The official numbers are out: in the last 9 months, 300,000 Russians died of #COVID19. That's out of a population of 144 million—and that has access to an effective vaccine.…
In 2020, 163,000 Russians died. That is, MORE people died AFTER the introduction of the vaccine than before.

In September 2021 alone, 44,000 Russians died.

This is so heartbreaking.
As one reader pointed out, these are the *official* numbers. It is quite likely that the real numbers are much, much higher.
Russia has ID'd a new Delta variant, is in the middle of another massive wave and Moscow just went into a quasi-lockdown. Half of my friends there are ignoring it and going to work anyway, and the other half is jumping on planes to go to Turkey, Egypt, and the U.S. 🤦‍♀️

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27 Oct
We are now firmly in the writers-writing-about-what-other-writers-have-written phase of exploring the mystery that is Havana Syndrome. Rather than doing actual reporting to clear up the mystery, commenters are commenting on other commenters' comments.…
To be clear: we don't yet know what is causing this or how. But if we're going to get meta and have humanities folks talk knowingly about the implausibility of directed energy weapons, how do you square that with, say, radiation cancer therapy, which is energy directed at cells?
Or the fact that the U.S. government already has and has publicized having a directed energy weapon? (Though this one is thermal.) Or the fact that some countries, like the U.S. and Russia, have been researching exactly this for *decades.*…
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7 Oct
Thinking about the Texas abortion law brought me back to something I learned while researching my book. In 1918, within months of coming to power, the Bolsheviks passed a new Family Code, which, among other things, made it easier for women to get child support. 1/
A woman could compel a man to pay child support even if she was not married to him. Moreover, the man had to start paying child support months *before* the baby was born. 2/
Though the Soviet government ultimately changed this law, there was an understanding, created in part by early Bolshevik feminist writers, that child bearing was a public good, rather than a private one. As such, the public has to share the burdens it placed on women. 3/
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18 Sep
.@apple and @Google have given in to Kremlin pressure and removed Alexey @navalny's app designed to help Russians vote for people who could beat the Kremlin-picked parliament candidates. by @antontroian and @satariano…
The fines the Russian government threatened to levy would've been ruinous, yes, but I'm old enough to remember when the motto for @Google, co-founded by Moscow-born Sergey Brin, was "Do no evil."
Apparently, the Kremlin threatened specific @Google employees with prosecution. A good summary of what @navalny's "Smart Vote" is—and how effective it has been—is here, from @meduza_en.…
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11 Sep
Completely floored by the beautiful, poignant story-telling I'm seeing on this anniversary of 9/11.

Here's @LeilaFadel's powerful story on a young Muslim man whose life was changed by the surveillance and religious profiling of Muslims after 9/11:…
And @vermontgmg elegant and sad story of one of the few who survived the towers' collapse:…
And @eberkon's story about the guilt and trauma that continues to plague those who survived the attack on the Pentagon:…
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28 Jul
Today, my good friend Roman @Dobrokhotov, head of @the_ins_ru and Russian partner of @bellingcat, had his home searched and was taken for questioning. He's been released but all his electronic equipment and passport have been seized. All part of the wave of repression in Russia.
@Dobrokhotov @the_ins_ru @bellingcat The current wave of political repression in Russia is unlike anything we've seen in the post-Soviet era. Yet the world seems resigned that that's just how Russia is. But there are real people at the heart of this, fighting for their freedom at great risk to themselves.
Roman has two small children and two elderly parents, whose apartment was also searched today. But knowing Roman, this isn't going to stop him. Would that we all had that kind of bravery and commitment to the cause.
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25 Jul
Sunday read: For a long time, people like me who were foreign correspondents saw Facebook as a tool that would *help* democracy, not hurt it. I asked @sheeraf about this:
Sheera, the author, with @ceciliakang, of a new best-selling book about how Facebook became so dangerous to democracy, told me how she witnessed the shift from “Facebook will spread democracy” to “Facebook helps authoritarians” in real time while based in Cairo.
She also talked about how no one in Facebook’s executive ranks anticipated this because they all come from similar, sheltered backgrounds. It is another point in why diversity at the top matters.
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