1/ Someone asked me recently why I have abandoned to focus strictly on science and data aspect in regards to the pandemic and its response to it. The reason is simple. I came to the conclusion that our problem is a political, economic and ideological one and not a scientific one.
2/ The battle simply cannot be won if one chooses to focus only on sharing unbiased data and science. You can't expect to fight religion and people who engage in religious-like rituals with science. You can't convince the crazy and delusional ones with logic or common sense or ..
3/ arguments that are grounded in and supported by evidence and science. Same goes for the hypnotized. If someone is under the spell of mass delusional psychosis, their attention span is very narrowly focused on a very specific thing and because of that, they simply start ..
4/ perceiving the reality around them very differently than everyone else. Logic and common sense no longer operates as it should and their judgment is clouded. As the consequence, you simply cannot convince people, who are living in different reality than you, of anything.
5/ They no longer respond to sanity and logic. In the same vein, you simply cannot convince people who use lies, trickery, manipulation and pseudoscience to alter their views on anything, and especially when it suits their ideological, financial, political or career goals.
6/ I still understand the value of sharing accurate information that is in contrast with government data and response, but I think this kind of education should be focused primarily on people who still can join the right side of this equation.
7/ Keeping this kind of voice of dissidence alive is crucial but it will not bring us victory. So I decided to choose a different path and pursue a solutions that are more pragmatic, practical and sometimes the one which relies on psychological and philosophical aspects of life.
8/ People simply need to realize what is happening and what is eventually going to happen, regardless of their own hopes or wishes. At some point I also realized that whatever is happening currently in our time, already happened before & we are just experiencing it once again ..
9/ but in a different packaging. It is a never ending cycle that we as humans seem to never get out of. We are trapped. Prosperous and peaceful times always causes the people to let their guard down, makes them weak and prone to exploitation and enslavement, more than ever.
10/ I identified three major reasons why that is the case and the common denominator are our biological limitations as human beings:

- we have relatively short lifespans
- we tend to forget history surprisingly fast
- majority can be easily tricked, fooled and manipulated
11/ All of that causes the constant repetition of past mistakes, basically we are creating and going over the same problems over and over again. It became clear to me that answers and solutions we are seeking, are all in the past & can be obtained from historical accounts and ..
12/ past knowledge from books, articles, interviews or recollections from many different great minds that lived before us. This is rather unconventional approach but I always had a gut feeling that things will be eventually going that way anyway.
13/ This is all essentially about the forgotten knowledge and about the system which is largely created based on a web of lies that governs our day to day lives. Many of these lies are beneficial to us, we are grown into the system of lies, that is why we follow and play along ..
14/ and it even brings us pleasure and fulfillment. Some people naturally believe in the order of things in the world and accept everything that happens the way it does, but there are many others who are more aware and more educated in understanding what really governs and ..
15/ influences different aspects of our lives. But all good things come to an end eventually and we all will be forced to face the reality and deal with everything that it has in store for us.
16/ I don’t think that we will be able to avoid chaos, destruction, pain, great suffering that will occur on an unimaginable scale in the near future. We have been living in a limbo state for far too long and our choices, mainly our ignorance and inaction has lead us to ..
17/ the very place we are in right now. One thing I know for sure, the enemy cannot be allowed to win and it is a moral responsibility for every sane human to do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.
18/ Reject the future that lunatics are proclaiming and advertising as something inevitable. Wake up from the dream, open the eyes and see the future you want to be part of. If you just focus hard enough and try to truly envision it... you will eventually make it a reality.

• • •

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13 Oct
1/ Probably one of the most important articles you will ever read. Brilliant, eye opening & combines all the relevant data & information. I was already aware of many things that it mentions, because ever since this covid debacle I have been researching ..

2/ the connection between biology & nutrition in relation to viruses & other infectious diseases. There is plenty of evidence showing that malnutrition is the main driver behind all the epidemics & pandemics that have ever happened in the human history.
3/ Wartime, famine, food scarcity, frailty, vitamin & mineral deficiencies etc. these are the things that increase risk from both viral & bacterial infections & its severity. I just wasn't aware of the scale to which both pharmaceutical & medical industries are lying about that.
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11 Oct
1/ Beware of those people. And I don't mean it in a literal sense, as they might not really know what they are doing. Some of them are just following the part of deep programming and conditioning that they have been exposed to throughout their lives. Image
2/ They are following the blueprint set by the enemy, the blueprint that will lead to their own demise including everyone else who follows their lead. They have been raised in a bubble by the system that was designed with a certain goal in mind & now they do exactly what enemy .. Image
3/ wants them to do. They are marching like sheep to the slaughter & everyone who follows will be met with the same fate. If you want to avoid that trap, try to zoom out as far as you can and build the big picture of our world & reality we find ourselves in, all within your mind. Image
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8 Oct
1/ Salt as a potent antibacterial & antiviral agent ?

"Antiviral activity against a broad range of viral infections (HSV-1, MHV68, RSV, Influenza, HCoV-229E) can be augmented by increasing availability of NaCl."

Study was published in Nature in 2018:
nature.com/articles/s4159… ImageImageImageImage
2/ Normally I would not pay much attention to it, but low chloride is associated with:

- low salt diets (think Dietary Guidelines)
- prescription drugs like antacids
- the use of baking soda, diuretics, water pills, laxatives, steroids
- metabolic alkalosis / dehydration
3/ Other associations include: low stomach acid, hypokalemia, lung diseases, heart, kidney or liver failure. Someone may ask, where am I going with this ? Well, who is most affected by our recent "pandemic" ? The answer is, people who are obese, with comorbidities & the elderly.
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28 Sep
1/ This has been written and published anonymously mainly because of "COVID-19 Vaccine Development & Links to Transhumanism" part which consists of different speculations that are directly connected to the pandemic. It also reads as a manifesto at times.
2/ It is a very well written, researched and technical document, with large number of references and it also doesn't shy away from controversary. Everyone should read it. I also know who wrote it (with very high certainty) and i understand why he chose to remain anonymous.
3/ The speculative part confirms my own suspicions that i already explained in one of my threads that was posted back in April. It was based around article from 1974 titled: "Genocide of the Mind". The parallels between then and now, when examined, were staring, at least for me.
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23 Sep
1/ Here is what Russian philosopher Gurdjieff once said. Can we apply it to our situation & see the resemblance ? We can look at this from few different perspectives. First one covers global propaganda and mass delusional psychosis, which most people who are awake are now ..
2/ fully aware of. The people affected by it are in a deep trance, in a state of hypnosis. They do and engage in things and rituals they would never ever do or even consider doing 20 months ago. We can all see it. They are clearly not fully conscious of the reality around them.
3/ Their minds have been taken over by the perpetrators who have pulled the greatest mind trick on a scale the world has never seen before. If nothing changes, these people will unconsciously try to bring everyone on the ride into the abyss along with them.
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19 Sep
1/ "Fear may be able to spread from person to person - just like a virus." #MindVirus

Another piece of the puzzle. Fear spreads through pheromones, chemosignals & as an emotional contagion. We also see the amygdala hijack playing a role in all of this.

2/ "Chemosensory Cues to Conspecific Emotional Stress Activate Amygdala in Humans" - together, our findings suggest human chemosensory signaling of emotional stress, with neurobiological and behavioral effects.

3/ "Smell you later! Chemosignals communicate human emotions" - these findings are important, Semin and colleagues argue, because they contradict the common assumption that human communication occurs exclusively through language and visual cues.

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