Here is my overview for the UK. Thanks to building types and lack of liquefaction and tsunami, everything is lining up to greatly reduce deaths in the Big One.
But damages and economic loss will be very massive. country will grind to a total long term halt for sure.
Also notice how the plates actually form a pattern as they continue the very visible tightening. It focuses in a line, and the other ones go quite. This is the intense blocking pressure focusing inward on one area at a time while the area all around it locks up, turning inactive.
So all I said for the UK about the earthquake part equally applies to Ireland.

Basically, they will have identical effects.

• • •

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More from @mxdondevivo

14 Oct
Wow, you can just feel the plate blocking effect strengthening. There is very little active zone. This is the plate blocking advancing in full view!
See how big the blocking is? It's really surreal seeing a blocking have such a huge effect on earthquakes on a worldwide scale! Image
Only 12 earthquakes worldwide in the 4.3+ range, something that should be over 30 per day! Pretty nuts. This has to be the lowest amount I have seen so far. Just keeps gettin worse.
Just a bit of a guess, but I wonder, did they use this volcano hoax to create fake panic as a divergent/distraction 'exercise' before the big one or something? Cuz how is it that this fake hysteria is timed RIGHT as we watch plates tightening up fast? Kinda fishy 🤔🥴
Read 5 tweets
12 Oct
Crete never had any large earthquakes recorded in the eastern half of the island before. Now, in a span of about 2 weeks time, it got TWO of them! The one just now was larger than the first. More important signs of the pressure changes from the blocking. Image
People in SE Europe in different spots told me that they have been getting continuous activity that they never had before. Now, day later, this happens. This is a direct result of the pressure points formed by the blocking. Expect a massive local event during the coming Big One.
This massive event will be because all this was due to the build up of the pressure points due to squeezing from the blocking. Upon sudden release of all this suddenly at once, it will be like a sudden 'reversal' of the build up locally, hence this big local event I expect there.
Read 6 tweets
21 Sep
Another serious update. These same areas still have not moved. Now on to the active areas - number of orange and red earthquakes is DOUBLE the worldwide # of blue circles of 4+ range. You can actually make out where the blocking is and how it is hijacking plate movement here.
And on top of that, 3 out of the 4 blue 4+s are at/beside the blocking. Now how is that for something really strange?!!!!! We're now in the advanced stages of a global tightening of plates. This is what you see before the news goes from covid this covid that, to global cataclysm.
For the first time ever, the immense pressure the plates are now under, is showing in the way things appear on the screen. Those sizes, their location, everything. This is what it looks like before the plates fail catastrophically under the pressure. Yes that's how bad this is.
Read 5 tweets
21 Sep
There is a critical development. The plates and earthquakes have now been at a complete standstill since 2 nights ago. 3 near the blocking yesterday and everything else is dead silent. Plates have absolutely stopped all motion for 3 days. Never ever happened before.
After all these months of posting about the plate blocking, it's starting to look like something massive is starting to happen. What you see above is what is without a single doubt going to plunge the world into its first global cataclysm in ages.
Area from Australia through all of Asia, Europe and Africa has been completely frozen for 3 days. By far the biggest slowdown I have seen. This blocking is progressing fast. I'm warning, this is a serious warning sign about how soon this global rupture may be happening.
Read 5 tweets
20 Sep
Earth is starting to get into such predictable cycles, I am already learning them!
We just went through a slight active cycle and now we are back to this again!
I wonder how many times we go through this before the big boom!
Also below this, something very peculiar is going on. Image
In this region near Australia, pay close attention to the differences in these 2 week periods for 4.3+ events. Notice how the whole composition of earthquakes here is VERY different from normal times in 2018. Strange isn't it? I summarize these findings in the tweet below this. ImageImageImageImage
And here is the summary. This pattern shows that something very very different is going on and that its effects are very far reaching. It is completely changing earthquake patterns in front of us. When this blocking breaks up, it's going to be one helluva global disaster!! Image
Read 5 tweets
3 Jun
Here's my June fact sheet based on all I now know about this thing.

Seeing that critical subduction zone shutdown, and how very evident that is starting to get, I just vastly increased my knowledge of what's going on, and now it's a bit clearer when this thing will come. Image
Anyone with doubts about this, watch what will happen to the subduction zones in the following weeks/months. The thing I warned about today - large earthquakes won't be showing up in places where they should be, because everything is blocked now.
I will add 2 diagrams to this. The first one better elaborates what is actually normal in global tectonics.

In the 2nd one, posted below this, you will see the tectonic setting we are currently in. It describes what exactly is different and why this is the huge problem. Image
Read 10 tweets

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