A few comments:
1. To see how something work, first it has to be implemented. The EU was waiting for the UK to implement. The UK delayed & made things as difficult as possible
2. The EU demands on data sharing & labelling were agreed by the UK in the December Declaration
So they are not just "reasonable", they are a sign of extreme patience: the WA was signed in January 2021!
3. Johnson agreed to & proposed border posts in the note appended to his letter of 2/10/2019 to the EU. Then halted the construction.
Why would the EU go to the trouble of drafting hellishy complicated customs rules before knowing if the UK is happy in principle?
Did the UK draft the legal text in its "command paper"? NO. It was very vague. Maybe the EU is tired of doing drafting work only to have it rejected?
Listing the exemptions in advance would just lead to the UK adding many others, taking for granted the ones already on the table. It is basic negotiating strategy. You don't put your full offer on the table first!
Well obviously: sausages & chilled meat products are the most dangerous- hello BSE, Turkey twisters, porcine flue. Instead of asking for a whole SPS Agreement, the EU standards would only continue to apply to a very limited category of food which currently applies them. If this
is an intolerable infringement of sovereignty the UK can chose to have the full range of controls rather than a vet agreement "a la carte". The EU has to protect consumers.
What's wrong with the solution proposed? It worked.
If those proposals are rejected, this will also engrain the view in the EU that the UK only understands aggressive tactics. It is very much a double edged sword in my view.

• • •

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12 Oct
A PA can take many forms & steps:
1.coordinate attacks on the Tories
2. Identify policies you can agree on
3. Publicly agree with the other parties on issues publicly, starting with working together in Parliament
4. Meet regularly at leaders level & set up a cross party
parliamentary group
5. Try to harmonise manifestos with different language but identifiable similar policies on key issues
6. Respect your differences & agree that you do not agree on everything but that crucially you agree to work together in good faith
7. Agree not to run
candidates in key marginals where the other party is well placed behind the Tories
8. Failing this, set up an "official" tactical voting site & ask your supporters to vote according to its recommendations.
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11 Oct
The defeatist left.
A) most Libdems voters would not be afraid of Starmer's Labour. Even less so if they knew it would be governing in a coalition needing support of Libdems MPs
B) you don't need ALL Labour voters to ensure a defeat of the Tories. A small percentage of them
would be enough in many constituencies where the LD are very close to the Tories.
C) Libdems voters are traditionally the best at voting tactically. Most of them would vote Labour if needed to ensure a better LD national result. They are also very motivated, as would the Greens
by the prospect of PR.
D) Greens voters are mostly on the left or left of centre. Some will also vote on local issues & others out of a rejection of the Tories. So what?
It is time to treat the voters like adults: anyone can understand how electoral pacts work.
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10 Oct
Covid. Case numbers much higher than in other European countries.
Covid. Death rates also much higher. 800 deaths per week.
Covid. Very limited bed capacity in the NHS.
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10 Oct
Of course. It is (roughly) the same with all contracts. You have to follow a dispute resolution process. It takes time. However:
1. if the EU is putting an offer which resolve most of the IMPLEMENTATION (as opposed to RENEGOTIATION) issues of the NIP, the UK will ultimately lose
as a. art 16 is only a temporary remedy; b. Most of the issues around the UK to NI trade cld be resolved by EU proposal c. No arbitrator will accept that disliking what you signed is a valid cause for suspension d.The UK has deliberately procrastinated on implementing its NIP
obligations such as real time access to customs data for EU & food labelling.
2. But more importantly there are many other ways outside the TCA/WA that the EU can use to retaliate promptly (while pursuing the DR process in parallel):
-delays at the French border which
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10 Oct
I am slowly coming to believe that Johnson could trigger a GE very soon & that the tensions around the NI Protocol are just an excuse to do so. The 🇬🇧 apparent determination to reject the EU’s offer suggest this may be correct.
One of the constant problems has been the failure of the UK's to give to the EU real time access to customs data which would allow the EU to reassure itself that goods said to be destined for NI stay there & therefore don't need control. This data access obligation is in the NI
Protocol & Gove committed again to it as did Frost. But the UK isn't doing it. The solution proposed by the EU- roughly checks would be limited to goods travelling through NI to the EU, outside the UK internal market- will obviously require this key committment to be implemented.
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10 Oct
"Afghans who recently arrived in the UK after fleeing the Taliban takeover have asked to be sent back, CASTING DOUBT over the success of Operation Warm Welcome, the government’s Afghan resettlement programme".
What a way of putting it @guardian ! They prefer to put themselves
at the mercy of fanaticsl killers in a country ravaged by war than to stay at the mercy of the UK government! What does it say about the programme? It says TOTAL FAILURE. Who is responsible?
"It was launched by Boris Johnson on 29 August to help Afghan refugees arriving in the UK"
So no surprise there: another spin operation by the Bluster in Chief with NI substance, no money behind it, no strategic planning, no implementation competence.
The usual: #AllTalkNoWalk
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