Israel saw VERY bad outcomes for pregnant women with Covid as early as January. The UK didn't —or if it did, it wasn't reported.
In Israel, pregnant women were made a risk group and given early access to the vaccine. For most of 2021, the UK didn't even *recommend* vaccines to pregnant women.
Israel first noted bad outcomes for pregnant women during the Alpha wave. There was a couple of months where once or twice a week, a woman or her foetus died of Covid, usually in the third trimester.

At this point, my wife was pregnant, in her first trimester. We watched as the guidance for pregnant women went from "no vaccine" to "permitted, not recommended" to "recommended" to "recommended but only after the first trimester". And then back to "recommended" again. Confusing.
We had to decide: Does my wife want to be one of the first pregnant women in the world to get vaccinated? Today, millions of pregnant women have been vaxxed without incident. Then it was just dozens.
We asked our doctors. They had conflicting advice. In the end, we decided to wait until the second trimester and basically self-isolated for a few weeks until then. I also got vaccinated early myself, skipping the queue partly by explaining the situation.
I don't blame pregnant women in the UK for not vaccinating. The guidance has changed so many times, and there hasn't been a proper push to encourage them.
But the government should probably be promoting vaccination in pregnant women. Say a visual ad with women who DID get vaccinated holding their healthy babies, and maybe someone who didn't talking about what happened. Hard hitting, sure, but necessary.

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What does 'compel' mean in this EO? Is "You don't have to get a vaccine but I'm firing anyone who's unvaccinated" compelling vaccination? Is "Entry to my shop is for vaccinated people only!" compelling vaccination? Is "free Crispy Cremes for vaccinated people"?
Texas legislation seems to use the term 'compel' pretty narrowly and it's not clear to me that any of my examples above count as compulsion. Coercion, inducement or consequences, sure. But are they compulsion? In other words, does this EO even do anything?
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There's something to this. I'm not sure 'newspaper' is the best comparison but there are certain ethical obligations that come with having a large platform. Not initiating pile-ons is one of them, but there are others
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"No amplifying stuff you haven't personally checked is true" has its limits, particularly for breaking news. When's it appropriate to share anyway, with caveats and health warnings? When's it best to stay away?
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Interesting change to Israel's coronavirus dashboard. Instead of reporting vaccination status as unvaccinated/vaccinated/booster, it's just switched to unvaccinated/vaccinated 6+ months ago/vaccinated <6 months. @LittleMoiz
@LittleMoiz The effect of this change makes the apparent dropoff in effectiveness of the vaccine over time even more stark. Compare the yellow line in each graph. This also shows why Israel freaked out over the summer, looking at this data in real time. ImageImage
@LittleMoiz The "6 months" figure here is based on two initial Pfizer doses given three weeks apart. Other vaccines and dosing protocols will provide different levels of lasting immunity. But at some point everyone's going to bump into the issue of waning immunity…
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As Israel seems to have beaten its fourth Covid wave – this one a Delta variant wave – some observations. 1/…
At the beginning of the wave in July, it seemed like something was off. Despite Israel's very high vaccination rate, Delta was spreading widely among both unvaccinated and vaccinated people.…
I say "despite Israel's very high vaccination rate", but actually Israel's vaccination rate isn't so hot anymore when compared to many industrialised countries. 20% of the population is under 12, and vaccine resistance in the Arab population makes it hard to push beyond 70%.
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