(🔐) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Revelation Involving January 2 Call Between Trump and Insurrectionist Leaders Confirms That Trump Coordinated the January 6 Coup Conspiracy Personally

I hope you'll subscribe to PROOF and read and retweet this shocking report. sethabramson.substack.com/p/major-breaki…
1/ I don't even know what to say about the last month of breaking news reports at PROOF, which have been intended—in their entirety—to tell the true story of what happened on January 6 and in the leadup to it. Tonight's report feels like a culmination of this sequence of reports.
2/ This report brings together, in one fully sourced narrative, unreported dealings by Trump with the DOJ, the involvement of Steve Bannon in the coup plot, multiple previously unreported high-level pre-insurrection calls, and—most important of all—direct Trump-militant contact.
3/ But it's not just that Trump had contact with the militants in the 120 hours before the Capitol attack. We already knew this—or, I should say, PROOF subscribers already knew this, as PROOF reported on this back in early August. But tonight's report is something very different.
4/ The question answered by tonight's breaking news report is whether Trump *coordinated*—*personally*—a) contact between the militants, his legal team, his political operatives and members of Congress, and b) whether he did so while laying out a coup plot for January 6.

He did.
5/ We now know that Trump did *not* believe the January 6 joint session mattered to his chances to stay in the Oval Office (and secure continued immunity from prosecution).

Let me repeat that: the January 6 joint session did not matter to Trump.

Getting it *cancelled* mattered.
6/ This isn't me saying this—this is fully sourced material coming from the Trump camp.

As readers of PROOF know, I'm a curatorial journalist who doesn't write editorials or use suppositions to advance narratives. All the information here comes from published reports and OSINT.
7/ On January 2, Trump told nearly 300 state legislators and the Stop the Steal leadership that he *could not win re-election* via the joint session. What he needed from them was something very different. This lengthy article (which most will want to read twice or more) explains.
8/ I'm super exhausted from working on this, but I'll try to answer any questions from PROOF subscribers over at PROOF (i.e. in the comment section below the article). For those who don't know, a subscription is only $5/mo, the lowest rate Substack allows. sethabramson.substack.com

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15 Oct
Confess harder, Trump. I mean, *Jesus*.

"Unprompted, he brought up [in October 2021] an unsubstantiated claim he had interactions [in November 2013] with prostitutes in Moscow before he ran for president. 'I'm not into golden showers,' he told the crowd." washingtonpost.com/politics/trump…
(PS) As a side note, Trump is now in his fifth year of deliberately misstating the allegation regarding the Moscow Ritz, which had nothing to do with sex or golden showers but simply asking women to defile a bed Obama had slept in—exactly something the germaphobe Trump would do.
(P2S) The allegation wasn't even that prurient or out of character for Trump, which is why I always found it telling that he and his aides deliberately made the allegation far *worse* than it was so that Trump's denials would seem more plausible. Classic "consciousness of guilt."
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13 Oct
I hope people understand what these terrorists—and they are, by definition, terrorists, i.e. criminals using threats of violence to achieve political ends—aim to achieve: they want to drive decent people from government so that they can take control of government.

Remember that.
It's increasingly hard to argue against the premise that Trumpism is terrorism. If you look at the rhetoric of Trump's "movement"; if you look at its threats and violence; if you look at how its violent rhetoric, threats, and actions serve political ends...it's increasingly hard.
Trumpists no longer speak of a battle of ideas and ideals settled peaceably at the voting booth. They talk of war. They talk of violence. They describe themselves as having no faith in any of the institutions Americans have turned to to achieve political ends *besides* terrorism.
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13 Oct
Every single one of you should be *ashamed* of yourselves, @ClaremontInst. John is a disgrace to the law—and for you to be defending what he did is almost as disgraceful. I'm not going to get into all the ways your thread is misleading but it is, you know it is, and shame on you.
(PS) For those curious, I outlined all the ways in which even Eastman's current version of events is disgusting in the article below. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
(PS2) Suffice to say, regarding the Claremont thread, that there was *no* "acknowledged" illegal conduct by elections officials, that *no* legislatures were calling for a delay, and that Pence doesn't have a British queen's power to prorogue parliament.

That's just for starters.
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11 Oct
(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Speaks Out About January 6—and Makes Everything Worse for Trump

You'll want to read/RT this. Because it's shocking, and because it's a prelude to news PROOF will break in the next 72 hours (working on it now). sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
1/ With the aid of PROOF readers and others, PROOF has been working on a series of articles that put in the clearest relief yet *exactly* what happened in the lead-up to January 6. This article, which draws from a stunning op-ed just published by a Trump lawyer, is part of that.
2/ Those who say we already know exactly what happened on January 6 are wrong. Those who say we know exactly what happened in the run-up to January 6 are wrong. But these PROOF articles—using public (but still little-seen) evidence—aim to change that. The Eastman oped is a start.
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10 Oct
(🔐) NEW: If You Know Who Steve Bannon's Lawyer Is, You Understand How Closely Trump Is Linked to the Cover-Up of His Own Role in the January 6 Conspiracy

Sharing a lawyer with your co-conspirator is what career criminals do.

I hope you'll read and RT. sethabramson.substack.com/p/if-you-know-…
1/ It's astounded me—for 5 years now—how little work the media does on Trump's penchant for acting like a career criminal, especially in his use of lawyers, promises and threats, and obstruction plots, and in the myriad ways he exhibits *comically obvious* consciousness of guilt.
2/ The law wasn't invented yesterday. The ways of career criminals aren't unknown. The three books I wrote on Trump detailed the ways in which he uses lawyers to commit crimes—based on a reading of the attorney-client privilege that he has, in public and private, made explicit.
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10 Oct
When, instead of investigating and indicting and incarcerating a career criminal and traitor to this country, you make him president and then give him endless free media, you get the disgusting spectacle happening at the Iowa fairgrounds tonight

Rule of law is asleep in America
(PS) I'm watching this Trump rally because as the author of PROOF I feel I must, but I'll tell you that it is *poison to the soul*

No two fascist parties are exactly alike—but I'll say again that what Trump has birthed is what 1930s fascism looks like translated to 2020s America
(PS2) Everything the man is saying is dangerous to the health of individual Americans, the survival of our democracy, the potential for productive political discourse, the maintenance of our rule of law, the preservation of our voting rights and the reestablishment of our dignity
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