With iOS 15, Apple has ended my ability to link two of my wireless radios to create a hotspot without interference from my wireless service provider, eliminating my choice to work from a coffee shop this morning and to use the hardware I own in the manner I so choose
I can no longer turn on the Hotspot (CONTROL MY OWN HARDWARE RADIOS) without permission from Verizon
This probably has something to do with the fact that I changed off an unlimited plan a few weeks ago, but changed back to it recently. Maybe it isn't iOS 15- it was always a problem, and I'm only noticing because I switched off an unlimited, hotspot-inclusive wireless plan.
You're telling me it's OK for my wireless network provider to conspire with my mobile device provider to limit my use of the hardware radios I bought outright -- in order to ensure the subscription costs are paid to the network provider?

Why the fuck isn't this illegal?

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14 Oct
“It has also damaged our company's enterprise value causing our stock price to fall”, Shotspotter CEO Ralph Clark told The Daily Beast

And fall, it did. But is this really @VICE's fault? Or has word been getting around about their #surveillance tech's ineffectiveness?

Hmm 🧵
First of all, what is ShotSpotter? Here's how they describe their technology & process.

Essentially, their technology wiretaps neighborhoods in an attempt to alert police in the event of a gunshot detection.

Ninety (90) U.S. cities were already using this technology as of 2017. ImageImage
The primary article they're complaining about in the lawsuit against VICE dropped on July 26th and describes outright fabrication of evidence (fraud) in one specific case and suggests this may have occurred in other cases.

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25 Sep
I want to share something important I learned thru the process of producing NFTs with my partner @0xBanana over the past months

I had a valuable realization stemming from the creation of new things of uncertain value & shipping them to buyers

This is for the #infosec crowd

Creating art which is then roundly enjoyed by others has helped me with perfectionism.

Intellectually, I know that ‘perfect is the enemy of good’.

Unfortunately, my standards for my own work are often far too high to encourage incremental progress & learning in public.

Part of the reason why I feel that way is because the security community is so frequently negatively judging. As this is the community I joined from a young age, it has molded my behavior to be far too constrained & limited — in direct opposition to the hacker ethos.

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25 Sep
People who cheat & steal harm the rest of us through their actions. These “bad apples” who act in their own self-interest above the common interest tend to rely on secrecy and obfuscation in order to commit their misdeeds.

Open ledgers are hedges against corruption.
One can have privacy without secrecy. This is the model being tested in cryptocurrency now.

If you’re interested in learning about some avant-garde technical work, check out the work done by various groups to advance the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).
It would be really cool to establish HackerDAO. I’ve given it a lot of thought, but ultimately I don’t think that it is an ‘idea whose time has come’ for the majority of folks who follow me. These ideas take time to percolate, and DAOs are still a very niche idea at present.
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2 Sep
Have you ever wanted to drop out of infosec and become your own defensive consultant? Learn from us and our mistakes.

Some things @0xBanana and I learned running our first startup, a boutique cybersecurity consultancy 2018-2020.

A thread🧵

Having lots of enterprise contacts will only get you so far.

Lg corps who have interesting infosec problems to solve typically won't hire a small consultancy unless they have a decent assurance the risk of doing so is low, and the value which will be gained will be high.

Small to mid-size corps have much, much less interesting infosec problems to solve.

In this category, orgs who happen to have a budget with which to hire infosec mostly need product-focused security engineering support, and some nascent devsecops capability.

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1 Sep
Australia just passed a nasty surveillance bill:

“When presented with such warrant […] Australian companies, system administrators etc. must comply, and actively help the police to modify, add, copy, or delete the data of a person under investigation”

Politicians said the bill is intended to fight child exploitation (CSAM) and terrorism.

However, the bill enables law enforcement to investigate any "serious Commonwealth offence" or "serious State offence that has a federal aspect".
This wording enables the police to “investigate” any offense which is punishable by imprisonment of at least three years, including:

sharing child abuse material
acts of piracy (!!!!!)
company violations
tax evasion
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31 Aug

Despite all of the “intractable” problems we seem to have, for at least half of these, money gathered in service of our country and Her people, allocated carefully, is the solution.

Raising taxes on the top 1-10% helps solve this.

Republicans refuse to participate in increasing taxation while claiming to be the party of limited government as justification. Excuse me, that ship sailed long ago.

For neocons, or whatever the GOP even are anymore, a small government is no longer a priority.

The main priority of the GOP leadership (and a few Dem leadership as well), based solely on their actions, appears to be the acquisition & maintenance of power for power’s sake. In politics, money drives the machine, so they’ll do whatever is needed to keep it coming in.

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