The attempt to force a "nuclear renaissance" in South Carolina devolved into a festival of waste, corruption, & criminal charges ... and no nuclear plants. Clearly this is all the fault of greens saying mean things about nuclear.…
All the mean things greens said about nuclear made a Westinghouse executive feel so bad that he committed "sixteen felony counts including conspiracy, wire fraud, securities fraud, and causing a publicly-traded company to keep a false record."
The pain of green criticism pushed another Westinghouse executive into "making false statements to the FBI," another into committing felony fraud, and another into committing mail and wire fraud.
The South Carolina Public Service Commission was so traumatized by green criticism of nuclear that it ended up approving all the company's requests & imposing zero oversight.
Green groups publicly intervened in these proceedings, arguing that the project was wildly over-budget & that executives were lying about it. But everyone knows greens are always criticizing nuclear, so why would you listen to them?

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More from @drvolts

14 Oct
Ha ha, inevitable: reactionaries are now telling educators in Texas that books about the Holocaust must be "balanced" by "opposing views."

All you fuckwits who went along with the "illiberal college students" nonsense own this.…
It is reactionaries who want to control thought, speech, & behavior, to preserve status quo social arrangements & prevent the emergence of progress or alternatives. It is true today; it was always true throughout history; pretending otherwise has only empowered bad actors.
OK, on the original post in this thread, if you listen to the audio, it seems the school administrator is just trying to game out the consequences of TX's terrible new bill. She's not *endorsing* the practice. The reactionary TX pols are the problem.
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14 Oct
Is all this going to end with a bunch of right-wing parents refusing other, more-routine vaccines? Kinda feels like that's where we're headed.
Modernity was great while it lasted.
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13 Oct
Has anyone written a good account of why Peter Thiel is so reliably The Fucking Worst? Where did he come from? Why is he the way he is?…
As usual, my followers -- the best looking & most charismatic group on Twitter -- have come through. Here's a review of the new book on Thiel:…
Here's the author of that book on Fresh Air:…
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12 Oct
This thread has gotten some traction (read it!), but I wanted to add one important point. Lots of the responses are some version of, "exactly, Democrats are terrible at messaging & framing!"

But that's NOT what I'm saying. This is an important distinction. (mini-thread)
We talk all the time about "messaging" but tend to conflate two meanings. On one hand, messaging is *choosing messages*, ie, crafting words & soundbites & images that effectively convey your points/positions. The educated, word-loving left fairly obsesses over this aspect.
But the other, arguably more important meaning of "messaging" is ***the ability to deliver messages to the intended recipients***. Unlike the first meaning, this one has very little to do with cleverness & facility with words & everything to do with *power & money*.
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12 Oct
Yes, I love Ted Lasso, but I gotta say, Nate's heel turn was a little ... undercooked. He went from nebbishy & insecure to practically a Bond villain without much in between.
I mean, I guess they showed him snapping at players & being more of a dick this season, but I never completely understood why. Even if he wanted more respect or whatever, how does that translate into being petty & snappish with players? Hurt by Ted, sure, but *hating* him?
As always, an interesting discussion here! Couple thing popped out worth flagging. First, this post from the actor who plays Nate.
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11 Oct
A striking quote from William Jennings Bryan's famous "Cross of Gold" speech in 1896. (via @adam_tooze)…
In the wake of a period of horrendous crisis & suffering in the US economy, Bryan tried to rally a populist revolt, win the presidency, & end the gold standard, which favored the rich at the expense of the masses. He & his followers believed the revolt necessary & inevitable.
But Bryan, opposed by status quo interests, lost. The suffering continued; the gold standard stayed in place for years to come.

I flag all this because Tooze's post reminded me of something I've been thinking about a lot in the last few years.
Read 10 tweets

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