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Former corporate lawyer.Dual citizen. European. Hoping for a way out of this mess through pragmatic compromise between moderates on all sides #CommonGround
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May 7 6 tweets 1 min read
Simon Wren-Lewis:
"There can be no doubt that Brexit has been a disaster on almost every level. In economic terms this disaster is well established:if you have any doubts, listen to Adam Posen giving the first presentation at the recent UK in a changing EU Brexit conference" "He shows how we have become a more insular country in terms of trade, FDI and migration: this has already led to lower UK growth while the implications of lower trade, FDI and migration for future productivity growth have yet to be felt"
May 6 5 tweets 1 min read
"Si être libéral c'est croire en l'économie de marché & dans la libre entreprise, alors oui, Emmanuel Macron est libéral, mais si c'est réduire les moyens de l'Etat, ne pas être interventionniste & se désintéresser du sort de plus démunis, alors il n'est pas libéral."…
Apr 30 11 tweets 3 min read
Each week brings fresh reports of what is now in danger of becoming a national calamity. Agriculture faces a growing crisis, with implications for the availability & price of basic foodstuffs, &there is a widespread shortage of both basic & vital medicines (latest: HRT drugs) 🧵 Consumer confidence is at a 50-year low, not least because of inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, whilst the Office for Budget Responsibility expects this year to see the biggest fall in living standards since records began in the 1950s
Apr 28 4 tweets 2 min read
Au Royaume-Uni, ce pays soi-disant "libertaire" (clin d'œil à @quatremer ) la Commission Electorale qui contrôle les règles de la tenue des élections, les dépenses de campagne, les fraudes etc. vient de passer sous contrôle du gouvernement
Le gouvernement a aussi presque rempli son objectif de privatiser le système de santé : les dépenses des britanniques pour leurs santé sont pratiquement équivalentes à celles des américains Image
Apr 28 6 tweets 2 min read
Really depressing but critically important article on the privatisation of healthcare in the UK by stealth. A democratic scandal because we are largely unaware of it & it doesn't have popular consent. Astonishing & massively under reported. Image
Apr 28 6 tweets 3 min read
Yesterday, thanks to the use of a disgraceful tactical move, this disgraced government managed to pass the dangerously undemocratic Election Bill through the House of Lords.
This bill puts the Electoral Commission under direct government control. 🧵… It hands the government sweeping powers to direct the elections watchdog’s priorities and will let ministers shape how electoral law applies to their own party and political opponents.
Apr 23 8 tweets 2 min read
Article intéressant de juillet 2021 ds The Economist sur les aspects sociaux du bilan de Macron. Quelques exemples:
1. Pendant la pandémie des milliards d'argent public ont soutenu les salaires, les indépendants & l'economie
2.augmentations des allocations:
300€passe culture 150€/mois pour les aides sociales
-repas universitaires à 1€ maximum
-petit déjeuner gratuits ds les écoles des regions défavorisées
-produits sanitaires gratuits pour les étudiantes
-100€/mois de + pour les agriculteurs retraités (à l'origine proposition du PC)
Apr 23 4 tweets 2 min read
La proposition d' @EmmanuelMacron de payer automatiquement les aides sociales auxquelles les français ont droit -souvent sans le savoir du fait de la complexité administrative- va inéluctablement amener vers une simplification administrative massive & une forme 1/4 de Revenu Universel qui remplacerait les diverses allocations, permettrait de redéployer des fonctionnaires où il y a des besoins et de réduire les coûts de L'Etat. C'est en tout cas une proposition intéressante rendue possible par le prélèvement à la source. Bien sûr il y a
Apr 23 9 tweets 2 min read
Digital Service Act: Obligation des plates-formes de divulguer leurs algorithmes en particulier.
-interdiction d'exploiter les données dites « sensibles » (genre, tendance politique, religion, orientation sexuelle, etc.) pour de la publicité ciblée.… Pour les mineurs, cette interdiction est élargie à toutes les données personnelles. Les données des enfants ne sont plus utilisables pour faire de l'argent.
Apr 21 10 tweets 2 min read
"Le président sortant l'emporte haut la main. Pour la seconde fois.
Marine Le Pen ne s'est pas effondrée sur la forme comme lors du premier round.Mais elle est apparue comme prisonnière du précédent de 2017 & de la posture sereine qu'elle avait par contraste décidé d'adopter". "Elle est restée étonnamment sans voix, sans réaction, sur des sujets pourtant majeurs de son projet".
Mar 14 10 tweets 2 min read
👍 analysis on #ProgressiveAlliance
"Even the one piece of constructive news comes with alarm bells. Labour & the Lib Dems have clearly agreed a non-aggression pact but they have seemingly failed to reach any agreement about the use of proportional representation"
Summary 🧵 The Lib Dems finally have some leverage now; they should use it while they can to secure assurances on electoral reform.
The basic error of the two parties excluding the Greens should ring another alarm bell.
Mar 13 10 tweets 3 min read
I found terrifying -thinking of India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel-that the West has now set the precedent that if a leader is mad enough or cynical enough to threaten nuclear force, then he can destroy the country next door & commit atrocities while the world watches the gory details It seems to me - but of course I am no expert- that the West - for this read the US, the only power who has vastly superior forces to his own- should have reacted to Putin's threat differently. Calmly but leaving him in no doubt that threatening humanity placed Russia beyond
Mar 2 4 tweets 1 min read
The EU is banning 70 per cent of Belarus’s exports to the bloc including all potash, a vital component of fertilisers, over its support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The UK 👇...well... The EU will stop imports of wood, cement, steel, potash and other materials worth more than €4bn annually. EU companies have three months to wind up contracts with Belarusian suppliers.
Feb 27 12 tweets 4 min read
Very interesting piece in @ft on the effects of the sanctions on the Russian Central bank & the SWIFT ban.
1.foreign exchange reserves are a key pillar of Russia's economic strength. The western allies are attempting to undermine its ability to tap the stockpile 2.A large chunk of Russia's foreign exchange stockpile is held overseas in the US, Germany, France, UK, Austria and Japan.(see right graph)
Feb 27 4 tweets 2 min read
Totally agree.
Democracies have behaved well, far better than Putin expected.
They acted collectively, accepted to take very big hits in principle (particularly Germany & Italy but also to their financial sectors) & showed resolve & determination. 1/4 Now they have to show long term resilience under public pressure, no doubt agitated by Russian propaganda & pro-russians collaborators within ,( @MLP_officiel @ERICZEMMOUR2022 @matteosalvinimi @Nigel_Farage ) 2/
Feb 27 5 tweets 2 min read
Les pourvoyeurs de haine et de peur @ERICZEMMOUR2022 @MLP_officiel ont eut une TRES mauvaise semaine. 1/ Les democracies soit disant impuissantes:
1. ont ce soir gelé tous les actifs en monnaie étrangère de la Russie, le trésor de guerre de M. Poutine dont les médias nous rabattaient les oreilles. Complètement inutilisable...2/
Feb 26 5 tweets 2 min read
Great, great news!
This may not turn out so well for M. Putin after all.

His war chest is useless & mostly inaccessible.

His army isn't winning & demotivated by strong resistance 1/ via @FT His close entourage is under sanctions & so is he (the cosy retirement in a Putin's Palace is no longer an option)
His whole Duma of laqueys under sanctions too ( & likely furious).
A courageous proportion of his population is protesting & many others do not support his war 2/
Feb 26 11 tweets 3 min read
I wanted to understand the tweet quoted below. So I did some research. What better source than the Central Bank of Russia.🧵… The composition of Russia foreign exchange reserves is shown in the chart on the left per assets class. On the right, the chart showing the geographical location of counterparties
or issuers of securities ie. the true place of residence of the assets. 2/
Feb 19 6 tweets 2 min read
I am in two minds about this.
Many investigations-e.g for fraud but also other potentially criminal behaviour - prove to be baseless. Is it right that people should be vilified by public opinion,… their reputation destroyed, sometimes for ever ("there is no smoke without fire" etc) when they have not even be charged? I don't buy the argument that this will only benefit the wealthy & powerful. If there was well established case law, it would benefit everyone & the tabloids
Feb 19 6 tweets 1 min read
On "the Benefits of Brexit" issued by UKG.
-Imperial markings: there was no EU ban on imperial markings and sales, nor on use of the crown stamp on pint glasses.
-Turing scheme: nothing prevents an EU Member State putting it in place 
-blue passports: EU law never stopped the UK from preferring blue passports
-the opportunity to reduce taxes on alcohol: the UK's relatively high taxes on alcohol are a domestic choice not an EU obligation (hence booze trips to Calais)
Feb 16 12 tweets 3 min read
Interesting from @markpack.
"There’s a lesson we should learn from Brexiters. It’s that for most of the road to the tragedy of the 2016 referendum they weren’t Brexiters but Euro-sceptics. 1/ For most of that time, they weren’t campaigning for Brexit to happen tomorrow, but against a particular aspect of the EU. That is how they built up a broad coalition of support to get Brexit through.2/