A Stablecoin Overview Thread

Looking to spread your risk?

In this thread, I will show you places that you can gain passive income with APY ranging from:

-10% to 160% from stablecoins only.

I'll look at both decentralized and centralized exchanges.


1. Anchor Protocol

19.5% APY on $UST --> read my guide here:

You may increase your APY to 40-60% by using:

-Mirror Protocol --> read my guide here:

-Spectrum Protocol --> read my guide here:

Or if you're a degen you can use Anchor Protocol with leverage and get 160% on stablecoins!

This DeFi hack is probably my most popular thread, so check out how you can do it here:

I've covered Anchor Protocol in these 4 threads, so let's move on.

2. Orion Money

On Orion you can deposit:


and recieve from 13.5% - 20% APY.

The APY will be higher if you choose to hold and get paid in the $ORION token.

If you want to get paid in your native token and hold no $ORION the APY is always 13,5%.

3. Kash DeFi

Kash is a DeFi product that makes it easier for people to save, invest and spend with decentralized cash.

You get 18% APY on your $UST deposit.

They also have a VISA card, and in some countries they let you insure up to $100,000.

4. Celsius Network

For those of you that prefer centralized exchanges, Celsius offers 8.88% - 11.21% APY (depending on if you want to be paid in your native token or in $CEL).

They have mostly every stablecoins that exists.

Celsius has also very good rates on borrowing.

5. Venus Protocol

Venus is a decentralized marketplace for lenders and borrowers built on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can get 9-12% APY on $USDT, $USDC and $BUSD.

Their borrow rates are really low too!

6. YieldYak

YY uses leveraged farming.

This is considered a low-risk leverage strategy because both lending and borrowing use the same asset.

31% APY on $USDT.e
29% APY on $DAI.e
24% APY on $USDC.e

Really easy to use this platform.

It's on the Avalanche network ($AVAX).

7. Kava

Kava is a DeFi platform focused on making finance openly accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

You can lend out your $BUSD for 22% APY + get an additional 36% APY paid out in $HARD (which is Kava's Lend token).

8. Tokemak

Tokemak allows you to deposit single assets like USDC and let them do the yield farming for you without worrying about impermanent loss.

Earnings are paid out in $TOKE so that the underlying assets can continue to be put to work.

26% APR --> 29.5% APY.

9. Saber

Saber is the leading cross-chain stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange on Solana.

One example I found is 28% APY on staking wUST-$USDC.

However, they have lots of different stablecoin-pairs.

An overall great platform!

10. Orca

A DEX with nearly zero fees. Also on @solana.

You may provide liquidity to a trading pool and get 18% APY on $USDC/$USDT as an example.

Lots of pools here, and I am sure you'll find something you like.

There are tons of other places you can gain yield on stablecoins, but I've mentioned the ones I like the most in this thread.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned $ETH platforms. I love $ETH, but the gas prices now are too high for small coiners.

Other places you can gain yield on your stablecoins includes:

1. @VesperFi
2. @investvoyager
3. @BlockFi
4. @YouHodler
5. @SushiSwap
6. @AaveAave
7. @compoundfinance
8. @BalancerLabs
9. @CurveFinance
10. @iearnfinance
11. @MIM_Spell
12. @traderjoe_xyz


Some personal thoughts about the products that I've mentioned:

I use @anchor_protocol and @kashdefi daily as my main go-to savings banks.

If you have ERC-20 tokens and/or don't fully trust $UST, take a look at @orion_money.

If you rather prefer a centralized exchange I think @CelsiusNetwork is a great option.

I love the concept of $TOKE (@TokenReactor), and I probably have to do a thread about it soon, because what they do seems rather unique. DeFi 2.0-vibes!

@kava_platform and @yieldyak_ will be the next platforms I'll use to spread some risk by diversifying some of my $UST that I have on Anchor and in Kash DeFi.

I haven't personally used @VenusProtocol, @orca_so or @Saber_HQ, but they seems like great options for sure!

There are too many platforms to cover them all, but I hope this thread got you an idea about where to start.

I would love it if you could retweet and bookmark this thread so that we all survive in the next bear market!


I would also love it if you could share your favorite places to get APY on stablecoins.

Maybe the platform you mention is an undervalued gem that more people need to be aware of?

There’s a lot of strategies you can use to increase your yield in DeFi.

Check out my newsletter where you'll learn more about this.

I write about DeFi, financial freedom, and crypto in general.

It's ofc completely free 👇


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Too many DeFi people still think the concept is hard to understand.

Instead of telling them NGMI, we should strive to get everybody on board.

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$TIME is a fork of the successful project @OlympusDAO ($OHM).

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Right now, you get 71,208% APY for staking $TIME.

Too good to be true?

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Dollar-pegged stablecoins have become an essential part of crypto due to their stability.

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30 Oct
Yesterday I posted a thread called:

"What if you could 2-3x your DeFi yield on stablecoins without using leverage?"

I forgot to mention that you can improve your gains even more by using @SpecProtocol !

+I want to talk a little bit about risks

Ready to earn more $$$?

In case you missed the thread, here it is:

Make sure you read that one first👆

Just to clarify yesterday's thread, what I actually described was 2 different strategies:

1. Delta Neutral (no IL)
2. Delta Neutral Yield Optimizer (IL may occur)

IL means impermanent loss and I'll get back to this later in the thread.

But for now, let's do a quick recap of the 2 different strategies:

Delta Neutral (no IL):

1. We start by depositing 50% on Anchor
2. Then we short the mAsset (eg. mTWTR) by using our aUST (44,4K)

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29 Oct
What if you could 2-3x your DeFi yield on stablecoins without using leverage?

Let's say you have $100K

Normally you would get 20% APY = $120K

But why not get 40-60% APY? = $140 - $160K

Too many people are sleeping on free $$$

Let me guide you through it step-by-step

To understand how this works, we have to say hello to the Terra Ecosystem and their protocols called @anchor_protocol & @mirror_protocol

You can read my full thread about Anchor Protocol here:

Read the thread about Anchor first, then move on👇

Now that you understand Anchor Protocol, it's time to learn about Mirror Protocol.

Mirror is a DeFi protocol that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets (mAssets).

mAssets mimic the price behavior of real-world assets.



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20 Oct
What if I told you that it's possible to get 160% APY (yearly interest rate) on a stablecoin?

Let's say you have $100K.

One year later that would turn into $260,000 while you do nothing.

A deep dive into how you can do this yourself & how this is bullish for crypto.

Let me present Anchor Protocol which works as a savings bank.

You deposit the stablecoin $UST.

In return, you get a 19,5% interest rate.

$1 UST = $1 USD.

I've explained everything here:

But you wanted 160% APY, didn't you, anon?

Read on 👇🚨

When you deposit $UST on Anchor Protocol, you get aUST.

aUST is a yield-bearing-collateral.

1 aUST = 1.12 $UST

Back to our numbers.

If you have $100,000 $UST and deposit this on @anchor_protocol, you'll get 89,286 aUST back.

So how do you go from 19,5% to 160% APY?

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28 Sep
I deposited $216,000 into Anchor Protocol.

A thread that will give you a deep dive into how a crypto savings account can generate $3,500 passive income per month (19,5% APY).

Earlier on I’ve heard about people receiving 10-12% APY on stablecoins.

In my mind that sounded awesome.

If you’re a hardcore crypto-dude reading this, remember I made my wealth in the stock market where 10% per year is what’s expected long-term.

As I started to dig deeper into stablecoins I found Anchor Protocol which is a part of the Terra Ecosystem (the biggest coin per market cap is $LUNA).

Anchor Protocol is a protocol that promises a stable savings rate between 19-20% per year on their own stablecoin $UST.

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