"Heavy clashes in Beirut" is a weird way of saying that Hezbollah and Amal protestors were shot at by snipers.
People went out today to protest peacefully against a judge involved in the investigation of the Beirut port explosion. Snipers began firing at the protestors with clear intent to kill, not disperse, as the casualties have head wounds. 3 dead, 20 wounded as of now.
Amal movement + Hezbollah have released an official statement condemning the attack, asking people not to retaliate, in order to avoid escalation. For there are some who would surely favor that and like to plunge Lebanon into chaos...
Lebanese army has been deployed to Tayouneh where the attack took place and cordoned off the area.
Death toll has risen to four, according to al Jadeed.
Al Mayadeen reporting it's now 6.
Video posted online of someone firing an RPG
There's literally a live gun battle taking place in the streets.

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24 Sep
Pay attention.

Omar, Presley etc voted ‘no’ to fund Iron Dome, while AOC switched from ‘no’ to ‘present’.

In July they did the exact opposite: Omar, Presley etc voted yes to give israel unconditional aid, while AOC, Tlaib voted ‘no’.

See what’s going on here? This is a game.
Why would they vote to give israel arms in July and then vote against the Iron Dome in September?

Because in July the bill barely passed with 217 votes. AOC could afford to vote no and keep up the act, while Omar, Presley, Bowman gave the needed votes to make sure it passes.
Yesterday it was a slam dunk with 420 yes votes. No way it was going to fail so Omar, Presley etc were able to vote no, knowing it won’t affect the bill’s passage. AOC is such a coward she couldn’t even vote no, and switched to present instead.
Read 8 tweets
23 Sep
AOC cries crocodile tears on the House floor as she votes 'No' to funding israel's Iron Dome -- then switches her vote to 'Present' at the last minute. Absolute cowardice. Will no one take a stand for Palestinians?

This is AOC pretending to give a shit about Palestinians and stay on-brand -- while not really standing in the way of Western and israeli interests. She wants a long career in DC and has strong ambitions, and as everyone knows, you can't say no to israel.
House overwhelmingly approving funding for Iron Dome 420-9

Tlaib, Carson, Omar, Massie, Newman, Pressley, Garcia, Grijalva, Bush all voted no.

AOC is the only present vote along with Hank Johnson
Read 10 tweets
21 Sep
Finally progressives do something good: using their leverage as a bloc to cut money to israel — well done. This is how you do it.
Bowman says Pelosi introduced the Iron Dome money at last minute. Likely to try and get Republican support. Apparently didn’t work b/c they don’t want to raise debt ceiling. Now Reps are calling progressives anti-Semitic— even though they were going to vote no as well (??) lol
“But the iron dome is only defensive!!”. That’s funny. So the Israelis illegally occupy Palestine and Syria, but because the Iron Dome shoots down other rockets it’s now defensive? Lmao. An occupying force is an aggressor by definition, and ID supports their illegal occupation.
Read 7 tweets
2 Sep
Israel bombing Syria right now
I’ve lost count already how many times they have bombed Syria this year, never mind the last ten years. Israelis themselves admit its in the hundreds
Syrian air defense batteries are engaging the israeli warplanes over Damascus
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1 Sep
Why do Democrats keep saying they're "leaving their allies behind". Is Dick Cheney in Kabul?
The newly McCarthyite wing of the US regime in unison with neocons. Ah, what a sight.
When Trump "withdrew" from Syria (he didn't, he just moved US forces to the East to steal oil) Dems not only ignored this but advocated a continued occupation of northern Syria with: the US mustn't leave its Kurdish allies. But the US will do this ultimately, that's its nature.
Read 4 tweets
31 Aug
Biden giving a speech right now, says withdrawal couldn't have been done in a more orderly manner or earlier, because there would have still been a rush to airport.

And Bagram airbase?

Why was the largest US airbase abandoned in dead of night last month? No mention of that.
"If we would have been attacked by Yemen on 9/11 would we still have invaded Afghanistan?"

No need to speculate, you've bombed both.
He talks about Al Qaeda being based in Afghanistan while conveniently omitting the fact 15/19 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and US used to fund them. Can't upset his oil friends.
Read 12 tweets

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