Thread: BIG NEWS! @TheEconomist is reporting on the 3 prominent American WPATH member-clinicians who recently expressed their concerns about child transition. "The Anatomy of a Scandal: Opinion on the use of puberty blockers in America is turning"…
"Though blockers are often described as operating like a pause button, most children prescribed them go on to cross-sex hormones. This combination can have irreversible consequences, including sterility and the inability to orgasm."
"Dr. Bowers told @AbigailShrier she was 'not a fan' of putting children on blockers early in puberty. She worried, she said, 'about their reproductive rights
later. I worry about their sexual health later and ability to and intimacy.'"
"Dr Bowers appeared to acknowledge the existence of 'this ROGD thing'... 'I think there probably are people who are influenced'... In some cases, she said, girls with eating disorders were being diagnosed with gender dysphoria."
"[Dr] Erica Anderson...told Ms Shrier that because of 'sloppy health-care work'—'rushing people through the medicalization' and an 'abject failure' to properly evaluate patients’ mental health—she expected more young people to regret transitioning."
"Professional bodies, including the American Association of Pediatrics, have endorsed 'gender-affirmative' care, a model that accepts patients’ self-diagnosis that they are trans, and the use of blockers."
"[Dr] Laura Edwards-Leeper, a psychologist who helped found America’s first transgender clinic for children in Boston in 2007, has claimed (including to this newspaper) that too few teens undergo crucial mental-health assessments before starting treatment."

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13 Oct
Thread: 1/Today WPATH & USPATH made the following astounding statement in a letter to its members:

"USPATH and WPATH support scientific discussions on the use of pubertal delay and hormone therapy for transgender and gender diverse youth.
2/We believe that such discussions should occur among experts & stakeholders in this area, based on scientific evidence, & in fora such as peer-reviewed journals or scientific conferences, & among colleagues & experts in the assessment & care of transgender & gender diverse youth
3/USPATH and WPATH oppose the use of the lay press, either impartial or of any political slant or viewpoint, as a forum for the scientific debate of these issues, or the politicization of these issues in any way."
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13 Oct
New #detrans study! "The review established that four main themes emerged around the desire to transition; mental health, fear around puberty and the growing realization of sexuality and how one’s female body relates to the world, and peer groups."
"Consistent across all 5 interviews was a realization that being transgender was not the answer to poor mental health and self-image. Instead, by learning more holistic ways to deal with poor body image and mental health issues such as depression, it no longer worked to...
...identify as the opposite sex, but rather became possible to reconcile with their biological sex and to stop opposite sex hormones. Most reported feeling like they no longer needed external validation to have self-worth and people’s perception of them no longer mattered much,..
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16 Aug
A thread for #RogdAwarenessDay:
1. Three years ago today, August 16, 2018, a scientific journal published Lisa Littman’s study of 256 parental reports of adolescents experiencing a phenomenon described by Littman as 'Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’…
2.Littman coined the term ROGD to describe the phenomenon of adolescents who having previously had no feelings of gender dysphoria suddenly felt extremely dysphoric and wished to transition.
3.Littman noted that ROGD could perhaps be a maladaptive social coping mechanism for other challenges, and often came about after extensive time spent online. Social contagion also seemed to be a factor
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14 Aug
THREAD: powerful testimony by detransitioner@KLBfax "Parents who are reluctant or even alarmed about starting their children on a medical transition may be warned, “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son? ...I had suicidal thoughts as a teen."
"Suicidal thoughts indicate serious mental health problems that need assessment and proper care. When I told them at the Tavistock about these thoughts, that became another reason to put me on hormones quickly to improve my well-being. "
"But after the court ruling, the Tavistock released an internal study of a group of 44 patients who had started taking puberty blockers at ages 12 to 15. "
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8 Aug
Thread: Genspect parents say #NoThankYou. The recent debate around the participation of New Zealander transwoman Laurel Hubbard at the 2020 Olympic Games has inspired parents of gender-questioning children across New Zealand, Australia and the world…
We parents admire the grace and dignity of the medallists in that event, who responded to a question from the media about their thoughts on Laurel Hubbard’s “historic” inclusion in their event with a prolonged silence, followed by a single phrase: “No Thank You.”
Like parents, these athletes have been silenced, unable to say what they really think about issues that affect their lives and careers. Well, we are all tired of being silenced, and so we are uniting and speaking out.

We are saying #NoThankYou:

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