Listening to Public Works, where issue of proposed anti-dumping ALPR/surveillance cams was prompted by Gallo. Duffey of DPW said system was currently going thru Privacy Advisory, would soon get to Council. But PAC told DPW they wouldn't pass current proposal due to facial recog Image
Thao picked back up on the ALPR/surveillance system, we'll see if they add anything
From DPW's Frank Foster, he said he not only expects the cameras to come to council, but to eventually be expanded. It actually is up to Council to pass legislation, and they've ignored PAC recommendations in the past, tho
Taylor redirected the camera question, and he did it from pov of "where should public who want cameras show up to make their voice heard". Council members constantly try to undermine PAC AND OAKLAND LAW for political points.
Foster says PAC is body, meet first Thursday of each month, he says that the next opportunity is 11/4, when they'll present the info again. Pretty amazing this structure, where the issue is not whether the tech conforms to city law, it's whether residents who matter want it.
Taylor comes back and asks if the PAC does a rec or simply provides a report. Foster says that PAC already turned down first proposal, he says that they met with members of PAC in ad hoc committee and feel good about the outcome
Devries, who is city component of PAC, stresses PAC is only advisory and it will come to Council where Council can make any decision. Worth noting this. PAC is city law, meant to advise on City interactions with surveillance. But I've seen CMs attempt to undermine it regardless.
There are normative concerns about Verkada, the provider. One, of course, the products they provide have built in facial recognition. But others include, a culture of toxic masculinity and harassment, and swiss cheese security, they were hacked like soft wood this year.
Here's Verkada's egg on face security fail.…
Here's more on the wild bro culture that pervaded Verkada until they got caught…
They're on to the abandoned vehicle report. City Admin Joe Devries says that abandoned vehicles is the number two complaint received by city call center.
Devries outlines the City law, the 72 hour limit. He says its also prohibited to wash/repair on the street. He says only in emergency situation is repair allowed.
Devries says 16K abandoned complaints per year, 1300 per month. Only 25% result in a vehicle being towed. About 340 tows per month. Average time to close a request is 53 days. Devries says this doesn't include vehicles people are living in.
Devries repeats the data point, that 52% vehicles that have been complained of as abandoned are gone by the time staff get there. Devries says they are trying to create an upstream program where they re-contact complainant to see if car is still there. Image
Devries says they will also pilot a program to have DOT check on abandoned vehicle report locations before the response goes out. Devries says that the abandoned auto detail will be transferred out of OPD and into DOT by next summer.
Devries also mentions the issue of neighbor on neighbor complaints, where neighbors are simply reporting vehicles as abandoned because they don't want people parking in front of their house. Image
Devries also says they're going to start sending notices to addresses adjacent to curb areas warning them that they need to move their car every 72 hours. evries also says there's only 3 service techs assigned to abandoned auto detail, also includes encampment management duties
I have to say, I have encountered the abandoned auto detail several times during encampment cleanings and clearances, and they literally do nothing for hours at a time. Just standing around talking.
Interestingly, not much comment from Council. Auto detail is being moved out of OPD soon, but it's clear that this could also be discussed as an issue of how much OPD staffing is wasted on karen-esque complaints that are actually not important.
DOT Director Russo jumped in at the end. Again, the Abandoned Auto Detail will be transferred to DOT out of OPD by next Summer. That also means they'll have a better rationale for reducing the amount of responses.
An OPD rep says that they recently abandoned 26 vehicles off of the Union Pacific property around rail, and 14 of those were stolen.

• • •

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27 Oct
Be ready to be misinformed on Howard Terminal deal. In the first place, MLB never said THIS vote had to happen. Open question whether a non-binding vote is enough to quell if MLB have genuine misgivings. If anything, vote showed nothing yet has swayed majority of the BOS
Several things were revealed at the meeting that showed even the City isn't close to greenlighting a deal. The first is that Fisher continues to resist real affordability on the 15% of on-site affordable housing. Kaval confirmed the disagreement, Maybrun went into that detail
Maybrun got into the weeds when she had to explain whether or not the fact that several County tax measures Century Urban based their county numbers will sunset in the next several years. CU admitted they hadn't factored that in.
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26 Oct
Carson opens the meeting on set matters, says theres three set matters and they're lengthy. There's a Covid 19 and ARPA update first. I'm sure nothing A's fans give a crap about. They have a 6pm redistricting meeting that they have to legally start on time, caveat
Nicholas Moss with Covid updates. 81 currently hospitalized with Covid in ALCO, 30 in ICU. Moss says there's been 138 deaths from July 1 to Oct 12, he says this is lower than last summer. Metrics improving, but there's concern about a winter wave. Image
Moss on Covid goals. Image
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26 Oct
I'll be reporting on ALCO BOS' possible non-binding resolution vote today. Vote does not commit BOS to a course of action, and language of the item indicates supes may not take a vote at all for any # of reasons. May be other lengthy items before discussion, starting at 12 ImageImage
I think its pretty likely they'll vote and they'll vote yes. But what will come after that is the EIR will be published and discussed, and Schaaf Admin will be on the record with claims about public debt for off-site, and no current concrete state/fed grants in hand.
A good deal of the off site infrastructure would have to be built before the ballpark can open. Punditry have focused on the EIFD for ballpark, but it's a misleading solo focus. None of it works without off-site infrastructure, it's almost a misnomer to call it off-site.
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26 Oct
ALCO will have the thesis of a meaningless vote today on Howard Terminal. It's clearly designed to placate Fisher and the Building, but by itself is so symbolic that even die hard A's fans/politics noobs are wondering why they hell they are doing it.
I honestly believe hope on part of the A's, their punditry and captive media components is that if they say HT is a done deal often enough, people will truly resent any politician involved in the actual required long duration process. The pressure built on CMs will be enormous
I've written a lot about the dishonest process, manipulated by Fisher to always appear just around the corner if it wasn't for corrupt or ignorant politicos. Here
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26 Oct
Not sure if I'm reading this correctly in the PRA settlement, but (f) appears to say that the prompt responses required in the settlement needn't be adhered to because California law only requires "prompt" response. Image
The "unusual" circumstances that OPD would have to adhere to say that it needs an extension for requests, are the current "unusual" circumstances it already cites; voluminous records. ImageImage
But again these are "timeframes" not actual production of documents. No production is mandated outside the backlog. Going forward, after the 6 months to 1.5 years necessary to clear the current backlog, the settlement doesn't change anything.
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6 Aug
Starting Privacy Advisory Commission reporting for 8/05/21. They'll be discussing DPW's proposed ALPR/video surveillance project on illegal dumping, and OPD will be submitting 2 years of ALPR reports its behind on, as well as proposed usage policy--all late.
They're having a lot of technical issues so far, and taking a few minutes to get on top of that and establish quorum.
The meeting begins with open forum, Asata Olugbala only commenter, talking about the lack of provision of same programs and protections for Black residents as undocumented residents.
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