could not digest into its own structures of “civilization". In our system, they were always an integral part of everything.
(3) Ekalavya had the honour of being invited to Yuddhisthira's Rajasuya Yajna (royal consecration ceremony). Tribals are mentioned as parts of royal armies on all sides in both Ramayana and Mahabharata
Read 7 tweets

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