Let's put it this way: My father and grandparents fled for their lives from Hungary because they are Jews. So, I'm sure as fuck not indigenous to Hungary. I was born in the US, but I'm not indigenous to this country, either. So, where did Jews come from? I know the answer.
The counterargument goes something like this: As an American, it doesn't matter where my ancestors came from. We're all here in this melting pot together. Except, for Jews, that has never been the case. Even in the US, our safety is never guaranteed.
Genetically, archaeologically, spiritually, historically, I can trace my lineage to the Land of Israel. That is the land I am indigenous to—even if I never decide to live there. It's been conquered, colonized by Romans, Crusaders, Turks, Arabs, Brits, but it's where I come from.
I pass no judgment on whether the descendants of Arab colonizers, who began calling themselves Palestinians in the mid-20th century, are also indigenous. What I do know is who I am and where I came from.

• • •

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2 Jul
Before the Holocaust, there were murderous anti-Jewish riots in Europe called pogroms. They were made possible by officials giving them the green light by looking the other way. Yesterday, a rabbi in Boston was stabbed in what appears to be a hate crime. Officials are silent.
The dehumanization of Jews coming from @RashidaTlaib, @IlhanMN, @AOC, and others—under the guise of opposition to Israel—contributes to this atmosphere of antisemitic hatred and violence in the US. Their silence is the equivalent of approval.
@RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN @AOC The anti-immigrant rhetoric of Donald Trump led to the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, committed by a deranged gunman who wanted to stop Jewish aid to immigrants. Today's antisemitic rhetoric from "The Squad" will lead to more attacks on Jews.
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21 Jun
There is an ugliness brewing on the left, my fellow Jews, and we need to be prepared. They will come for us in the name of righteousness and justice, which will make them the most dangerous foe we've faced since 1945.
It begins with business boycotts, expulsions from universities, and being chased out of organizations and public places. Those who dare to wear the symbols of our faith are being attacked. Loyalty oaths against our own people are being demanded.
It was said that my great-grandmother could see what was coming years ahead. She urged my grandfather and my father, then 4 years old, to get out before it was too late. She felt she was too old to leave and was deported from Paks, Hungary, and murdered in Auschwitz in 1944.
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8 Jun
Let's talk about Israeli "apartheid." This lie bothers me because back in the 1980s, when I was in college (yes, I am very, very old), I would march against real apartheid. I once took a bus from Detroit to NYC for a big anti-apartheid rally. I was proud to part of the movement.
In South Africa, apartheid was systematic discrimination against blacks in all areas of society, from education to government to services to where they could live. Black people were truly oppressed under this system.
In Israel, people of all religions, races, colors, and beliefs are an integral part of society, with access to education, the voting booth, party affiliation, and complete freedom of expression and thought.
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7 Jun
You have zero connection to the truth and you are an embarrassment to my home state of Michigan.
Anybody even vaguely familiar with Israel's government and society would see there is no apartheid there. Repeating the lie shows she is not interested in being any kind of conduit for peace and only contributes to violence against Jews around the world.
I expect better from one of my Michigan representatives in Congress. I'm completely disappointed that she continuously misses opportunities to bring the Jewish and Palestinian communities together in my state.
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3 Jun
When I lived in Augusta, Georgia, in the early '70s, our house was vandalized, with epithets painted on the walls calling us n****r-loving Jews because we supported school integration. Today, #BLM leaders say that, as a Jew, I am a white colonizer.
I was ten years old when this happened and it had a huge impact on my life and on my identity as a Jew. We left Georgia for good after that, and moved to Michigan.
It was an early lesson in what it means to be Jewish. We are often on the side of the powerless, yet we are always under suspicion for wielding an unseen, yet nonexistent, power.
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14 Oct 19
When the white supremacists or Islamists come for the Jews, they will not separate us into "woke" and Zionist camps. They will not ask for our voting records. They will not separate @ZOA_National from @jvplive. They will not care who disrupted a speech on a college campus.
@ZOA_National @jvplive They will not care if you banned the Star of David at the Dyke March, or if you're a member of @IfNotNowOrg who hounded your fellow Jews with "apartheid" taunts. They won't care if you're a Trump supporter or anti-occupation activist. They will come equally for all Jews.
@ZOA_National @jvplive @IfNotNowOrg Right-wing Jews who feel safe because Trump supports Israel and has Jewish grandkids are no more protected than left-wing anti-Zionist Jews who protest the occupation. Neither the armed white supremacist nor the Islamist at the synagogue door care about our internal divisions.
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