SCOOP: @TerryMcAuliffe claims that critical race theory has "never been taught in Virginia," but I've obtained a memo from the State Superintendent directly promoting CRT, calling it "an important analytic tool" for addressing "power and privilege" in all Virginia schools.
And here's another one: the Virginia Department of Education is currently promoting an initiative called "anti-racism in education," which features the critical race guru Ibram X. Kendi and explicitly deriving their definitions from "critical race theory."…
This all began in 2015, when @TerryMcAuliffe was Virginia governor and initiated the first documented statewide Department of Education training program on "critical race theory." It's expanded through the Northam administration—and must be stopped.…
This has trickled down to the districts. Fairfax Co. trained teachers in the "application" of "critical race theory." Loudoun Co. paid $625/hr for "critical race theory" consulting and the former superintendent admitted that the curriculum "align[s] with the ideology of CRT."

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14 Oct
SCOOP: @Walmart has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a "white supremacy system" and teaches white hourly-wage workers that they are guilty of "white supremacy thinking" and "internalized racial superiority."

Buckle up.🧵
Walmart launched the program with the Racial Equity Institute in 2018 and has trained more than 1,000 employees on the core principles of critical race theory, including "intersectionality," "internalized racial oppression,"and "white anti-racist development." ImageImageImage
The program begins with the claim that the United States is a "white supremacy system," designed by white Europeans for maintaining "white skin access to power and privilege." Whites are thus subjected to "racist conditioning" that indoctrinates them into "white supremacy." ImageImageImage
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13 Oct
LMAO: The AAPF, the leading critical race theory activist organization, has created a strategic plan to mobilize left-wing media and K-12 teachers against me, @ConceptualJames, @AsraNomani, and others.

We have them on the defensive and they are flailing.
It's quite interesting: in the guidebook, critical race theory founder Kimberlé Crenshaw admits that CRT "originated in law schools," but was adopted by "K-12 teachers" and applied to the public school curriculum.
The guide is filled with the hysterical language of the Left: "disinformation," "McCarthyism," "January 6," "boogeyman," "Steve Bannon," "alt-right," "Big Lie," "Koch brothers," "fringe element," "extremist," "voter suppression," "right-wing attacks."

Not a sign of confidence.
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4 Oct
BREAKING: Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing "threats."

The letter follows the National School Board Association's request to classify protests as "domestic terrorism."
The Biden administration is rapidly repurposing federal law enforcement to target political opposition.

They want to reclassify dissent as "disinformation" and "domestic terrorism," justifying an unprecedented intervention, both directly and in partnership with tech companies.
Neither the Attorney General's memo nor the full Justice Department press release cites any significant, credible threat.

This is a blatant suppression tactic, designed to dissuade citizens from participating in the democratic process at school boards.…
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29 Sep
The public school system is not a "free marketplace of ideas"; it's a state-run monopoly with compulsory power over children.

Voters and state legislators should be the ultimate authority over public schools—not the teachers unions and permanent bureaucracy.
Even under the most stringent libertarian philosophy, monopoly conditions justify, even demand, intervention.

If public schools are promoting race essentialism, collective guilt, and state-sanctioned racism, voters are absolutely right to restrict it.
Libertarians support school choice, which is a noble long-term goal.

In the meantime, however, we must make decisions within the current paradigm, in which public schools control 90 percent of K-12 education.

Prohibiting state-sanctioned racism is the bare minimum.
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22 Sep
SCOOP: @CVSHealth CEO Larry Merlo earned 618 times more than the median CVS employee salary, while simultaneously promoting the idea that America is "racist" and forcing hourly-wage workers to deconstruct their racial and sexual "privilege."

Here is the full story.👇
Last year, Merlo—who has since retired—launched an extensive race reeducation program, built on the core tenets of critical race theory, including "intersectionality," "white privilege," and "unconscious bias." Image
Merlo hosted a conversation with critical race guru Ibram Kendi, who told 25,000 CVS employees that "to be born in [America] is to literally have racist ideas rain on our head consistently and constantly." As a result, Americans are "completely soaked in racist ideas." ImageImage
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16 Sep
Magical Centrist (n.): An intellectual who believes that both sides are wrong and that he or she transcends partisan politics through unique brilliance; often a method for securing social status while avoiding tangible commitment; ultimately, ineffective. (See: Libertarian, IDW.)
The entire masthead of Reason magazine in my mentions right now:
The problem with blue-city libertarians is that they punt on the difficult political questions and retreat to a status-oriented but ultimately non-threatening ideological pastiche of drug legalization, age of consent laws, and appeals to harmless abstractions.
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