@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore The origin of just-in-time was with the Japanese. They sourced every down level vendor for an auto factory in the same city and worked to get stable relationships to eliminate as much as possible transaction costs.

When the ISO box came plus massive computer ordering systems
@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore ...first retail and then increasingly manufacturing companies tried to make the ISO boxes their warehouses both to save costs and to avoid property taxes on warehouse stock.

The issue is this wasn't cost reduction as much as cost shifting.

@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore Continental or intercontinental sized supply chains are about avoiding measurable costs.

There are always disruptions in large supply chains that result in mistimed deliveries of parts that result in the production of Mfg goods w/o those parts.

The extra time required to
@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore ...install them out of station is almost never measured unless there is overtime required to meet scheduled delivery dates.

Both that & extra warrantee/repair cased by out of station installations is never allocated back to J-I-T "cost saving."

@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore You are the metrics you measure.

J-I-T works on a city scale vendor geography.

You have to willfully ignore a lot of costs to make a corporate business model on J-I-T larger than city scale.

@mercoglianos @ltgrusselhonore And we are now living the reality of the megacorporate global J-I-T model collapsing due to it's internal inconsistencies just like the Soviet union collapsed for the same reasons.


• • •

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14 Oct
@man_integrated As far as truck drivers go, the graduate degree & Silicon Valley tech head crowds have less than zero understanding of the work load.

It isn't just getting a commercial license for driving & driving.

Loads require different trailers & load plans the driver has to execute
1/ ImageImageImage
@man_integrated ...per thick federal, state, and company rule books.

Often the driver also has to be an all terrain fork lift operator as well in support of delivering to construction sites.

2/ Image
@man_integrated Truckers carrying HAZMAT loads require additional training for signage, documentation, reporting and routing.

This is all long attention span theater through eye wateringly small text.

3/ ImageImageImageImage
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12 Oct
This thread is on the unexamined local political issues affecting the supply chain blockage at California's Ports of LA & Long Beach.
Salvadore Merclianos' Youtube channel "What's Going on With Shipping?" is 'must watch' streaming on the subject of world supply chain meltdown & the ports of LA/LB. This is one of his latest streams:
The Youtube stream @mercoglianos runs is also a "must read" for its comments from truckers, railwaymen, warehousemen and others involved in the on-going world wide supply chain collapse.

Case in point this comment on how CARB pollution rules throttle SoCal port clearance.
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26 Sep
This is the 1st post of a thread on the Association of Old Crows new podcast series covering the history of electronic warfare.

1/ ImageImage
This is the link that takes you to the podcast series.

The EW history series is available on the following platforms:

Google Podcasts
RSS feed
Apple Podcasts
Cast box
Radio Public
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22 Aug
The Harlem Hellfighters of WW1 fame were deployed as the 369th Coast Artillery Regiment (15th New York) in WW2.

Their service in WW2 was not only heroic, it was strategically vital...and their treatment that time was the forgetting of both.

In 1943 the Harlem Hellfighters 369th regiment was broken up and organized into the 369th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion and the 870th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion.


The African American 870th AAA AW Btn was shipped to Okinawa, Lt. Col. W. F. Lucas commanding.

The 870th was to guard one of the airfields to be built in Southern Okinawa after the island was over run at the end of Apr 1945.

The IJA & May rains put an end to that plan.
3/ ImageImage
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24 Jul
One of the most difficult issues in researching & writing about electronic warfare in WW2’s Pacific Theater is it’s systematic exclusion from the USN’s official histories. This exclusion was as systematic was it was intentional.

The war diaries of the US Navy are both digitized and available on the Fold3.com service.

A simple search on the radar decoy code name “Window” in the WW2 War Diaries gets thousands of hits.
Window was one of the names for radar dipole decoys dropped from A/C, rockets, bombs and artillery.

The Japanese were both technically skilled and increasingly proficient in its use by 1945.

And, like those thousands of Fold3.com war diary hits, their efforts
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8 Jul
For those of you interested in WW2 electronic warfare, there are Paul Woodage's (@WW2TV) earlier presentations with Matt Bone's radar hunting Typhoons here:

The Radar War Before D-Day ()

And Paul's presentation with Thomas Withington's presentation with RAF 100 Group here: ()

Plus a 7 July 2021 one just posted by the History Indoor channel titled

The Darkest Moonlit Night: RAF Bomber Command's raid on Nuremberg 30/31 March 1944 here:


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