OLED is the worst branded tech ever. Most people don't even realize how much magically better it is than LED TVs, where "LED" means they are lit by an LED light panel and not that the pixels are all individual LEDs themselves. Plus competing QLED branding muddles it even more.
Long story short, if you upgrade from a 1080p LED TV to a 4k OLED, your eyeballs will melt from the difference. Some top of the line 4k LEDs are still pretty great, but it still is not the same as the black = off you get from an OLED.
For the record, QLEDs are the same as LEDs but they have something called a quantum dot filter that reduces light bleed (basically an artificial way to try and mimic the way an OLED works).

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7 Oct
Nothing exposes complaints about wealth disparity as masked expressions of jealousy like the idea that it's unfair that the median U.S. worker makes a fraction of the wealth of the literal richest man on the planet.
Also Robert Reich is worth millions, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary from a public university, and charges $40,000 an hour for public speaking. Can rich people stop lecturing us on the evils of wealth?
I'm additionally confused by the notion that wealth taxes are always painted as miniscule % increases that amount to a lot of raw dollars. But if that's true, Elon Musk will still be worth hundreds of billions anyway. So what's the endgame of this complaining?
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4 Oct
Another HUGE tactical error by Fauci. The literal only attitude public health can have about Christmas is mitigation. The only people who would cancel Christmas on Fauci's word are not the people he's concerned about with regard to spreading covid. It's totally useless.
He needs to realize that it's the second Christmas under covid and people are going to do it. They should all be focused on providing tips to remain safe instead of holding the entire holiday up in the air as some sort of carrot/stick if everyone finishes their peas and carrots.
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26 Sep
After 4 episodes of #MidnightMass I'd urge you to think of it less like Hill House/Bly Manor and more like Mare of Easttown but with Horror elements. Slow burn but has some really chilling stuff in it.
Man, all Flanagan needs is a little breathing room to set stuff up and if you have the patience to sit through it, the rewards are so worth it.
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17 Sep
The antisemitism understander has logged in. Image
They didn't reach out to her on Yom Kippur. Her response is dated September 15, which is the day before Yom Kippur. The complaint is about the day the story ran.
Was it the best decision to run it on Yom Kippur? Meh. But the timing of the email exchange is fine and implying they had some antisemitic motive here adds ad hominem insult to the injury of accusing them of misogyny. She's a flailing mess and her defenders are embarrassing.
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17 Sep
I'm just trying to understand why, if identity is the prevailing factor here instead of physicality, can't cis men compete against women too? If trans women have no unfair advantage, why do cis men?
Not everyone who would compete in a much lower weight class in boxing or MMA has an unfair advantage but they still can't do it.
It's on the basis of physicality, not identity, as I said before. If it's only "because they're trans women," then why exclude cis men "because they're cis men"?
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10 Sep
I said this last week but something health officials, including Fauci, should have done way more often and should still be doing is answer "I don't know" to any sort of predictive question about when certain things will happen with regards to covid. Because they don't know.
Will we need boosters?
I don't know.
Will there be another wave in X?
I don't know.
When can we expect--
I don't know.
Instead it's always stuff like "I foresee" and "in all likelihood" and "probably," and the hit rate on those predictions would have bankrupted them in Vegas.
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