Wonder if we will be able to weather the insanity.

Former ‘Hamilton’ Cast Member Files Discrimination Complaint Against Show nytimes.com/2021/10/13/the…
It seems the impact of the tsunami of "unintended consequences" by bad design will eventually erode the resilience of the system/society to be able to absorb the hits.

The inability of the underlying principles/values of the society to inform the structure of society is a sign of systemic rot.
"That state is most corrupt whose laws are most numerous", a Roman statesman observed long ago.
To much of our social relationships as framed in the various policies & laws are unable to be structured such that they meet the ostensible need. So the rich consume the value meant to assist the poor...without consequence.
So more inadequate laws are passed to try and plug the
holes made, and exploited, by the prior one...eventually creating such a nonsense web of conflicting laws that anyone w resources can take advantage.

The impact on the sinews of the country is arthritic.
Trump accelerated this process of breaking norms & principles because there was "no specific law" to prohibit what everyone knows was moral violations, but more often also illegal.
But we need more laws to spell out what used to be known at the level of values/principles.
The number of examples of this proposition, this thesis, are beyond counting.

There are many reasons & many ways to understand the unraveling of the American experiment. This is just one.
But it is one that does not get much acknowledgment in the analysis of "we need more laws".
Perhaps we do.
Or perhaps we need to rediscover the underlying principles that were the tenants of the country. Not the mechanics of the law, but the deep principles that the law is meant to express. Not this contorted, prone to corruption, mess that has been created.
Another ex:
Elections, the essential fact of democracy, are allowed by the SCourt to be subjugated to gross partisan control?
The underlying purpose of the running of elections shifting fr determining who received the votes, to ensuring partisan victory.

Another ex:
It is an ancient truth that when the Judicial system becomes corrupted and coopted not for Justice, but for the needs & purposes of the powerful that country has tipped, unreconcilably, into a terminal corruption & a death spiral.
This theme is a silver cord running through the Biblical traditions we claim to rever. Psalm 82 for example, and Jesus referencing this passage. The parable of the unjust judge are just a few of the relevant passages.

The city on the hill is starting to dim and darken.
Another ex from a completely different angle.

The conflicting rules & laws create a system that is not "the rule of law" that we, ostensibly, aspire.
It creates a condition of cynicism and disrespect for the law, which when metastasized is deadly.

• • •

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4 Sep
@tommy_pane One last shot at registering something that might loosen your grip on this:
I I wish you c/would find something that actually resembles a plan in the Trumpian catalog.

Something more tangible than the bombastic demagoguery & claim to destroy something that many of the Trumpian
@tommy_pane 2/ faithful actually depend upon. It’s very similar to the tea party holding their angry outrage at the government trying to fix healthcare well demanding they don’t mess with their Social Security or Medicare.
The astonishing ignorance in the Trumpian hoi polloi is concerning.
@tommy_pane 3/ But that wasn’t really the point I intend to make here. Just a final observation of the quality of thinking that goes on in this stirred up, mob-based, outrage that Trump is so adroit at stoking. It really is his super power.
And like a mob, and like authoritarians we know
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31 Aug
@tommy_pane @Sava02387485 wow and once and for all...
last time ever.

Such unmitigated bullsht and smoke to cover the most obvious of defects of your 'dear leader'.

No...it is not hard to conceive... it is impossible.
You live in one of two fantasy worlds. I don't know which is worse.
@tommy_pane @Sava02387485 2/ The simplistic nature of your "thinking" is so remedial I am beginning to wonder.

You think the entire American health care system needs only this one thing: "remove barriers to direct contact..."

In reality, it actually takes thought to implement even such an airy idea.
@tommy_pane @Sava02387485 3/ I imagine you laughing your ass off thinking you can just say such unmitigated BS and think it will fly...
But, on the other hand, it does demonstrate, in primary colors how vapid not only Trump is, but his most dedicated followers & believers.
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30 Aug
A key point:Climate issues are not subject to our political divisions
We have entered deep into #Systemic issues that are not und at the levels we are having the discussions.

Thus we are perpetually surprised.
We are perpetually unprepared.
We are not learning at the right level
The issues we are embroiled in today...
They are too big for our small-minded "red/blue" thinking. They are immense, & require a level of (re)thinking that, thus far, transcends our abilities to act...(given the stubborn reluctance we demonstrate on far less complex issues)
Of course it is facile to say this or that one idea/factor/function is the "Key"....
But certainly one of the keys to all of these issues of this quality is to recognize that in fact all of life is integrated, and is integral to the well being of all life
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24 Aug
@plainjan2 @medit8now @stevebenen @MaddowBlog 1/ What is remarkable re the Any Rand framework is it requires the underlying societal framework to attach onto to draw resources, energy & labor from in order to function.
Then it sets up stupid simplicities like “you can just do this all on your own just be like John Galt“.
@plainjan2 @medit8now @stevebenen @MaddowBlog 2/ It is the ultimate capitalistic move to “privatize the profits and socialize the costs“.
It is the flaw in every “success story” that attributes iconic success to an individual or company.
It is why they cannot stand the observation “you did not create all of that yourself”.
@plainjan2 @medit8now @stevebenen @MaddowBlog 3/ The end of that is as you say, the selfish ethic. The incredible deception & Self adulation that “I did all this, and therefore I am amazing”.

The lack of accounting of total cost & consequence allows the ruse of “I am the smartest in the room” ..which may be true to a point
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20 Aug
@tfamerica3000 @LizInTheB @tommy_pane He is a serious person. IMO.
Who often says & holds things that are not serious...But seem so within the framework of his beliefs.
It is why I keep pounding, or kept, I am done, on the walls trying introduce another premise into the mindset.
But such things are not subject to
@tfamerica3000 @LizInTheB @tommy_pane 2/ rational contemplation...Not if you do not want to be rational...And to be rational, or different, is to be threatened with expulsion from all you know & believe to be true.

This is the nut of the problem that will shred the country.
The underlying value difference so long
@tfamerica3000 @LizInTheB @tommy_pane 3/ buried, or suppressed, have broken out and are demanding attention. But more than attention, all power.
This force has been growing for a long time. The internal weakness in America, its own long drift from the core enlightenment values not only of liberty, but the
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19 Aug
@tommy_pane @tfamerica3000 I'll conclude this wan attempt w a few replies:
1. IBID. I have detailed a number of points in this thread. I do not think you have addressed any of them, any further than to dismiss them outright, or claim some fear of being silenced.
2. You are not forthcoming about your
@tommy_pane @tfamerica3000 2/ allegiences. Shifty and shifting. I wonder if you are part of the Q cohort, and you [sort a'] beg off, indicating no. But then defend & propoate their nonsense...
Ditto some other "sources" of yours.

3. I find it disingenuous how easily you dismiss everything that stands in
@tommy_pane @tfamerica3000 3/ direct contrast & contradiction to the things you hold as true.

4. I do not take the opposite position from you. That there is corruption & all manner of problems is indisputable.
Unlike you, I do not have a slavish devotion to a tribe, and thus am quite free to know more, &
Read 10 tweets

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