Links between Brexit/Trump/Boris Johnson and the 2011 warning from then FBI director Robert Mueller about:

"The Evolving Organized Crime Threat"

"(...) the playing field has changed. We have seen a shift from regional families with a clear structure, to flat, fluid...
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networks with global reach. These international enterprises are more anonymous and more sophisticated. Rather than running discrete operations, on their own turf, they are running multi-national, multi-billion dollar schemes from start to finish.

We are investigating...
groups in Asia, Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East. And we are seeing cross-pollination between groups that historically have not worked together. Criminals who may never meet, but who share one thing in common: greed.

They may be former members of...
... of nation-state governments, security services, or the military. These individuals know who and what to target, and how best to do it. They are capitalists and entrepreneurs. But they are also master criminals who move easily between the licit and illicit worlds. And...
in some cases, these organizations are as forward-leaning as Fortune 500 companies.

This is not “The Sopranos,” with six guys sitting in a diner, shaking down a local business owner for $50 dollars a week. These criminal enterprises are making billions of dollars from...
human trafficking, health care fraud, computer intrusions, and copyright infringement. They are cornering the market on natural gas, oil, and precious metals, and selling to the highest bidder.

These crimes are not easily categorized. Nor can the damage, the dollar loss...
or the ripple effects be easily calculated. It is much like a Venn diagram, where one crime intersects with another, in different jurisdictions, and with different groups.

How does this impact you? You may not recognize the source, but you will feel the effects. You might...
pay more for a gallon of gas. You might pay more for a luxury car from overseas. You will pay more for health care, mortgages, clothes, and food.

Yet we are concerned with more than just the financial impact. These groups may infiltrate our businesses. They may...
provide logistical support to hostile foreign powers. They may try to manipulate those at the highest levels of government. Indeed, these so-called “iron triangles” of organized criminals, corrupt government officials, and business leaders pose a significant national...
national security threat.

Let us turn for a moment to the link between transnational organized crime and terrorism. If a terrorist cannot obtain a passport, for example, he will find someone who can. Terrorists may turn to street crime—and, by extension, organized crime—...
to raise money, as did the 2004 Madrid bombers.

Organized criminals have become “service providers.” Could a Mexican group move a terrorist across the border? Could an Eastern European enterprise sell a Weapon of Mass Destruction to a terrorist cell? Likely,...
yes. Criminal enterprises are motivated by money, not ideology. But they have no scruples about helping those who are, for the right price.

Intelligence and partnerships are key to our success in countering these threats.

In the past nine years, we in the FBI have...
shifted from a law enforcement agency to a national security service that is threat-driven and intelligence-led.

With organized crime, we are using intelligence to expand upon what we already know, from phone, travel, and financial records to extensive biographies of...
key players. And we are sharing this information with our partners around the world.

But we are also building a long-term strategy for dismantling these enterprises. Last year, we set up two units, called Threat Focus Cells, to target Eurasian organized crime. The first...
... focuses on the Semion Mogilevich Organization (((Aged Human: = Russian mafia, linked to the Kremlin and Russia intelligence))) ; the second on the Brother’s Circle enterprise.

For those of you not familiar with either group, their memberships are large, their reach...
is global, and their scope of operations is broad, from weapons and drug trafficking to high-stakes fraud and global prostitution. If left unchecked, the resulting impact to our economy and our security will be significant. Indeed, Semion Mogilevich...
Semion Mogilevich is on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List, and he will remain so until he is captured. (...)"

End quote.

Needless to say, Mueller failed.


Source: FBI link with full speech transcript 👇…
"US Senate report goes beyond Mueller to lay bare Trump campaign’s Russia links

Bipartisan intelligence panel says that Russian who worked on Trump’s 2016 bid was career spy, amid a stunning range of contacts"

When UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson left his MI5 security detachment in London and went to Lebedev's castle in Italy alone.

Boris must have known that he was giving kompromats to Lebedev. Hence, it must have been a Faustian pact.

Little thread👇

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27 Sep
Only 106k people watched this speech. It deserves much more, it's just 1min 47secs, watch it now, it's one of the best speechless ever about Brexit.

By Mr David Lammy, British Member of Parliament, re. Brexit, from a few years ago

108k now. Not bad!

Thank you peeps 😍 😊 🙏 💙

Now, is it too much to dream to take it to a million within a week? 🙂

110k now 👍😊🙏
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18 Sep
Long Covid:

"After three months, my sense of smell did come back, but in a distorted form. I developed parosmia, a condition where your olfactory sensors fail to translate smells in the correct way.

I began to smell the most putrid smell – a mix of sewage, burn and... 👇
chemicals – and gradually realised my brain was translating the scent of some trees and flowers, eggs, coffee, onion and garlic into it.

This – more than the loss of scent – has been incredibly debilitating. I feel so overwhelmed by how horrendous this scent is that at... 👇
times I lie in bed and cry. I’ve also not been able to go into shops or cafes as it is so overpowering.

Turns out, parosmia is quite a common long Covid symptom, but GPs don’t really know much about it"…
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16 Sep
11.7 million UK school children are being infected forcibly.

That👆 is *not* hyperbole. 👇…
And this callousness - cruelty - is not new 👇

Boris Johnson wants to be a Churchill, he's fantasising a "war mentality" against the virus, 1914 style though, now pushing the children out of the trenches.

He's sick. Deeply, deeply sick.
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12 Sep
Falmouth News

Cornwall will get £3million from the Gov to replace the £100m it would get from the EU…
Prior to Brexit Cornwall had qualified for funding from the EU due to it being recognised as one of the poorest regions in Europe.

(...) receiving £100m a year for economic stimulus / projects for employment and skills to infrastructure.

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously stated that Cornwall would not miss out on any funding that it would have received if the UK had remained in the EU."

However it has been revealed that the Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) – which has been put forward as the 👇
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5 Sep
We need to investigate Nick Triggle
2 more
The image on the top tweet is from March 2020. He had to stop that line of argument. But kept attempting others ever since. Always, always on the wrong side.
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15 Aug

☀️June 4 2021☀️

Both UK independent medical/scientific/drugs regulators approve the Pfizer Covid vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and the independent Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) said they had...👇

weighed the evidence of trials in children and found the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective. It has already been approved for use in children aged 12 to 15 in the US.

“We have carefully reviewed clinical trial data in children aged 12 to 15 years and have concluded... 👇

... that the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE in this age group and that THE BENEFITS of this vaccine OUTWEIGH ANY RISK”

News source below.

So, the questions are:

Who are financing the disinformation campaign and…
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