How to flirt like a pro?

Okay players

You want to be a pro at the art of flirting


I got you covered

Let's Go
Flirting is a way of showing a girl that you are sexually interested in her &

If you are good with this skill

Those dudes with 82 pack abs can't take your chicks

& I ll make sure you are good at it
1. Nailing the art of giving compliments

The how matters more than what


Look into her eyes

Don't blink & say

Elizabeth " Your eyes are really pretty"

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Her no friendzone bitch can do that
If she laughed ( which she'll if have done it correctly)

The game is on now my boy

This was just an example

You don't have to compliment her every time

But when you do

Do with a fucking intent that the girl can feel

That this guy gets it
(Don't creep her out )

2. Silence

It's all in the vibes boy

That tension

that air of silence says it all

& what builds that tension

Eye contact
Another example :

She is talking ( replying to something )

Let her talk

& keep looking in her eyes

Don't say a word

Just look at her with a playfully smile on your face

She'll stop at some point

But you have to keep the contact going
It will get uncomfortable

Don't break the silence

She'll do it &

The tension will go nuts
If you want the complete structure & mindsets of Flirting & Escalation

Along with 8 other actionable modules

Its all inside the Authentic Pimp Program…
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• • •

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I got you covered Down pointing backhand index
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