We're finally here. Sup Valle intros the item, says 3 constituent mayors support non-binding resolution to further evaluation. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Speakers lined up. Valle still speaking, says HT is worth exploring. Would feel most comfortable if A's paid for study (whatever that is). #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Sup Haubert now speaking. Lines up behind Valle's desire to explore possibilities, study HT further. Notes that HT will have a broad regional impact, TBD. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Next up is Sup Miley, who is on the phone. Asks about County's legal obligations if they enter non-binding agreement for EIFD. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Miley brings up the term "non-binding commitment" which sounds like "jumbo shrimp" but is pretty straightforward: parties can walk away at any point before it becomes binding. Also asks if cities are so supportive, will they pony up? #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson gives way to preso by @DaveKaval. Notes to follow. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval's preso is boilerplate so far, nothing newsworthy. He has a total of 10 minutes. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval brings up Seaport compatibility measures and buffer where no residential development will occur (western half of site). #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval says that 134 unions (!) support HT. Produces a slide about project benefits. Also says A's are open to funding further County study. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval was about to hand off to Mayor Schaaf, but Carson says there are questions first. Sup Chan is first, asks about the fate of the Coliseum, and how much County is involved in housing mix. Kaval says the Coliseum is a "separate transaction." #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval continues: All community benefits come from the project and are funded by the A's/developers. Chan replies that it's not direct $, it comes from building project. There's a big chicken-and-egg discussion here. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Chan confirms with Kaval that the City asked the County to enter the EIFD. The A's had no part in that request. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson's turn. Reminds everyone that he was present for the Mt. Davis debacle and the Dubs deal. Said he didn't want to lose either team, but being a public official has greater responsibilities. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson says project costs haven't been determined yet. Kaval agrees, wants to see Final EIR. Reminder: Some people thought the Final EIR would be released this month. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval says that first part of HT project is $6 Billion. Carson brings up Kaval interview with @CaseyPrattABC7 in which Kaval had an alternative funding mechanism that didn't require the county. Kaval doesn't provide much detail, indicates that's in past. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson asks to see complete financial picture for both City and County. According to Admin Muranishi, so far EIFD only shows County projections. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Mayor Schaaf gets her turn, backed by Molly Maybrun from staff. Says HT currently provides little revenue to City of Oakland. Calls HT a huge moment and A's are "paying for everything." #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schaaf shifts to offsite costs. Carson notes that he only received this info this morning. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
"actual costs likely higher" - yeah, no shit. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schaaf brings up possibility of state money from recent budget. Affirms idea that there is no general fund liability unlike Mt. Davis deal. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schaaf admits that the 2nd IFD plan (pitched by A's) would have become a public subsidy and fiscally irresponsible for Oakland. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schaaf wraps up. Chan asks about $156 million in County money wrapped up in deal for onsite costs. Maybrun responds that $156 million is present value. About $470 million is estimated over 45 years. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Chan asks about $67.8 million in sales tax money coming from construction activities. Doubts it because materials can come from outside Alameda County. Maybrun offers to provide add'l info. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
While they get the add'l info, Miley asks a slate of questions. Before he starts he brings up Mt. Davis. I count that as the 4th reference in the past hour or so. Downplay it at your peril HT supporters. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Miley asks about Seaport compatibility measures, worried about project biting Port. Schaaf responds by reading off talking points from the website. oaklandca.gov/news/2021/fact… #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Maybrun talks about traffic and environmental measures including grade separation. I've read the 80+ page offsite infra report and I'll have thoughts soon. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Port of Oakland Exec Director Danny Wan speaks, says they've done preliminary study on turning basin. They may also extend the Outer Harbor turning basin. Studies to be completed by Army Corps of Engineers. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Kaval chimes in, says that alternative that includes expanded turning basin includes max land capture for expansion. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schaaf asks for County to to approve resolution, which would include a "declaration of willingness" instead of a "declaration of intent" for the EIFD. County Counsel says that "non-binding" is not part of the language. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
figure it out.
#alcomtg #HowardTerminal
They're getting deep in the weeds as Leo Ma from Century Urban tries to provide additional fiscal projection info. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
In attempt to get this ship back on course, Carson asks when the Final EIR will be available. Maybrun says City is in Draft 2/3 or responses. Final EIR should be available by the end of the year. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson asks about surprise expenses for EIFD. Maybrun says for her they shouldn't be surprising because she's aware of the whole thing. That's probably not reassuring for the average taxpayer. Admits that the off-site costs are likely to grow. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Observation: Maybrun was on vacation the last time they held #alcomtg #HowardTerminal, and she's vacationing again this week! What awful timing. Carson acknowledged.
While they're in the weeds I'll point out that the thing I expected to happen - Alameda County making add'l demands - hasn't occurred yet because they're stuck on the EIFD and project details. It's still early I guess. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Reminder that there's a separate #alcomtg session scheduled for 6 PM on redistricting.
Maybrun: "The A's don't have a financially feasible project without some public investment."
#alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Now they're on to Mike Jacob from PMSA making a preso repping EOSA. Again, probably a boilerplate preso. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Jacob: Final EIR will establish a project scope, including offsite infrastructure costs. They've only begun talking costs. #oakmtg #HowardTerminal
Jacob yields to Linda Adams from ILWU 10, who brings up the current port logjam at West Coast ports. Argues for Port *expansion*. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
County staff giving their own preso on the HT EIFD. Calls out the imbalance of the PFA board structure. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson namechecks the Coliseum JPA! I should've made a bingo card for this. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Unclear how large the PFA Board would be, but the County would get one vote/seat, or as Carson says, "One vote for $355 million." TBD as usual. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
If the County enters the EIFD with a binding agreement these would be the final steps. Not sure when that would happen. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Once these steps are completed there is no going back. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Miley asks County staff what happens if the County puts in a "declaration of willingness". Answer: Nothing until the Final EIR is certified. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
We're not at public comments yet and there's a number of lingering questions from the Supes. That's a bad sign. Time for the evergreen GIF. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
There's chance that the current issue will be tabled and taken up again after the 6 PM session is complete. Oh boy. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Sounds like Chan is saying that the Century Urban analysis is double-counting certain revenue sources. If so, good that they're catching this now. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
They're now discussing whether the VLF (vehicle license fee) revenue is counted the same way between the City and the County. This is a mess. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
And now, public comment time! I see 27 raised hands. At 6 PM they will go into the next session (redistricting), then continue with this session. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Teamsters 853 rep calls for County to STUDY HT, though he ends with "time to fish or cut bait." Yeah. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
@AsHotDog comments. Argues that tax revenue is "but for." Over the course of the session has proven to look shaky. Maybe rework the numbers. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Look, arguing that one group's billionaires are better than another's is not good discourse for this project. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
@Bleacherdave is angry. He's right that West Oakland residents didn't have anyone presenting for them today. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
@Bleacherdave Alameda Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer said that a city support letter for HT was up for resolution last Tuesday but overwhelming negative feedback (43/2) caused them to nix it. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
@Bleacherdave Public comments are over for now. They will reconvene after the end of the 6 PM redistricting session, probably at 7:15. Carson apologizes to the attendees. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
6 PM redistricting session adjourned. Regular open session to start shortly. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
County Counsel wants to ensure that public speakers who spoke before on 52.2 can't come back for seconds. Board agrees. Comments recommence. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Zennie comments, criticizes Century Urban for miscalculation TIF revenue and pumping up his own Mt. Davis-era calculations. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Schnitzer Steel rep Tasion Kwamilele urges Supes not to rush into deal/IFD. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Trent Willis (ILWU 10) says some ocean carriers are bypassing Port of Oakland during the current supply chain crisis. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Multiple pro-HT commenters talk about how the ballpark won't hurt the Port, citing Seattle. Do you know how that happened? They made deals to benefit both sides. That's it. It's expensive. Are the A's and the Port operators willing to make a deal at HT? #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
I think there are now 20 straight pro-HT commenters, after a mostly anti-HT start to the comment period. And they're done. Board to make comments/questions next. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Haubert speaks in support. Valle motions to read the resolution. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Chan says she will support, though it's not a no-brainer. Most importantly, it's non-binding. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Chan notes that the A's, as the entity providing the loan for infrastructure, will charge interest on that loan. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Valle is told by County counsel that text of resolution might create situation in which the PFA board/committed makeup would create a Brown Act violation. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Miley was briefly disconnected, asks for resolution to be re-read. Says that he supports motion. Asks how long it would take to get additional reports/updates. Haubert says that is unclear. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Miley's done. Carson bats cleanup. Says he supports keeping the A's here, and the job creation aspects of the project. For critics of the Board, Carson says the City had 5 years to work out details, County had 5 months and no oversight. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson cont'd: County sold their half of the Coliseum to help the A's consummate a deal. At the time the focus was on East Oakland, they weren't talking a different site (HT) when that deal happened. There are a lot of still unanswered questions. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson is laying the shade on real thick, criticizing City for not having their details in place. Posts picture from over the weekend of people standing in line outside for a meal. That's one of the county's responsibilities. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Carson: "Once we take a non-binding position, it's impossible to take it back." Carson will not support this motion. Asks to call roll. Motion approved. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
FWIW it sounded like it was Valle, Haubert, Miley Yes, Carson No, Chan Abstention. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Whether it's 3-1-1 or 4-1, it passed. Yet another hollowest victory ever, and Oakland stays alive in its quest. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal
Need to remind everyone that follows this issue that the votes don't get easier as they get closer to making a deal, making important decisions. Watch for the Draft EIR comments and the Final EIR, which *may* come out by the end of the year. #alcomtg #HowardTerminal

• • •

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