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26 Oct, 25 tweets, 11 min read
1/ A question to the #Police and to the #Military, to the active duty officers, to those still in training and to the retired ones. Did your training and education ever involved a scenario where the enemy and the danger to your own country and to the people comes directly from ..
2/ your own government, your superiors, Chiefs and Generals ? Did any of you received a formal training in how to recognize that, how to react and what to do when such an event occurs ? If not, then you should really rethink what you have been taught since joining / enlisting.
3/ The good news is, I will provide a free lesson for you in this regard and will also remind you of a few things along the way. Many of you joined because you wanted to learn how to protect yourself and others when necessary or when the time comes. Many of you joined as you ..
4/ felt it is your duty to follow that path and fight for the better and safer future for the local communities or for the people of your country. Many of you simply wanted to make the world around you a better and safer place to live. Many of you believed in law and ..
5/ justice, fighting crime or taking action and protecting against the foreign enemies and adversaries. Do you remember your oath, code of conduct and rules you have sworn to abide by ? They were created by men and for men to follow but some are more important than others.
6/ For example, what is more important, protecting the country and the people or following orders from your government ? What if there is a contradiction and both of these actions stand on opposite sides of each other in certain circumstances ? These things may align or they ..
7/ may do not, so if in doubt, you should always go to the default position and the core principles of your beliefs and the reasons why you initially joined the police force or enlisted into the military. So, once again, have you ever been taught what to do when your own ..
8/ government goes rouge, when it dissolves the social contract between the people and itself and when it turns against its own country, against the society and against its own people ? No ? Why not ? Wouldn't that be useful if such an event occurs ?
9/ Tyrannical governments drunk on power and governing through lies are not legitimate. Are never legitimate. They do not deserve your allegiance. Public & civil servants job is to serve the people & the society, not the other way around. This is the part of the social contract.
10/ Government exists to serve the people not to rule them. When this is no longer the case, the social contract is broken & all the legitimacy of the government is lost. They need to step down immediately and relinquish all their powers. If they refuse to do that, this means ..
11/ they serve their own interests and not the interests of the people. Once that happens there is only one thing left to do. People need to recognize what they are dealing with. They need to understand that the government, and people who actively support it, are their enemy.
12/ Now, try to look and observe your own superiors. How many are genuinely still serving the good of its own people for a benefit of society and how many are serving their own, ideological, financial or career interests ? The government is full of vile and corrupt individuals ..
13/ and bureaucrats. Your own ranks are no different, I know you see it too. You know who these people are. Remember this, despite what you have been taught, you are not just order followers. You should be able to recognize right from wrong, good from bad and good from evil.
14/ At some point you did just that, that is why you decided to serve in the police force or in the military. At some point things might have become blurry but many of you still know the difference. You are in a unique position where you can become a tool which will facilitate ..
15/ the emergence of a tyrannical and oppressive system and the enslavement of your own people or you can do the right thing and show people the right path to preserving their lives, rights and freedoms. Always remember, Nazi soldiers and Gestapo were following orders too.
16/ What got us into this place we are right now is known as a domino effect, a predictable and designed chain of events occurring one after the other. If we are ever going to get out of the place where our society and civilization finds itself in, another domino effect needs ..
17/ to be created and set into motion. Risking your life, security, financial stability of your family, career or freedom is never easy. But know this, it always starts with a single individuals who decide to do the right thing, even if it means acting at a great cost to ..
18/ themselves. It is always better to act out of your own volition and choosing and not out of desperation. One provides clear view of the picture, clear purpose, determination and the end goal in mind. Desperation always leads to fear and chaos, which is what the enemy wants ..
19/ and thrives on. When enough people see it, the brave and courageous act will be repeated and others will follow suit. The momentum will be gained & the movement will start and it will grow. But if you choose blind & unquestioned obedience to the government, then know this, ..
20/ people will hate you & the people of your own country will inevitably become your enemies. You will also be one of the first ones who will pay the ultimate price & you will pay it not only in flesh but also with your soul. People will remember what you did, who you served ..
21/ and whom you betrayed. Being a traitor to the people of its country is one thing, but being a traitor to humanity, to your own species is something else entirely and it will be met with painful end. I think we are already in a place where we are dealing with not only the ..
22/ enemy of the people but with enemies of humanity who seek to enslave and to destroy us. Unfortunately, there are hordes and masses of useful idiots who support them. Don’t be one of them. Think about it and if it is worth to be on a wrong side of history.
23/ If you choose to do nothing, it will be up for the people to act & to do what is right. People will do what needs to be done, but many more will end up dying & suffering that way. This always happens when untrained & uncoordinated individuals try to get things into their ..
24/ own hands & they are forced to learn everything along the way. Lastly, if you will decide to act, to participate & to make necessary personal sacrifices along the way, know this, when things come to an end & good guys end up winning then you will find yourself on the right ..
25/ side of history, you will regain what you have lost & you will be considered a hero of the people. The choice to make is between a meaningful & hopeful future or an eternal tyranny & medical fascism which will only lead to pain, misery & destruction on an unimaginable scale.

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24 Oct
1/ This is where things get tricky. Either The Party assumes that anyone who agreed to the jabs is now on their side and will happily agree to the perpetual booster shots for life, which would be foolish, or they have other things planned to force compliance and to counter the ..
2/ inevitable confrontation against the people. Another manufactured crisis perhaps ? What about the economic fallout, food shortages and famine ? This would create a situation where food is seized and fully controlled by the government and rationing would only cover the ones ..
3/ who agree to receive the booster shots and to participate in the system based on health passports. But even this scenario does not bode well for The Party in my opinion, because this would further deplete the support (especially passive support) for the official narrative.
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17 Oct
1/ Someone asked me recently why I have abandoned to focus strictly on science and data aspect in regards to the pandemic and its response to it. The reason is simple. I came to the conclusion that our problem is a political, economic and ideological one and not a scientific one.
2/ The battle simply cannot be won if one chooses to focus only on sharing unbiased data and science. You can't expect to fight religion and people who engage in religious-like rituals with science. You can't convince the crazy and delusional ones with logic or common sense or ..
3/ arguments that are grounded in and supported by evidence and science. Same goes for the hypnotized. If someone is under the spell of mass delusional psychosis, their attention span is very narrowly focused on a very specific thing and because of that, they simply start ..
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13 Oct
1/ Probably one of the most important articles you will ever read. Brilliant, eye opening & combines all the relevant data & information. I was already aware of many things that it mentions, because ever since this covid debacle I have been researching ..…
2/ the connection between biology & nutrition in relation to viruses & other infectious diseases. There is plenty of evidence showing that malnutrition is the main driver behind all the epidemics & pandemics that have ever happened in the human history.
3/ Wartime, famine, food scarcity, frailty, vitamin & mineral deficiencies etc. these are the things that increase risk from both viral & bacterial infections & its severity. I just wasn't aware of the scale to which both pharmaceutical & medical industries are lying about that.
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11 Oct
1/ Beware of those people. And I don't mean it in a literal sense, as they might not really know what they are doing. Some of them are just following the part of deep programming and conditioning that they have been exposed to throughout their lives. Image
2/ They are following the blueprint set by the enemy, the blueprint that will lead to their own demise including everyone else who follows their lead. They have been raised in a bubble by the system that was designed with a certain goal in mind & now they do exactly what enemy .. Image
3/ wants them to do. They are marching like sheep to the slaughter & everyone who follows will be met with the same fate. If you want to avoid that trap, try to zoom out as far as you can and build the big picture of our world & reality we find ourselves in, all within your mind. Image
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8 Oct
1/ Salt as a potent antibacterial & antiviral agent ?

"Antiviral activity against a broad range of viral infections (HSV-1, MHV68, RSV, Influenza, HCoV-229E) can be augmented by increasing availability of NaCl."

Study was published in Nature in 2018:… ImageImageImageImage
2/ Normally I would not pay much attention to it, but low chloride is associated with:

- low salt diets (think Dietary Guidelines)
- prescription drugs like antacids
- the use of baking soda, diuretics, water pills, laxatives, steroids
- metabolic alkalosis / dehydration
3/ Other associations include: low stomach acid, hypokalemia, lung diseases, heart, kidney or liver failure. Someone may ask, where am I going with this ? Well, who is most affected by our recent "pandemic" ? The answer is, people who are obese, with comorbidities & the elderly.
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28 Sep
1/ This has been written and published anonymously mainly because of "COVID-19 Vaccine Development & Links to Transhumanism" part which consists of different speculations that are directly connected to the pandemic. It also reads as a manifesto at times.…
2/ It is a very well written, researched and technical document, with large number of references and it also doesn't shy away from controversary. Everyone should read it. I also know who wrote it (with very high certainty) and i understand why he chose to remain anonymous.
3/ The speculative part confirms my own suspicions that i already explained in one of my threads that was posted back in April. It was based around article from 1974 titled: "Genocide of the Mind". The parallels between then and now, when examined, were staring, at least for me.
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