Nordics point out we need tools tech & stuff that works, knowing what we know of what is transpiring, we make lists of what is essential for our existence next 6 months winter, 1 yr, etc. budgets, planning, implementing. (with all restrictions facing us all. vxxd or not)
in Rx mercury during all of 2020-21 Nordics told me get new computers cameras plural. Comes a point no chips etc. get serious car, not a stupid EV toy. They said what we see now, say via ZH, supply chains etc. is just the beginning of bad times ahead. Covid was like coaching.
to large degree all this situation 2021 is due to basic mismanagement & incompetence. to another degree, China is imploding economically. It is a matter now to wait it out in prepared manner.. SaturnNeptune 2025 it gets bizarre. Surreal.
what annoys my artist & architect friends the most .. is we spend so much effort energy time planning our stuff, because we must, no choice, while we no longer actually do what we are supposed to do. Its like our job now is wait out get thru it alive. in 1 piece.
i told my chef friend about shortages possible, coffee sugar rice & all of it. Did not make his day. But he is getting organized now in low season he has time. we try see some funny side to all this, like being in the army again, but it is tedious living in non functional reality
we are not the paranoid types ok. the way we live is anything else but paranoid. However we can see what s going on, we stay calm about it, only talk to folks we know still can think straight & cooperate. Not each alone. Then we also make fun of it, put a smiley face on this.
in Swiss army i had to prepare supplies logistics & all this boring essential stuff, and the military always delivers whatever you ask for, but in civilian life we have to organize each issue alone, find joint solutions. manage resources, while awareness that TSHTF is still low.

• • •

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14 Oct
when i talk to my lawyer about my new book / film docu which is in preparation now, we begin to think maybe best not publish, because i no longer need the aggravation. Also it will be attacked, i would be attacked, etc. Is it worth it? This is why no new clip yet. Rewrite it all?
anything i would touch upon, beyond bland astrology, is an issue for censors, 2020 election. Covid program. Economy, bitcoin, social engineering, energy, tech, China Taiwan etc. Best just stay silent observe further? typical Mercury Rx questions.
Many sources were to large degree wrong. Miles G, Flynn, Billings, Zack, Parkes, 107 Savin, nothing in reality is changing. it looks like even T's supposed closest allies worked against T. Titor looks every day the most accurate of all 'visionaries'. CCP runs USA, what election?
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13 Oct
Many make big deal of when does Age of Aquarius start. It is not known, calculations vary. way off. My thinking is in about 40 - 60 yrs. 2080. It is when we quit believing in non scientific BS. that s a while away. Obviously.
The 3rs turn of Saturn is aged 90 about, few do it..+

That s symbolized by Capt Kirk Shatner in real sub orbital space in a small flight.. 350,000 feet up, to smell free air, report back poetically.
you need wake up and recall at least some of why you are to be here now. you may never have total recall of all your lives past etc, but to some degree you learn what you are here for now. the next life may be boring, use this one well...
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13 Oct
when we, at times, allowed to get all the women out the way, the little 14 mnths old, his dad, grand dad, and i, we play instruction games. He looks at photos & pictures & says the name of object. What does your dads moto do? "Brmm brmm." it s advanced fun
we now showed the women how the day care center can be shifted to afternoon evening when enough adults are around to deal with the kid productively. when he misbehaves we tell him we hand him back to the women, he behaves right away gracefully.
its bizarre even his dad admits, that around the women his son gets restricted & disciplined & told off, while around the guys he gets to be educated & grow up fast. He likes center of attraction - not of restriction.
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13 Oct
China India situation - long look

Putin sells India whatever military high tech gear they need to keep that flank under control. He has India's back, except CCP is after Russia's lands, long term China wants control of Russia. Kim Castells & i in our clip with pendulums not sure Putin gets it yet, he is target.
you think Putin sends his mercenary Mali based Wagner group battalions plus SpezNaz to go defend Taiwan from PLA? if PLA invades Taiwan, interesting to see how Lavrov Putin crew react to that. about HongKong they did not lift a finger. if PLA goes after India, other game plans.
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13 Oct
Each scientist doctor Nobel Prize dude, all of them, has something important to add, I listened to most of them, at least the most reputable (Nobel) or successful (Zelenko). Each one is weird, at that level you have to be so to make an impact, it s the same in military sciences.
the only few military people who can show some success, historically, are the weird ones, those who went above & beyond system, even off reservation, to invent their own art of military science, to produce results that work & last. The system, rigid, it eats itself. See pharma.
by now i know some few folks, educated well read etc. who told me they wish they had stayed like me, unvaxxd, a new source of jealousy forming. They admit they see changes in them they dont like, even if smallish. Expect society to slow down mentally & physically a tiny bit..
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13 Oct
Capt Kirk is back on this planet
Nordic proposal was always humble doable. Put space stations floating out there in sub orbital zone & start developing life & existence, medicine, tech, in that type of setting, see how that goes. Worthy steps to take next 80 yrs 1 Uranus cycle. They are trying it at least.
Classic Canopus in Argos game goes like this.

China can have Antarctica South hemi, Russia controls Arctic & the rest. Then the new game begins - Miles G says XiPing very sick, either dies, or returns as clone. like all them. Miles says let s stay safe this Winter OK!
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