All right, Twitter; time to kick the @awscloud tires on these new Graviton2 Lambda functions.
Now, @alex_casalboni has already done the heavy lifting for me with this dingus.…

It supports the new runtimes even!
I'll deploy it through the Serverless Application Repository, meaning I'm now a full third of that thing's customer base for October.
Now I need a Lambda function to test this on. Fortunately I have one that fires off once a minute, is idempotent, and powers the horrible yet strangely compelling @awscwoud.
Let's give this config a shot. (Somewhere an AWS employee is looking up the account ID and discovering that the globally unique account alias for this @awscloud account is indeed "Shitposting.")
And we're off. Now I wait a smidgen.
There we go. No surprise, "cheap" or "good" are the options here. Now let's see if this asplodes when I kick the Lambda over to use Graviton2.
I use the advanced DevOps IaC approach of "using the @awscloud console, then lying about it" to make the change. Yes, I really did call my handler that.
(Had to repackage and re-upload it just because I'm a sensible person who sets code packages to expire.)
Now we run the thing and see if it melts. Hope with me!
Excellent job hoping. Let's see.
I don't know about you, but looking at five zeros before a number doesn't help me get a sense of cost overly well. Fortunately @alex_casalboni has thought of this with the handy "Compare" button.
It looks like 256MB + Gwaviton2 is the most cost effective answer here unless I misread the admittedly complex chart. Am I right?
John is completely correct, but remember that this is a backend job. The latency absolutely does not matter; @awscwoud doesn't need to respond THAT quickly.

An update on my Graviton2 Lambda conversion. The most obnoxious part was getting the tooling updated to support the new configuration. The wrapt library by default compiles a C extension; you can override it to use pure python, but that's not straightforward.

• • •

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