NY Times columnist Ross Douthat has bluntly, even if unintentionally, identified the reactionary political interests that motivate and fuel the Wuhan Lab big lie (which he promotes). In a column titled, "Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters," Douthat writes: 1/
"First, to the extent that the US is engaged in a conflict of propaganda and soft power with the regime in Beijing, there's a pretty big difference between a world where the Chinese regime can say, We weren't responsible for Covid but we crushed the virus and the West did not, 2/
"because we're strong and they're decadent, and a world where this was basically their Chernobyl except their incompetence and cover-up sickened not just one of their own cities but also the entire globe." 3/
So, as Douthat acknowledges, the purpose of the Wuhan Lab Leak lie is to concoct a political narrative that leads people to believe that a Chinese "laboratory and a few scientists are responsible for one of the greatest human catastrophes in generations..." 4/4

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29 May
The Economist, in a masterpiece of double talk, writes: “There is as yet no evidence in the public domain that a laboratory leak [in Wuhan] actually took place; just evidence that the possibility is real.” The assertion of “Possibility” unsupported by facts is speculation. 1/
Why is the “possibility” real? Because there is a lab in Wuhan. But there is no factual or science-based evidence that connects the lab to the pandemic. 2/
One can just as well write: “There is no evidence that the US army created the HIV virus at Ft. Detrick. But the possibility is real (because there is a lab at Ft. Detrick).” The Wuhan Lab lie is dangerous. As the WSWS warns today: 3/
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5 May
Cliff Slaughter, who between 1957 and 1985 played a leading role in the International Committee of the Fourth International and its British section, died Monday at the age of 92. The WSWS will soon publish a more extensive and critical review review of Slaughter's life. 1/
It is well-known that Slaughter broke irrevocably with Trotskyism in 1986 and that the remaining 35 years of his political life consisted of a shameful repudiation of Trotskyist politics and its Marxist foundations. 2/
However, in noting his death, the ICFI must call attention to the significant role that Slaughter played in the fight for Trotskyism in the earlier period of his life. 3/
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21 Apr
In the aftermath of Chauvin's conviction, the official narrative promoted by the Biden administration and media is that police violence is directed almost exclusively against the Black population in the United States. This race-based narrative is contradicted by statistics. 1/
This bar graph [created by Statista] shows the demographic distribution of police killings in the United States since 2017. The total number of people killed by police from 1/1/2017 to 3/31/2021 is 4171, an absolutely staggering number. 2/
Of the 4171 victims,
*1733 [41.5%] were non-Hispanic whites
*908 [21.8%] were Black
*654 [15.7%] were Hispanic
*148 [3.5%] were listed as Other
*728 [17.5%] were listed as Unknown
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19 Apr
Fantasizing about a rebirth of a progressive American liberalism -- which died of old age in 1917 -- @jbouie invokes in today's NY Times Roosevelt's New Deal as "the lodestar for liberals and the left alike, from Joe Biden to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez." 1/
This mythologized lodestar would be better described as an intellectual and political deadweight. As far back as the 1930s, John Dewey -- trying to adapt liberalism to economic realities -- understood enough to know that serious social reform was incompatible with capitalism. 2/
Dewey called attention to the basic flaw in Roosevelt's program: "Invoking the profit motive to provide employment is a confession of impotency, since the quest for profits -- as rent, interest and gains on invested capital --is the cause of unemployment and poverty." 3/
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12 Apr
.@DSA leaders are incensed by @EricLondonSEP's exposure of the RWDSU's Amazon debacle and the duplicity of AOC. Trying to disorient honest DSA members, they vilify the SEP/WSWS's opposition to the Democrats and union bureaucracy as anti-labor. 1/
The authors of these slanders [like .@TheDuhalde] have no history of involvement in any struggles of the working class. They have built their opportunist careers within, and as agents of, American capitalism's vast institutional superstructure of class oppression. 2/
Many of the leaders of the SEP (formerly the Workers League), who also write for the WSWS, have an extensively documented history of direct involvement in the struggles of the working class (within the US and internationally), that spans between four and five decades. 3/
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11 Apr
Predictably, the middle-class pseudo-left are acting as attorneys for the RWDSU executives, concocting excuses for the Amazon debacle. The crybabies from "Left Voice" claim that the RDWSU was confronted with a "David versus Goliath" struggle against the corporate titan. /1
They write: "Amazon invested in an epic anti-union campaign, spending more than $10,000 a day to stop the unionization effort." Over a period of six months (180 days), that comes to $1.8 million. The annual combined salary package of top nine RWDSU officials is $1.98 million. /2
The union disburses another president $6 million annually to the rest of its staff. The problem was not a lack of money. The AFL-CIO is a multi-billion dollar business with vast resources. The RWDSU offered no program to rally workers' support. /3
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