A few months ago, Sunrise Movement's national account tweeted out some "educational" resources about the fundamentals of Israel-Palestine.

So, I clicked on those links because I wanted to see exactly what messaging Sunrise was pushing to their teenage supporters.

It's bad.

This is the where the first link in Sunrise's tweet takes you.


Palestine is a country...being occupied by the state of Israel, a Jewish ethnostate established by Zionists in 1948".

No wonder these kids no nothing about what's actually happening.
Here are the "Basics" of what Sunrise wants their followers to learn about Israel-Palestine:

•That it has little to do with religion

•That antizionism is NOT antisemitic (& anyone who says it is is islamophobic)

•That a Palestinian one-state solution is the only option
Sunrise wants its supporters to believe....

that Israel colonized Palestine & that's the primary issue at play.

I am not remotely qualified to discuss this history but this is a deliberate misrepresentation of the entire conflict.
Sunrise wants its supporters to believe...

That anti-zionism is in no way antisemitic.

They claim that the term antisemitism is weaponized against Palestinians to shut them down when asking for human rights and to shut down their allies.
Sunrise wants its supporters to believe...

"One Palestinian State would mean Palestinian liberation & the complete abolishment of the State of Israel.

This is the only way towards justice"

And that a Palestinian state is only way to prevent the ethnic cleansing of one side.
Sunrise wants its supporters to believe...

That Israel is ethnically cleaning Palestine and that Palestine would welcome Israeli Jews with open arms.

I already wrote a long thread about how Hamas, the Palestinian gov't, was founded with a goal of exterminating all Zionists.
This website -THAT WAS PROMOTED BY SUNRISE- just goes on and on like this.

It continues to recommend other resources that back up the same false claims.

And at the end of the day, all these claims are aiming to promote extreme antisemitism in young people. And it's working.

And of course this website (that Sunrise told its supporters to read) wraps up with

From the river to the sea...

Here's the link to my thread on Justice Dems & Hamas.

And to anyone still reading this- please feel free to use this thread as a starting point and expand on it!!

In a better world, someone more knowledgeable than me would have written it.

There's a lot more there that I simply didn't know enough about to address.

• • •

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22 Oct
Don't forget that AOC sells an entire line of merch that says:

💢 Tax the Rich 💢 ImageImage
Each item purchased is considered a campaign contribution.

I still can't figure out how this works with FEC regulations.

And just for comparison: most (if not all) Members of Congress have merch of some sort. Bumper stickers, t shirts, etc 👇

AOC's VOLUME of merch sales is the crazy part. This was never something the FEC needed to focus on.

It could act as yet another proxy to hide donors' names. ImageImage
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24 Jul
(Didn't want to bury this lede in my other thread)

Charles Dunlop, CEO of Ambry Genetics, donated *$500K* to the JusticeDems' SuperPAC in 2020.
He also donated to AOC, Tulsi, Nina, etc.

I finally looked at his pre-2019 contributions:

👉Dana Rohrabacher👈
In 2016, '17, & '18 😳
He was donating to Tulsi Gabbard and Dana Rohrabacher at the same time in 2017!

He started contributing to AOC & the JusticeDems only a few months after his last contribution to Rohrabacher (which was on 2/14/2018).
The Justice Democrats became a SuperPAC (which meant they could suddenly accept unlimited amounts of money from anyone) in May 2020.

Charles Dunlop started contributing large amounts of money to them in...(you guessed it)

May 2020.
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29 Jun
AOC spent $240,000 on Facebook ads in March 2021.

But what were those ads actually advertising?

Where was she running them?

Who was she targeting?

Is she still spending $10k/day on Facebook ads?

Let's find out!
Facebook banned political ads immediately following Election Day 2020, but eventually lifted the ban on March 4, 2021.

Google also lifted their ban on political ads that followed 1/6.

AOC jumped right back into spending big on them...20 months ahead of her next election.
Part 1: What has AOC been advertising on Facebook?

By and large, AOC's tens of thousands of Facebook ads fall into 3 categories:

1) Self-promotional
2) Merch!
3) The Squad
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28 Jun
AOC took in more money in the 2020 election cycle than Joe Crowley did in his entire 21-year congressional career.
Only *4* Reps out-raised AOC in 2020.

•Steve Scalise
•Kevin McCarthy
•Nancy Pelosi
•Devin Nunes
AOC campaigned hard on getting money out of politics and attacked Crowley incessantly for raising ~$3M per cycle.
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27 Jun
AOC is still using a Brex credit card for a lot of campaign expenditures.

And instead of calling it "Brex" in her accounting system, the campaign calls it "VEYOND!", its long defunct name.

This obscures the *actual* vendors & makes it much harder to see where $ is being spent. Image
Let's take a look at AOC's 3/25/21 payment to Brex CC🔎

The details are on p.3982 (of 4008) of her Q1 filing if you want to play along at home!

What do you know?! It's mostly obscuring payments to FACEBOOK, just like last time.

*$240k out of $260k*

docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg… ImageImage
AOC's 3/25 credit card payment breaks down as follows 👇

Facebook ad buys:
$30k, 3/8/21
$10k, 3/9/21
$10k, 3/10/21
$40k, 3/12/21
$10k, 3/13/21
$10k, 3/14/21
$30k, 3/15/21
$20k, 3/16/21
$20k, 3/17/21
$10k, 3/18/21
$10k, 3/19/21
$10k, 3/20/21
$20k, 3/22/21
$10k, 3/24/21
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27 Jun
I think even a lot of people who are tuned-in to Justice Democrats' antics don't realize this:

🔥The Justice Dems became a SuperPAC on May 1, 2020🔥
And if you're thinking
"I thought the Justice Democrats hated SuperPACs? 🤔"

You are correct. They are hypocrites.

(And the first time they tried to turn JusticeDems into a SuperPAC was on 1/9/2017) ImageImageImageImage
By using their new SuperPAC, the Justice Democrats were able to buy nearly $1 MILLION in ads in Jamaal Bowman's race against Eliot Engel.

$620,000 to SUPPORT Bowman
$300,000 to OPPOSE Engel Image
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