A brief history of racism in #Southlake @Carrollisd 🧵 #flashbackfriday #texashistory #HB3979 Image
"By the 1860s, there were lots of things around here for settlers to fight- illness, insects, hardship, Comanche Indians, and starting in 1861, the Yankees." (Images of America: Southlake by Connie Cooley and the Southlake Historical Society) Image
Early Southlake settler Spencer Graham is lauded by the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) for "citizenship, military service, character, and Christian qualities." (Images of America: Southlake by Connie Cooley and the Southlake Historical Society) Image
"Men from the now-Southlake area usually signed up in Grapevine or Denton so they could be in Confederate units with their friends and relatives." (Southlake Historical Society) southlakehistory.org/history-of-sou… Image
Formerly enslaved Bob Jones was granted freedom by his father and eventually became one of the largest landowners in the Tarrant-Denton county area, with somewhere between 1,000-2,000 acres to his name. stephaniedrenka.com/bob-jones-his-…
Because Bob Jones' grandchildren were unable to attend White schools in Southlake due to racial segregation, he built Walnut Grove Elementary School on his property for them around 1920. southlakestyle.com/community/city…
"By the time Southlake was incorporated in 1956, Bob Jones' land had all been claimed through eminent domain - and half of it was underwater." It was used to build Lake Grapevine. (@dallasnews) dallasnews.com/news/2010/02/2…
@dallasnews Bob Jones' sons Jinks and Emory owned a restaurant on State Highway 114 and White’s Chapel Road in Southlake. "When their café opened in 1949, it quickly evolved into one of the first integrated restaurants in Texas." dentonrc.com/news/the_watch…
@dallasnews Fast forward... because since its incorporation, Southlake has been predominately White (by design, with socioeconomic status as a proxy for race), and their historical society has a bunch of fluff on their timeline: southlakehistory.org/history-of-sou…
@dallasnews October 21, 1996: "Carroll High student suspended for holding racial sign at game." (@startelegram) ImageImage
@dallasnews @startelegram November 2, 1996: "Carroll trustees call for tolerance - Fallout from slur on game sign sparks forum on race relations" (@dallasnews)
@dallasnews @startelegram November 6, 1996: "The student was not ejected from Pennington Field, his subsequent punishment was laughably light and [superintendent Ted] Gillum never publicly condemned the action." (Dave Lieber, @startelegram) Image
@dallasnews @startelegram November 8, 1996: "School Board President Buddy Luce also did his best to calm a situation that grew out of control after Gillum declined to attend a group meeting with several African-American parents." (@startelegram)

Shout out @LuceLaw! Fighting the good fight for decades <3 Image
@dallasnews @startelegram @LuceLaw March 18, 2006: "Choosing who gets to flip, kick and jump on the sidelines can result in a community uproar anywhere and often degenerates into bitter accusations of favoritism, cheating and racism." (Cheerleading Squabble Not Unusual, @startelegram) Image
@dallasnews @startelegram @LuceLaw Personal anecdote: There was also the time in 2001 when our theater dept did "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," which was super cringey and included 2 White girls dressed up as Asian geishas. I was "Tintinabula" and quickly realized my future was not on Broadway...
@dallasnews @startelegram @LuceLaw September 3, 2009: "CISD will not interrupt our planned scope and sequence to show [Then-President @BarackObama's] speech live in classes Tuesday." (@startelegram) Image
@dallasnews @startelegram @LuceLaw @BarackObama That's when I wrote a letter to the editor of the Southlake Journal (and the Southlake Times... rookie mistake pitching to two outlets simultaneously. YIKES) and shared some of my experiences with racism at @Carrollisd. (@startelegram) Image
@dallasnews @startelegram @LuceLaw @BarackObama @Carrollisd Unfortunately, the letter made things difficult for my mom-who was working in the district at the time-so I decided to focus my activism elsewhere.
One of the darkest moments in Southlake's history, when the plaque commemorating my neighbor Frank Cornish IV was vandalized. "The plaque bearing Cornish's name had an expletive, the letters KKK and a racially charged message carved across it. fox4news.com/news/southlake…
October 29, 2018: "The video shows about 10 students sitting around a bed shouting a racial slur at the camera. "I say [racial slur], you say [racial slur,]" (Southlake Carroll ISD Investigating Racist Video Circulating Social Media, nbcdfw.com/local/southlak…)
November 6, 2018: "When a video surfaced showing @Carrollisd students repeatedly saying a racial slur, community members spoke out at a recent meeting of the district's board of trustees." (Viral Video Prompts Diversity Plan in Carroll ISD nbcdfw.com/news/local/vir…)
November 27, 2018: "First it was a mom-to-mom conversation and then on Tuesday night, Southlake dads had their turn to talk about healing racial divisions." (Southlake Dads Discuss Healing Racial Divides Over a Beer and a Handshake nbcdfw.com/news/local/sou…)
February 6, 2019: "@Carrollisd and Southlake leaders are responding after a second video showing students using a racial slur surfaces on social media." dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/02/06/sec…
July 15, 2020: "More than 300 personal accounts of racism were submitted to the @SouthlakeARC, prompting promises for action from @Carrollisd" wfaa.com/article/news/s…
August 3, 2020: "Leaders of the Carroll Independent School District on Monday delayed implementing a detailed diversity plan, which a committee recommended after nearly two years of work." nbcdfw.com/news/local/sou…
May 10, 2021: "Three years ago, a video went viral of a group of teenage students chanting the n-word at a party in Southlake. Now, as the school district tries to incorporate cultural awareness into the curriculum, a group of parents is fighting back." cnn.com/2021/05/05/us/…
If you haven't listened to @Mike_Hixenbaugh & @ahylton26's "Southlake" podcast for @NBCNews, drop everything and download all 6 (+ one bonus) episodes. It will pretty much catch you up to speed on the rest: nbcnews.com/southlake-podc…
Such irony that Southlake @Carrollisd is making history by trying to remove it from their classrooms. We know which side of it they are on. nbcnews.com/news/us-news/s…
Adding this here, because I realize not everyone knows about the long-standing tradition of the @Carrollisd football team who bleach their hair blonde when they make the playoffs. southlakestyle.com/dragon-pride/f…
@Carrollisd This isn't the first time parents have tried to censor reading materials in @Carrollisd. In the 1990s, "a parents group in #Southlake attacked the Angelou book [I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings] as "pornographic" and full of "gross evils." (@dallasnews) dropbox.com/s/n7snuz63gk6i…
@Carrollisd @dallasnews In 1995, the Southlake @Carrollisd school board also voted 4-3 to pull WWII book "The Last Mission" from library shelves. (@startelegram) ImageImage
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram "They overruled a decision by school librarians, teachers and administrators that the book should remain in the library because it is historically accurate and acclaimed by book reviewers nationwide." (@startelegram)
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram Harry Mazer, author of "The Last Mission," wrote a letter to the @startelegram editor about @Carrollisd removing his book. "When we remove books from school libraries, we deny our children the right to read and judge and form their own opinions." Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram Judy Brown, librarian at @Carrollisd High School at the time, said that she hoped "The Last Mission" would be returned to the middle school's shelves before she retired that summer. (@startelegram, May 26, 1995) Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram "I wanted them to understand the difference between selection and censorship. I know they heard, but I'm not sure they understood." - Judy Brown (@startelegram, May 26, 1995) Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram "Trustees later voted to put the book back on the shelf after a public outcry against the ban" (@startelegram, February 20, 1998)

This is why speaking out against injustice matters. Don't let @Carrollisd (or Texas, for that matter) get away with implementing #HB3979. Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram During that time, @Carrollisd's school board also set up a process for parents to complain about books/instructional material they find objectionable-- for their own children, but "that right of determination does not extend to any other students." (@startelegram, March 1996) Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram "@Carrollisd High teachers said they were also relieved that the community had voiced a desire to uphold academic freedom." (@startelegram, March 1996) Image
@dallasnews "In the past four decades, Southlake's population has grown from 1,023 to more than 21,500. According to current Census reports, 299, or 1.4 percent, of those residents are black." (@dallasnews, "This New House," May 20, 2001)
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram A 1997 @startelegram article reported that @Carrollisd "does not yet have an African-American in its teaching ranks." ("Race Issue Shadows Carroll", October 10, 1997) ImageImage
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram Southlake @Carrollisd football players were ejected for making racial slurs towards Edcouch-Elsa players during a 2007 state tournament. (@monitornews, July 14, 2007) Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram @monitornews "E-E coach Justin Solis said two @Carrollisd players were ejected from the game for calling his kids 'dirty Mexicans.'" (@monitornews, November 18, 2007) Image
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram @monitornews Until 1993, after a @Carrollisd High School student filed a lawsuit against the district, students were instructed at pep rallies "to bow their heads for a prayer." (Del Rio News Herald and @startelegram) ImageImage
@Carrollisd @dallasnews @startelegram @monitornews Southlake parents in 2007 complained that @SouthlakeDPS officers were "resentful of Southlake residents because of their perceived wealth" and "let that get in the way of their jobs" 🤦🏻‍♀️ (@startelegram, September 27, 2007) Image
More on Southlake and the Civil War:
William Mitchell Howard, who settled on a farm in White's Chapel on Carroll Road (now-Southlake), "served the cause of the Confederacy with honor and distinction" and "always boldly stood on the side of all questions as he saw the right." ("Grapevine Area History") Image
In a letter to his family, Confederate soldier Walter Leake Jones described the slaughter of a group of Black Union soldiers by his company: Image
"We would charge in amongst them and shoot them off their horses and many would fall off and get on their knees with their hands uplifted and pray for mercy, saying they had not meant to fight the whites..."
"... but the response would be only a few curses and the boys would tell them as they were pressed into service, that they would press them out and so saying would blow their brains out and leave them to wilter in their blood."
Starting at the age of 10, Bob Jones helped freedom seekers escape to Mexico via the underground railroad by hiding them in a #Southlake cave, bringing them food, and letting them know when it was safe to come out. (@startelegram) Image
In 2002, a preliminary look at numbers in the @SouthlakeDPS showed that the percentage of minority drivers ticketed during the few months prior to data-collection was "slightly higher" than the city's minority population of 8 percent. (@startelegram) Image
@SouthlakeDPS @startelegram Back in 2002, @Carrollisd administrators and parents debated whether "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (which uses a racial slur for Black people more than 200 times) should be required reading. (@dallasnews, August 18, 2002)
@SouthlakeDPS @startelegram @Carrollisd @dallasnews "@Carrollisd formed an eight-member committee of parents, teachers and administrators to review the complaint. No Black people were on the committee."
@SouthlakeDPS @startelegram @Carrollisd @dallasnews "The group decided Carroll parents who objected to the book should pull their students from classrooms assigned to read it, rather than pulling the book off the selection list." (@dallasnews, dropbox.com/s/z4t6j02w13et…)

• • •

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Oct 15, 2021
For the past decade - and especially in recent years - I've said just about all I can about Southlake. @CarrollISD's actions speak for themselves. Some have asked why I keep fighting. And, on days like this, it is beyond exhausting.
@Carrollisd Do I think @CarrollISD leadership will somehow develop moral fortitude overnight and fight HB 3979? Absolutely not. If there's one thing I learned during my time in the district, it's that White Supremacy and bigotry run deep there. And power and wealth usually prevail.
@Carrollisd But what I also learned as a student at @CarrollISD is how devastating it can be to feel like you don't belong. And think that what is taught within those walls reflects the outside world. That there is no hope.
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#FBF 🧵: Found my old "Letter to the Editor" submission which was published (heavily edited) in the now defunct Southlake Times. Dated September 8, 2009. #flashbackfriday @Carrollisd #Southlake
@Carrollisd I wrote this piece after learning @Carrollisd would not allow teachers to show @BarackObama's address to students during class. Parents had to remove them from school if they wanted their children to watch it.
@Carrollisd @BarackObama "This decision is less about time constraints and more about the collective closed-mindedness of a community. It is about the fear of exposing children to different ideals than they have heard at home-- that they might actually form opinions according to their own free will."
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Oct 15, 2021
So many thoughts, not enough coffee yet 💆🏻‍♀️ He's apologizing for this incident making the news-not that they've been scaring teachers & gaslighting the community. The fact that they are going to continue implementing HB3979 & not fight it is the real problem. (Among many others)
If they actually "understood" (cared) about historical facts in books- they would not have allowed the school board to reprimand @farah_dragons in the first place. They chose the district's path in that terrifying moment. This was an inevitable conclusion.
Let's not forget that while the meeting Ledbetter refers to was taking place, he was busy telling parents that no such instruction was happening 😒
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In 1874, J.L. Chow opened Chow Chow Laundry at 904 Elm Street. He was the first person of Asian descent to be listed in the city directories. By 1891, 41/49 laundries in Dallas were Chinese-owned.
Fueled by decades of bigotry, a propaganda campaign was initiated against Chinese laundries by White competitors.

The Dallas Daily Times Herald ran an editorial in 1894: Danger in Inferior Laundries: Dallas Customers Cannot Be Too Careful Where They Send Their Soiled Clothing.
"… the employees of the inferior laundries referred to, run the risk of contracting some vile disease… The people should give white laundries a chance" texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/met…
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