Make 'em laugh (at the right things), AS WELL AS THINK
Short street theatre anyone???
We must NOT present as utter doom-mongers

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15 Oct
1/3 Current Protest Localities (Against the Chaos) @ 8.30pm 15th Oct

Basingstoke, Bedford, Berwick on Tweed,
Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bucks,
Cheshire, Cornwall, Enfield, Essex,
Fife, Glasgow, Hampshire, Hertford,
Hull, Kent, Kingston on Thames, Lancaster,
2/3 London, (ALL, N/NW,
SW, West, Bromley, Chislehurst,
Guildford), Richmond, Twickenham, Walthamstow),

Macclesfield, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle,
Norfolk, Oxford, Reading, Sheffield,
Shropshire, Southend, Surrey, Sussex,
St Helens, Suffolk, Caerphilly,
3/3 West Yorkshire, (Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds, York)

Wigan, Wiltshire
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15 Oct
I need to get a fair amount off my chest.
Remainers tell me: If only we had a leader.
But could ANY 'leader' lead you?
Some want A, others demand B, yet others C and so on down multiple alphabets.
Each is paddling her/his own canoe, and there is no clear route/space for(cont)
2. any winner.
This well suits the Tories.
We need to be logical
Pointless to demand Rejoin now
It wont happen in the here and now
Pointless to demand PR now
It too wont happen in the here and now
GTTO - ok.
How, when they are ahead in the polls,
when half the population
3. have been gaslit?
What would happen if an election were called NOW?
I believe our FIRST priority is to
I believe ergo that is our FIRST priority.
Get the public
a. to see how they are being abused by this 'govt'.
b. then get them angry
c. then get them
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14 Oct
@EnfieldforEU My aim is twofold
1. wake up the public to the abuse of them by 'govt'
2. disturb/ultimately remove the 'govt'
The more successful we are with the former, the greater our success will be with the latter.
Most of the population dont really care whether we are in
or out of the EU. They do care tho about tax rises, Covid deaths, food/fuel shortages and price rises, NHS provision.
Atm any detailed explanations as to the benefits of being in the EU will leave most bored to death.
We need to touch emotions, not brain power.
We cannot
succeed as mere doom-mongerers - so also need a touch of humour. See my tweeted comments today about all this. I do not want these aims of mine subverted by folk wanting to sell the EU to the public......YET
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14 Oct
@AsBrexit @RealBristolBoy 1/3 maybe 4
That is up to each local group. All I am doing is trying to link folk up with each other locally.
However, my advice is:
1.give folk space to autonomously switch sides leave/remain and avoid these labels
2. Always use the words 'we/us/our'; NOT the
@AsBrexit @RealBristolBoy 2/3 maybe 4
words 'you/your(s)'. We seek to unite, not divide.
3. Use simple, short, hard-hitting slogans on matters the general public care about
4. If you use music to attract, make it catchy
5. Defend yourselves natch, but do not be aggressive.
We are the sane and
@AsBrexit @RealBristolBoy 3/3 maybe 4
calm, reasonable ones (?lol) not the hysterical
6. Avoid groups of over 30; you could split larger numbers into 2 separate groups in diff parts of the locality. Folk get upset/anxious about huge protests and avoid.
7. Do not block roads, or not for long if
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13 Oct
You ask What is wrong with folks?
I would suggest:
for decades there has been a capitalistic move to atomise us/to divide us into single units, loyal to 'the firm' rather than to family, friends, each other, with whom they nudge us into competition, rather than
collaboration. (My toys/underwear/house/TV set is better/bigger/more expensive/trendier, than yours; ergo I am a far better/more successful person than you.)
As lone individuals we are easier pickings for their profits.
This is why we find it hard to collaborate, to
listen to each other, to give some way to each other, to group in solidarity with common purpose. We have become centred on our lonely SELVES.
Fight it, or become a mindless, lonely SERF
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6 Oct
I do wish some TV interviewer would ask the following questions re social care for the elderly:

You have now capped the amount a person should spend before further costs become free.
Can we assume a bed is included in their capped expenditure?
2/3 And will the bed be in a room, also included in the capped expenditure?
If not, how will you provide nursing care without either bed or room for the bed?
Also, can they bring sleeping bag and a tent and erect it on the lawn free of charge?
Can we also assume food will be provided, and included in the capped expenditure?
If not can family send in sandwiches?

In the meantime, you might like to sign this petition:…
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