When US platforms become the primary way your country's people communicate & have their ideas shaped, then you see its content being curated/culled to manipulate people into supporting malicious foreign interests over their own, you begin understanding countries who block them.
VOA/RFE/RFA/etc was the CIA's direct misinfo hotlines to foreigners, delivered under the guise of free speech, designed to facilitate their lying/cheating/stealing, and it still is, but they've also had to innovate & lean on platforms with greater reach.

But it's far more dangerous when you've got platforms with near monopoly-level control over attention spans across the globe, deploying the strategic culling of info while tricking you into believing you're getting the full story. They don't even need to try as hard anymore.
So persuasive this new system of delivering carefully curated speech disguised as free speech is, that it's able to convince ordinary people to cheerlead the tools & narratives designed to preserve a brutal hegemon disguised as a beacon of freedom.

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1 Nov
CBC's Rotten Tomatoes: US Lapdogs & Cold War Propagandists

Cotton was one of the earliest targeted industries when Western backed NGO's and Think Tanks were trying to put Uyghurs out of work, because they knew it was an industry locals heavily relied on. Tomatoes are as well and the narrative is based on a lot of the same shoddy tactics.
You'll notice Adrian Zenz & his disciples, like France's mini-Zenz (Antoine Bondaz) ACTUALLY say there's NOT enough evidence to support coming to any conclusions, but they refuse to clearly say this in order to mislead others while covering their asses.

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27 Oct
I heard your call to action @ClayTravis, this must be debated & discussed. I'll help. Could you provide reference for when China said they'd continue using slave labor & sneaker companies bragged about using it? Those will be powerful tools to start with!

Update: Clay provided his source, which is great, but unfortunately it's himself.

It includes the same bombshell quote, (Chinese companies admitting to using "Muslim slave labor")

Hopefully his source (himself 7 months ago) has an original source 🤞

Here is @ClayTravis's source for his claim recently aired on @FoxNews and repeated by him for months. This is what zero integrity looks like.
Read 5 tweets
8 Oct
Watch @ryangrim melt down over @KimIversenShow questioning the hole filled Xinjiang genocide narrative, expressing concern for Muslims while saying he doesn't give a damn what other Muslims have to say about it, favouring the US funded narrative

Full vid:
Kim included screenshots of the actor playing dress-up on CNN pretending to be a Chinese police officer that escaped, Ryan and Emily remained in unphased.

Emily Jashinsky spoke about the people who came out of the camps, similar to those like Tursunay, who escape, on their government issued passports, and have continually evolving stories.

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6 Oct
I don't think they would've gotten off as easy as they did in Hong Kong if they kept their same approach.

I seem to recall they weren't too friendly with ordinary local civilians who had dissenting opinions either.

Even women weren't safe IIRC

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21 Jul
Had there been no risk of radicalized Uyghurs attacking China, or if they were destabilizing/bringing chaos to an American allied country rather than Syria, China would have been accused of exporting terrorism and not doing enough to stop terrorism.
Even if exaggerated claims of China's counter terrorism program were true, if the terrorism still had spilled into the West, killing your family, the leading narrative would have instead been "made in China" terrorism - another nefarious Chinese export.

But since these terrorists were killing people inside China (Uyghurs included), and because they're destroying a country you don't really care about, you don't even want to consider Chinese counterterrorism a legitimate activity, not even in the slightest

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20 Jul
Chinese boy in Shanghai gets 38 stitches across his face = LOL

BBC colleagues at New Broadcasting House (Portland Place) who may or may not suffer heatwave related injuries in London = My thoughts and prayers are with you.
When looking back at the room full of journalists laughing about the lies they helped push to the world in order to sell a US lead war, you only have to imagine that they are folks just like Kerry Allen, who lack any basic human decency/empathy/compassion

Kerry is simply the next generation of journalists literally forming opinions/articles and getting talking points from US State Dept sponsored spokespeople, designed to ratchet up tensions with China, attacking anyone who questions the approved narratives

Read 5 tweets

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