Trump endorsed Glenn Youngkin at a rally where a flag present on 1/6 was treated with quasi-religious awe. Youngkin himself has relentlessly pandered to Trump's 2020 lies. The ugly truth: All this is now a leading tool for motivating GOP voters. My latest:…
The idea that Dem election victories are inherently illegitimate — that when Trump/GOP voters find themselves in the minority coalition, it's a profound injustice and must be subject to nullification — is becoming a tool for Republicans to drive turnout.…
Glenn Youngkin, the GOP gov candidate in VA, is now thanking Trump for endorsing him at the rally where they pledged allegiance to the insurrection.

Youngkin has been playing this sleazy game for some time. He's pandered to Trump's 2020 lies for months:…

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13 Oct
If Trump cronies defy subpoenas related to 1/6, they should be referred to DOJ. At stake is whether the right will get away with making immunity from accountability the price of civic peace.

@RepRaskin tells me DOJ must act to preserve our democracy:…
@RepRaskin Dems on the 1/6 committee are being remarkably aggressive in pushing the Justice Department to enforce its subpoenas.

“People are held in criminal contempt all of the time...for disobeying subpoenas and not showing up in court,” @RepRaskin tells me:…
@RepRaskin Again and again, Trump and his GOP allies have dangled the tacit threat of violence as the penalty for any effort at accountability.

At bottom, this is an effort to bully us into granting total immunity to right wing bad-acting as the price of peace:…
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12 Oct
Amazing moment on Fox News: Mark Meadows demonstrates that the comprehensive whitewashing of Trump's effort to destroy US democracy has become a guiding ideal for the GOP. Let's not let it be forgotten that Meadows himself is a co-conspirator. My latest:…
Mark Meadows and Laura Ingraham sneered at Fiona Hill for saying the right wing is our primary threat to democratic stability.

Meadows claims this is Democratic spin.

But it's obviously true! The wholesale rewriting of reality here is extraordinary:…
We really are at the point where it's *only the Democratic position* that the truth must be told about 1/6 and that it demands a national response.

Meadows is a co-conspirator: He pressured DOJ to probe the big lie and knows about Trump's 1/6 scheming:…
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11 Oct
Not sure folks appreciate how huge it is that the global minimum tax is moving forward. This could help reorient us toward a constructive liberal internationalism that exposes Trumpist and JD Vance-style nationalism as the epic scam that it is. My latest:…
Surely populists like JD Vance who preen about woke globalist and cosmopolitan elites hollowing out the Real American heartland will strongly support this new effort to crack down on massive elite tax avoidance by multinational corporations, right?…
Here's the rub:

There is no serious nationalist answer to multinational profit shifting. There's only a multilateral answer to it.

But Trumpist nationalists like JD Vance can't support multilateral solutions, because their demagoguery won't allow it.…
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7 Oct
Bernie has erupted at Joe Manchin, and rightly so: Manchin's awful "entitlement society" fearmongering deserves serious pushback. It betrays a deeply distorted understanding of the Biden agenda and what its investments are really designed to do. My latest:…
Joe Manchin has reportedly demanded that Biden and progressives choose one of three priorities and ditch the other two:

Child Tax Credit
Paid leave
Child care

This is absurdly arbitrary. Less spending = inherent good. No evaluation of actual tradeoffs:…
For Manchin, everything is on a sliding scale: Fewer "entitlements" good, more "entitlements" bad.

Bernie tore into this on @maddow, noting that a higher social minimum is good, not bad.

I'd add: These policies aren't just welfare. They're *empowering*:…
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6 Oct
Important: A stolen 2024 becomes more likely if the GOP wins governors races in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan. That's because govs play a role in appointing electors. The media should hound GOP gov candidates on their intentions for 2024. My latest:…
If we get GOP governors in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Michigan, it becomes more likely that rogue presidential electors get appointed and 2024 is stolen.

With a GOP House, it's actually possible. I gamed out what this would look like, with experts:…
The continuing Trump threat should prompt us to make reforms to protect ourselves -- right now.

This includes *both* reforms to the state certification process *and* to the Electoral Count Act.

We've now seen the threat. Here's what reform looks like:…
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5 Oct
This ugly saga with Manchin and Sinema should force a wholesale rethink about what constitutes "realism" in policy debates. Progressives are working overtime to come up with ways to make concessions to them, without even knowing what they want. My latest:…
On a call, Biden told progressives the target would be around $2 trillion. They discussed ways to reduce the cost, even as WH indicated no agreement from Manchin/Sinema on that target yet, aide tells me.

Who are the pragmatists and realists here again?…
Our discourse privileges "fiscal conservatism" as inherently realistic and hard headed.

This has allowed Manchin and Sinema to hide behind a level of generality that makes concrete debate about real tradeoffs impossible.

(w/@EricLevitz and @CitizenCohn)…
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