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Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS🌊 candidate @DrKimSchrier from 3.8 to 4.3 followers! 🤯 Great job, #BlueWave!

#ThursdayThoughts #COTD @Mariah4Congress is running in #TN04

She's at 4.6k followers.
Think we can get her to 5k?❤️
"@Mariah4Congress, who had been teaching U.S. Government before running for Congress, raised $76,000 in the second quarter, and that's more than the $55,000 collected in the same period by the incumbent"
#COTD #TN04…
"Rep. DesJarlais has made everything in his 4 terms about partisan politics. In the meantime, TN families have watched hospitals close, roads crumble, and wages stagnate. Early voting is underway."
@bluewavecs #COTD @Mariah4Congress…
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#flashbackfriday #StrzokHearing Fmr ODNI IG warned about SAPs on Clinton server👉Clapper didnt care. Comey knew bout SAPs, didnt care. #Strzok was "concerned" when TS intel & SAPs were found so he/FBI IGNORED IG warnings her server was breached by foreign entities? REALLY?
Everyone knew. @HurdOnTheHill questioned Comey about it a couple years ago.

Not only did foreign entities have access to Clinton's emails, but guess what shared the same network as Sec of State??? Clinton Foundation. THE biggest global criminal enterprise. And dont forget about Teneo.
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🚧 1.Let's take a little trip down memory lane @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand because it appears as though you may have a memory problem. In 2014 there were children in cages, 80% of which weren't even receiving adequate food and water #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey
2. 2014 Brian Williams reported on 52k children cramped into small facilities and while "taking children from Mothers" is never said listen closely when they say ADULTS are deported, kids stay? @NBCNews knows this and it was @RepMcCaul (R) that was worried #KeepFamiliesTogether
3. The @ACLU wrote to the Obama Admin in 2014 complaining children, including infants were starved, kept in "freezers" and sexually abused they included 116 confessions from children. #KeepFamiliesTogether…
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Russia warned us bout 9/11
Russia warned us bout Boston bombers
🤔Pakistan provides safe havens & funding to terrorists
🤔Pakistani criminals illegally breached Congressional networks stealing data, equipment & tied to hostile govts.

Why is FBI, DOJ, DHS, Capitol Police, Congress ignoring a HACK they have proof of from an Inspector General? Who let Hina flee? Who do they REALLY work for?

"Imran Awan talks about Russia a lot."
Really? That's weird. So in btwn dealing used cars w/ funding from Hezbollah, stealing govt equipment, abusing multiple women, hacking Congress & stealing a Caucus server, he talks about Russia. Let's ignore that👍

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Who colluded w/ a foreign govt to interfere in the election? A man w/ 1st hand knowledge is speaking out.
It was Ukraine. It was Democrats.
"I was told directly that the task was to remove Trump from the election"
#MAGA #WalkAway #Mueller #BREAKING
Andrii Telizhenko is speaking out.
Why is no one listening? Call @GrassleyPress @ChuckGrassley
@RepGoodlatte @DevinNunes
@RepAdamSchiff @TheJusticeDept
@WhiteHouse Ask why theres no Special Counsel investigating Ukraine & Democrats.…
@stranahan knows the deal
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Attorneys for former Republican National Committee finance chairman Elliott Broidy have issued 43 subpoenas in an investigation following the hack of his email account by what Broidy says was the state of Qatar.
Broidy's legal team is making the case that Qatar orchestrated a spear phishing hack of his email and individuals working for Qatar in DC and NY, including both registered and unregistered foreign agents, gave the hacked emails to reporters, fueling a series of leaks.
Wow is right. Reporters in the U.S. working on behalf of foreign governments, without registering properly with the FARA is a big fucking deal.
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#FYI #FridayFeeling #FlashbackFriday #IGReport
Whats not being discussed?
Why is it not being discussed?
Who/what is being protected?
Whos involved?
Why does it matter?
What are the implications?
What does not make sense?
Whats being protected?
What can't we/world know?
👉Hillary Clinton's unsecured private server contained SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM INTELLIGENCE
👉A compromise of this magnitude is so grave, anyone involved, directly or indirectly or having knowledge of & covering it up, would render themselves an “enemy of the state"
🙋🏼What are Special Access Programs (SAPs)
🙋🏼How are they handled
🙋🏼What deliberate acts must take place to remove them from a classified system
🙋🏼Who has access to them
🙋🏼Who is able to "read" someone in on a SAP
🙋🏼WTF is going on
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Jean-Raymond Boulle, a one-time diamond miner from the island nation of Mauritius whose company was once based in Bill Clinton’s hometown of Hope, Ark.
In the mid 1990s, Boulle was listed as a director of Auk Limited, a British Virgin Islands offshore company, and Gridco Limited, a Bahamas offshore company.
After two meetings with Boulle, Bill Clinton, then-governor of Arkansas, signed legislation allowing his company to engage in exploratory mining in the state. Later, Boulle and his wife attended Clinton’s first #inauguration.
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#FlashbackFriday when the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign received $1,363,529.00 in illegal contributions and was fined $375k by the @FEC but you know #StormyDaniels 🤡…
Oh look all those fancy U.S.C codes @tedlieu keeps telling us are a felony
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Why is it ok SWISS (foreigner) billionaire, multi-million $ Clinton Foundation donor poured millions into a voter registration & turnout operation for Hillary & DNC w/ the goal of IMPACTING ELECTIONS & U.S. policy? (voter expansion project huh?) #Pay4Play
Democracy Alliance (I've warned before, if you want to go after any group, THIS is the one), Wyss is a member of "Billionaires Club" w/ Soros, Donald Sussman, Pritzker, etc
Escapes indictment, DOJ refuses to fulfill FOIA request…
FEC violations are all the rage these days. Unfortunately the #FakeNewsMedia ignores court docs exposing Clintons $84mil laundering operation. Follow the money. Seriously, that's the key to it all. WHAT did wikileaks expose? Focus on CONTENT.
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Why isn’t the #DNC suing Ukraine? Oh, wait that’s right they were working together #Chalupa 🌮
#FlashbackFriday when #Ukraine MP demanded investigation into election meddling 🤣…
#Chalupa is very close with the #DNC she worked in the Clinton White House what’s weird is she’s never ever registered with FARA🤷🏼‍♀️ @TheJusticeDept
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🚨 #FlashbackFriday Remember Project Cassandra? How did Awan Bros work 4 Congress while owning a used car dealership & in 2011 lawsuit Nasir Khattak testified about them being funded by Iraqi politician & fugitive, w/ ties to Hezbollah? Did court know they worked for fed govt?
"Car dealerships are a favorite front for people with ties to foreign govts, providing the opportunity for money laundering & giving the owners access to credit reports on ALL Americans."…
Ya know what else? Imran, Abid, Jamal Awan sister, Adeelah Shah (her husband Naeem's siblings all work for fed govt), works (ed) for the Fairfax County Tax Administration. Responsible for Real Estate & vehicles. What did she have access to?

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2/13 Peter Kadzik lobbied for Marc Rich's pardon, a classmate of Skippy and represented Skippy regarding Monica's that deep #QAnon…
3/13 Kadzik is a longtime friend of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta #QAnon…
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2/ #FlashbackFriday


We have to get FBI Director to team up with AG DoJ


#Swamp won't be able to fight back

3/ #FlashbackFriday


At the Time

DoJ AG was Lynch

She met Bill Clinton, just "prior" to Comey and His "statement"

I wonder, What was said? 🤔

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1) Flashback Friday. Anyone remember this? Oddly, NYT didn't mention the name of this project. What was it called? Read about our past to understand our present.
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKULTRA #QResearch #FlashbackFriday…
2) Now if NYT and a Congressional Investigation hadn't documented the MKULTRA series of projects, what would the government have called whistleblowers? Flashback: an excellent analysis of CIA Document 1035-960.
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKULTRA #QResearch…
3)So, since MKULTRA was officially acknowledged by the US Government, they can't call you a "conspiracy theorist" for discussing it. But the US and Canada Govts would really rather you just forgot the whole thing:
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKULTRA #QResearch…
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Details of the scene at Trump Hotel DC during SOTU (by @brfreed for @washingtonian)…
GSA employees spent taxpayer funds at Trump Hotel DC, BLT Prime. (As president, @realDonaldTrump oversees GSA; GSA owns the building Trump Org leases for Trump Hotel DC.)
(by @CristinaAlesci, @CurtDevine
for @cnn)
Attorney representing Cork wine bar in its unfair competition suit against Trump Hotel DC weighs in on CNN article that GSA employees spent taxpayers’ money at Trump Hotel DC
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#FlashbackFriday My family and I couldn't wait till Friday and just chillax, eat popcorn, and watch 3 hours of sitcoms. Good times. I knew right from wrong watching these shows.
#Flashblack 1992-1996 was da best! Thanks @ABCNetwork. I was big fan of Boy Meets World, Hangin' Mr. Cooper, and Step-by-Step. -not so much on Family Matters-i liked when there was less Steve Urkel.
or @Netflix-reboot Perfect Strangers *cough, cough. #FlashbackFriday
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Trump Hotels' website still lists Trump SoHo New York among its properties in the Our Hotels menu. Select its name though to access its page and there's a message about it being renamed
National politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, with a fun find on a TV above the bar at the Trump Hotel DC
Two errors in the 2nd graf of Breitbart's Trump Hotel DC article:
-holdings aren't out of @realDonaldTrump's hands: trust isn't blind & he can profit from it
-Trump Org told Congress it was estimating foreign receipts—not auto donating in full
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#FlashbackFriday Before the 2800 #Huma #Clinton emails from Carlos Danger laptop drop, just remember #Comey testimony, #Strzok #McCabe involvement and "If Hillary was guilty, so was #Obama."
Joe Digenova spoke out LAST YEAR about what is now *breaking news*. "I know inside FBI there is a revolt. There is a revolt against the director. People inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop."…
How bout senior FBI Agent John Giacalone who is former chief of NYC, Philly & D.C., field offices? He was in charge. 6 months into case HE RESIGNED & RETIRED. Why? Because DOJ & FBI leadership (Comey/McCabe) already decided to exonerate Clinton.…
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REMINDER: The President of the United States is a sexual predator, including underage teens. Never forget. #FlashbackFriday

Several teen beauty queens say creepy Trump routinely walked into their dressing rooms while they were nude and changing clothes.

Trump to teen girls: “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”…
Jill Harth. Trump repeatedly sexually harassed and groped her in 1993.…
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