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I called GlaxoSmithKline to enquire about the vaccine or drug trials I may have been subjected to as a vulnerable & abandoned infant, while in Temple Hill Baby Home. Society, illegitimacy, relinquishment & the #adoption system, allowed experimentation on us defenseless babies.
I'm clueless as yet, but my gut feeling is I escaped being experimented on, which
I hope is the case.
But whether or not I was subjected to experimentation, the fact remains many thousands of Illegitimate babies & children WERE used as guinea pigs while in Mother & Baby Homes.
As unaccompanied minors in the alleged "care" of these institutions, we were entitled to but not afforded our basic, equal, civil or human rights, expected legal safety measures, complete autonomy, due protection, or our unambiguous freedoms, because of our Illegitimate status.
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Saw the video of a 14-year old girl who gave birth in hospital toilet. Her elder sister tried to kill the newborn by drowning it in flush tank. The girl looked like a ghosy after the ordeal, the baby almost dead. Wish someone told them they could leave the baby at Edhi. #Pakistan
The elder sister kept saying "We don't want the kid, my sister goes to school and we cant keep it" while the new mother looked on. Taking the baby out from the flush tank,wrapped in a plastic bag, she tried to kill it one last time.She begged hospital staff to take the baby away.
The sisters should have left the baby at the hospital. Trying to kill the newborn was wrong. Hope someone adopts this baby. Feel sorry for the teen mother too. The haunted look in her eyes and the way she flinched when baby was thrust in her arms. Unbearable. May she find peace.
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#NAAM day 28.

Today I am going to discuss having a narcissist for a parent.

I will also briefly touch on having a second parent that is an enabler.
This is a relevant conversation within adoption, as over time within many #adoptee oriented spaces, I have seen time and time again adoptees discussing being adopted and raised by a narcissist.
I have personally mentioned before that I was adopted and raised by a narcissist and an enabler, and it has a long scope impact of trauma.
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#NAAM day 24

Yesterday I threaded about the idea that people sometimes think adoptees are rude or insulting when they establish boundaries.
Today I'm going to write about adoptees, again.

In the context of what do we "know" about adoption outside of being an adoptee.
As always I am an adoptee, but not the only adoptee. I only speak for myself.

Some will agree with what I'm saying, some will not, or have their own take on the same ideas.

They're all valid and you should listen to them as well.
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#NAAM day 23.

Today I'd like to discuss the idea of #adoptees being considered mean, rude, or exclusionary of non adopted people, when it comes to #adoption conversations.
First and foremost, I am an adoptee, and I'm always looking at things through the lense of adoptees first.

I am however, not the only adoptee. There are those that will agree with me and those that do not. They're both valid, and allowed their own space to have their thoughts.
As always as well, you should be listening to them as well, and not just me.

None of us represent all of us.
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Alright. #NAAM day 21.

As the month goes on I recognize the things I discuss become more abstract sometimes.
That's because although the concrete factual relevant and important things are still those things... but a lot of what people disregard on a daily basis for #adoptees are the things that exist in abstracts.
Thoughts, feelings, experiences that happened are dismissed... but so are the things that never were.
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So in the spirit of #Workingoutloud, today I'm doing something really scary. I'm having a go at redesigning our landing page. My heart is pumping as I change font/colours/texts to make this page more visually appealing; then I DELETED all my changes.
It's going to be a collaborative approach & of course, my fellow colleagues will be helping. I also tested the web copy with IT & Change people who confirmed that indeed, they want support when it comes to tech #adoption & change. So copy is good. That's good to know.
I mucked about with the program that it sits upon and I always like to experiment and try things out but it's scary when it's a published page. This is one where I have to defer support in fear of breaking it. #WOL means at times admitting that this is not your expertise.
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#NAAM day 18. Still gathering some thoughts to be coherent, but today I'd like to talk about "privacy" and how within adoption it often means everyone but the #adoptee is entitled to it.
Privacy, in the context of adoption is a loaded word. It's used against adoptees regularly, and often at the expense of our own privacy... in ways not adopted people are always aware of, and in ways we as adoptees sometimes have become desensitized to.
There are also times that adoptees point out the glaring misuses of privacy (either as a way to keep secrets, or when privacy isnt respected) and it is met with dismissal and ire.

I'm going to give a few examples of this, but there are always more.
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#Globalist elites tell you who the so-called sexist people alive are. Globalist elites tell you to be less #Masculine and be more #Feminine in hopes that you will question your gender and kill the #Masculinity culture.…

#RedPill #QAnon #WWG1GWA #Truth
#Globalist elites tell you that #Epstein killed himself without a ceremony and even @Independent has an article that states his brother is seeking DNA evidence from the 'dead man's fingernails. Not stating his brothers.…

#RedPill #QAnon #WWG1GWA #Truth

Globalist elites tell you that #Nationalism and #WhiteNationalist and #WhiteSupremacist are the same but in fact, Nationalism is is the love of your #Country as citizens and your values as well your #Sovereignty.

#RedPill #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TruthMatters #DarkToLight #MAGA
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#NAAM day 16.

Today I would like to turn the floor over to #adoptees.

I've spoken at great length over time (and will again I'm sure) about different issues and problems I've noted in regards to #adoption systems and #adopteerights.

It would be pure unadulterated hubris on my part to think that I have been fully comprehensive on laws and issues that impact adoptees, both in the US and outside of the US.
I would like for any adoptees that see this tweet, to please add any laws, systems, barriers, flaws, that they want attention drawn to.

Yes there may be repeats, and that's okay. These things impact more than one person.
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Log for day 14 of #NAAM today intersects another fun fact about me.

I have #lupus and on a bad day, it can be debilitating.
The intersection of chronic illness and adoption?

Lack of medical history and the high propensity to carry genetic disorders that you do not know you have.
Am I saying that adoption causes diseases illnesses and problems that are inherited genetically?

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Thinking. Always thinking. Had a plan for a thread. Thinking I'm sticking that one on the back burner to have an "adoption 101" thread today.

Seeing a lot of arguments that dont understand what adoption even is.
And yet, they are arguing *for* adoption, even while being actively wrong about what it means.
So, I think I need to address that. I'm going to gather my thoughts and pick up right here soon.

It's going to be an adoption 101 what it is, day.
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So hi friends and friends to be. We are on day 8 (holy moly only 8?!) of #NAAM #NAAM2019 and for today's thread I'd like to continue the discussion I started the other day on gratitude within #adoption.
On day 6 I did a thread about it. It received.... mixed results across multiple platforms it was shared to. I still maintain every word I typed as truth.

If you'd like to read that thread in its entirety find it here:
I also did some polls independent of that thread to dig into the meat of the matter, when it comes to what is or is not perceived as being part of the gratitude narrative.
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Good morning. We are on to #NAAM2019 #NAAM day 6.

I'm going to start with my thoughts that I didn't convey yesterday.

Today I'd like to discuss the concept of gratitude in #adoption.
I have a few polls, and then we are going to get into the meat of the matter.
Adoptees only:

Whether you feel gratitude or not, have you ever been told you need to be grateful, or felt the pressure to express gratitude in regards to your adoption?
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When folks want adoption subsidies, but aren't interested in any financial or social supports for family preservation, it really speaks to how we view one another's humanity & our own entitlement.
We aren't entitled to other ppl's children, no matter our desires or reproductive journey. I say this both as an infertile woman & an adoptive mom.
I am not a saint for adopting. I hate when ppl suggest I am. I wanted to be a parent, I chose to adopt a legally free kid, because those kids are really in need of stability and permanency. I wish Hope had the chance to be fully raised in her family of origin.
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So, it's day 4 of #NAAM #NAAM2019 and I'm going to try to convey my *personal issues* with the idea that #adoption is a better life.
I can only speak for myself and my own story as to why this bothers me as much as it does.

So before anyone feels the deep and burning need to #notall me, I am talking about *me* and *my adoption* and *my lived experience*. Take your not alls and move along.
As always, I am an #adoptee but not the only adoptee. Our experiences are vast and varied and complex and same and different and all valid.

Listen to me if you'd like, and then go listen to others as well.
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So its day two of #NAAM2019 #NAAM and I'm going to dive right in to something that absolutely every single person adopted or not should be aware of, care about, and push to fix.
I've touched on this a bit before and since it's the time of year the most people are paying attention... today I'm going to discuss #adoptees in the US without citizenship, and no path to ever fix it.
There are thousands of adoptees in the US right now that were never granted citizenship. Adults that were taken from their countries of origin, brought to the US, told these Americans were now their families, and face the daily fear of deportation.
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#SouthPark creators.


If U follow me, we're ahead of curve
Big pic: human sacrifice

So much is open source
So much left to be connected👈🏽
Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?
How are they smuggled out?
‘Adoption’ process

#QAnonLDS 👇🏽#Haiti #wellhellzbellz…
Redpills aren't just for Baptists & Catholics.

#Q866 link…

#Q867 link…

Who are we taught to trust the most?
This will not be easy.
The END.

#Haiti #Adoption #wellhellzbellz #QAnonLDS
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Looking for a home for these beautiful puppies. #thread with photos and info below. Please RT.

#Chennai #adoption #foster #chennaiadoption #dogs #stray #puppies
There’s a litter of 7 cute puppies near our house (5 male and 2 female). We have made a small temporary shelter with asbestos sheets for them in a vacant land nearby. We’ve been feeding them and the Mother for almost 5 weeks now. Mother is with the puppies and has weaned.
Out of the 7, 2 puppies seem to look puny when compared to the other littermates so they are being bullied by them or not sure if that is how they play! Since the two can’t fight back or play as much as the other 5 could, both the puppies were slightly hurt.
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Kentucky: 4 Yr Old Hunter Payton was taken away from his parents & placed by #CPS to private contractor, Necco, a #FosterCare & #Adoption Co., into home of Travis & Billy Embry-Martin.

2 months later Hunter died from massive skull fracture.…
“Hunter was subjected to corporal punishment including but not limited to physically violent punishment, physical abuse & denial of food.”
“Hunter died from skull fracture & closed head injuries two months after he was removed from his parent’s home by state social service officials & placed in foster home of Travis & Billy Embry-Martin. The two men, who married in 2013, served as foster parents for Necco...
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You need around 10 minutes to own a relayer -> #TomoX saves Relayer Owner’s time
You need deposit 25000 $TOMO to propose a new relayer, but you can resign and get back your fund any time you want -> Zero fees, #TomoX saves Relayer Owner’s money.
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Many relayers run around the world with different domains. #TomoX runs on TomoChain’s nodes, a truly decentralized network -> Nobody can block #TomoX
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I've been rolling something around in my head these past few days. You'll likely be unsurprised it relates to #adoption.

What happens after reunion, even the good ones, a thread.
As many (if not all) of you know I am an adult #adoptee. Through DNA and searching, I became an adult adoptee in (partial) reunion last year.

I'd like to have a chat about things I've heard since then, and what it all means.
As per usual, I am an adoptee, but I'm not the only adoptee.

Some parts of this may resonate and reflect in the stories of others. Some parts may not.

All of those other stories are equally valid, and I only speak for me.
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Qu'est ce ce qu'un #procureur ?

Épisode 2
⏩ Un autre face...

Son rôle en matière civile.
Petit #thread illustré
🔶️🔸️ grâce à la #BD

✔ Pour les plus jeunes...
D'âge ou d'esprit... et les autres

#teamjuriste #teamENM
@IXADNordOuest @EDACorse
Traditionnellement pour un substitut du #procureur être affecté au service civil du parquet était (est ?) une reconnaissance de compétences #juridiques et professionnelles. Certains espéraient (espèrent ?) y être nommés. #teamjuriste #teamENM
Au civil, le rôle du #procureur est comme au #pénal d'être gardien du #droit et de l'intérêt général mais aussi de l'ordre public international. Il peut proposer aux #juges des orientations de la #jurisprudence. Le procureur reflet de la société et ses évolutions
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Former Kansas Gubernatorial Candidate Becomes Warrior Fighting Against State-Sponsored #CPS Child Kidnapping… 🗣#ChildProtectionServices, because it sounds better than #SexTrafficking👊
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