My experiment in creating a #Bitcoin NFT, thread 👇
I launched my book The Bullish Case for #Bitcoin a few months ago and instead of using a publisher, I decided to self-publish.

The book launched on Kickstarter, a website that allows entrepreneurs to fund their projects to completion and backers to be rewarded for their support.
There were several "reward levels" for my launch, each with a different reward: paperback, signed paperback, hardcover, signed hardcover and some "evangelist packs". However I wanted to create an extra-special reward: a *numbered* hardcover copy of my book...
Just writing a number on the book itself isn't very meaningful so I wanted to number the books using the #Bitcoin blockchain so that anyone could cryptographically verify that they, in fact, owned the particular number they were assigned. How did this work? ...
I created 301 #Bitcoin addresses with an increasing number of satoshis in them: 1001, 1002, 1003 ... 1301 (it couldn't be 1, 2, 3 because of the dust limit)

You can see the transaction here:…
I then assigned the addresses to 301 hardcover books, each with a number corresponding to the number of satoshis in the address (E.g., book number 1 has an address with 1001 satoshis).

Each book also was given a mnemonic phrase that can generate the private key for the address.
An owner of a numbered copy can then use the private key for the address to cryptographically prove they own their particular number by signing a message with that key.
This isn't exactly an NFT, but it's somewhere between an NFT and a Casascius coin, one of which was recently rediscovered.
Here's an example of one of the numbered copies (Patrick can verify to anyone, if he chooses, that he owns the 72nd book in the limited series of 301 books):

Thank you to everyone who backed my book launch on Kickstarter which will help fund the work I'm doing to get the book translated into various languages.

#Bitcoin is not just for English speakers, it's for the world, and I hope to get the message to as many people as possible 🙏
ps For those who missed out on the Kickstarter launch, you can buy the book as a paperback or on Kindle on Amazon:…

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2 Oct
"There is but one means available to improve the material conditions of mankind: to accelerate the growth of capital accumulated as against the growth in population.
"The greater the amount of capital invested per head of the worker, the more and better goods can be produced and consumed.
"This is what capitalism, the much abused profit system, has brought about and brings about daily anew. Yet, most present-day governments and political parties are eager to destroy this system."

-- Ludwig von Mises
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22 Sep
Good news, friends: The hardcovers for The Bullish Case for #Bitcoin just rolled up on a truck. I will endeavor to have them shipped out to my Kickstarter backers over the next week or so (signed copies may take slightly longer).

Thank you so much for supporting my book launch!
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18 Sep
1/ In November 1992, in an English village called Hoxne, a villager searching for a lost hammer with a metal detector discovered a hoard of almost 15,000 gold coins that had been buried during late antiquity when the Roman empire was beginning to crumble in Britain. 👇
2/ The amazing thing about this hoard of gold coins is that it had maintained its purchasing power for over 1,500 years (accounting for only its bullion value, not its historical value).
3/ We have lost from our collective wisdom the main purpose of money - that it should transport the value of our savings reliably into the future. This simply is not possible when the supply of money is controlled by the State.
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14 Sep
1/ Over the years, the New York Times (aka Mouth of Sauron) has produced some fairly poor takes on #Bitcoin. But the one published today by @BCAppelbaum (who's on their editorial board 🤦‍♂️) may be the most embarrassing yet.…
2/ It is so rife with misunderstandings and errors (both technical and economic) that one is left with the impression that the NYT isn't capable of the most basic reporting of facts on #Bitcoin. Quelle surprise.
3/ Consider this doozy where the author thinks #Bitcoin's security is breakable because Alan Turing "figured out the password" of the Enigma in WW2.

This cringeworthy argument is like saying that if someone can jump over a ball, they can jump over the moon.
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20 Aug
1/ Central Bank Digital Currencies are a threat to human freedom and should be vigorously opposed (it is no surprise that it is China that is pioneering their use).
2/ While the current fiat system is antiquated and unjust, it provides at least one basic protection for human freedom: the ability to default to cash. Cash is anonymous and provides a level of financial privacy that allows us to live outside of a surveillance state.
3/ Imagine a society with no cash and only digital money where every single financial transaction can be tracked by a central government. That is what China is aiming for and it will allow them to further oppress minorities such as Tibetans and Uyghurs.
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16 Aug
I'm very excited to announce that The Bullish Case for Bitcoin is now available for general sale! You can find a copy on Amazon for $21 (naturally).

If you've found my writing useful in the past I would truly appreciate a positive review for the book on Amazon.

I will endeavor to have the Kindle edition available on Amazon by the end of this week.
Oh, and the Amazon link 🚀👇…
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