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12 Oct, 6 tweets, 2 min read
Hey tweeting this because it's my pinned tweet but: Did you know I'm making a surreal puzzle platformer for VR. And by puzzle platformer I mean it's a platformer but the levels are literally made of puzzle pieces
I don't know if you can tell from watching the video but all the level "pieces" are portals into little other worlds, like they have 3D depth on the inside. In VR where you have ~depth perception~ it looks incredibly awesome
Twitter rewards all the wrong things & sometimes I realize I've got all these followers but a lot of them don't know about my game or don't know I made free games for like 6 years and there are about 40 of them on my website (mac versions broken now but Windows ones still work)
Hey, could you do something real quick? Just trust me. Do you trust me?

1. Turn down your headphones volume (or switch to speakers)
2. Maximize your browser window
3. Go to this website
4. Click on "4 Cubes"
I'm not allowed to link to it directly because a couple years ago Google decided to punish anyone who dares to post their art on a website instead of on Youtube by making it so pages u link to direct from Twitter can't play audio (unless it's on Youtube, which gets an exception).
TLDR: Around 2015, Google was saying "don't use Flash. Use HTML5+JavaScript". So I made some HTML5+JavaScript apps. Google has never since stopped coming up with new, inventive ways to punish me for doing as they asked.

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14 Oct
Okay so
There's a 2010 Japanese film, "Confessions"
The score consists mostly or entirely of Boris songs
There is one absolutely incredible Boris song which is, as far as I know, unique to the Confessions soundtrack, and one of the few songs with vocals by Wata (if it's by Boris)
Rdio used to have the soundtrack
No current streaming services seem to have it, nor does Boris's Bandcamp page (?)
Wikipedia does not list the soundtrack in their discography for Boris,
and doesn't mention the soundtrack

I am losing my mind here
Currently I cannot figure out a way, legal or illegal, to listen to the one unique song from Confessions (the one with a slow bass+drums groove and female vocals) other than to just pull up the movie and watch it
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13 Oct
Sound design is absolutely incredible in Metroid Dread. Definitely the best thing about the game

I was listening to Christine play this game for a couple days before I ever saw it in motion and was just constantly thinking… God. Such great noises. So atmospheric
I wish it looked as good as it sounded. The game occasionally gives you a stunning visual, esp in the cutscenes, but largely the environments look both noisy and indistinct. I have begun to wonder of late if it is even possible to make a good 2.5d game
I really do like Metroid Dread but I wish it had a little more dread in it
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13 Oct
Why on earth would Windows Terminal print this on startup? It's never done this before, and I don't think I have auto-update on-- in fact I think this is a pretty old version. Did Windows somehow lose a font? Image
Or... maybe I *do* have auto-update on? How would I know? * _ *
Okay Windows Store says it DID update Terminal today.

So to recap:
- Windows Terminal decides to update and reboot itself
- A few minutes later, I realize Windows Terminal is closed and reopen it
- It can't find its own fonts
- I discover its decision to quit to update broke git ImageImage
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11 Oct
The last line of Romeo And Juliet sucks… "For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo." You're basically reading us an ad for the play we just watched. Low confidence loser shit. And what are you accomplishing? It's literally too late for us to walk out
Hot take
It's just kinda a momentum killer, you know? Distracting Image
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21 Sep
Thinking about Arecibo-style messages and realizing that if you count out the first five primes as unary bits, it comes to exactly 4 bytes. 10111011 11101111 11101111 11111111 . That's sorta neat
Wait hold on and if you continue onward with 13 and 17 (11111110 10111111 11111111 11111111) it fills exactly 8 bytes. That's mostly useless but fascinating
This is neat because my Arecibo ABI for executables can begin with either the first 5 or first 7 primes to indicate whether it is using a 32 bit or 64 bit word size
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20 Sep
Twitter gave me a whole ass push notification this morning to tell me about this important Coffee news
I hate Twitter
It's really infuriating you can turn off push notifications about tweet notifications and topics— which I have, now— but you can't turn off the notifications *themselves*. They understand you might not care, they just don't care whether you care
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