@adamjohnsonNYC The entire discussion here, beginning w/center v. periphery, is a complete clusterfuck of illogic and brain vomit that doesn't take into account the historical context of the left/right political, linguistic device. Left is anyone other than the rich, the clergy, the monarchs.
@adamjohnsonNYC Anyone who swears fealty to those in positions of authority, authoritarians, is right. Anyone who supports decisions, events or policies to protect and advance the interests of the remainder of the people is left. There is no "center."
@adamjohnsonNYC Government, society and state are parts of the landscape, and their various organs are claimed by either the in-group, authoritarians, or the out-group, the remainder of the people. These distinctions become more severe during moments of extreme inequality as a matter of course.
@adamjohnsonNYC If our politics appears more confusing than it is, that's by design. It's politically advantageous for those in positions of authority to confuse and divide the people, and when they bribe our politicians, they bribe both parties. One party is a hedge over the other.
@adamjohnsonNYC @GOP fascism may appear to oppose the @TheDemocrats status quo, but it's really just a hedge in case the Democrats fail, and they may be encouraged or designed to fail.
@adamjohnsonNYC @GOP @TheDemocrats Rather than reform government and society on behalf of the people, fascists will calcify and exaggerate hierarchical structures, because they believe they will be included on the lower rungs of a privileged caste written into law.

• • •

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24 Oct
@iffishX @MargaretAtwood 1) No one has claimed that it's "legitimate to counter the arguments of 'Terfs' with violence"; straw man, passive aggressive ad hominem. 2) You suggest trans activists are the intolerant when its widely understood that they're targets of violent prejudice.
@iffishX @MargaretAtwood 3) Popper communicates a sentiment that many are uncomfortable recognizing, yet should be abundantly clear to someone like @MargaretAtwood; namely, you can't win a debate with a fascist because he'll consistently employ deceit to confuse the audience and embellish his ego . . .
@iffishX @MargaretAtwood while plotting to kill you. 4) Appeals to civil discourse are being used to censor justified anger covering a variety of issues including but not limited to income inequality, white supremacy, corruption and discrimination against trans people.
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22 Oct
"Humans believe to have faith, for faith leads to great hope in possibility
Even belief without reason can guide people to achieve great success
Trouble is . . . faith has no foundation to succeed in itself for people . . ." ~ @StereoRooster

"Order the universe as you choose for the stars become constellations
For then constellations guide our navigation in darkness through the world
Body is all we know, all else is accident, thoughts arise from thin air . . ." ~ @StereoRooster

"Mind is not clay to shape but a vessel given by our uncertainty
In order to accept our inability to foretell the future
Nothing but language games and blockages of thought that hamper our actions . . ." ~ @StereoRooster

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22 Oct
"Helpless from the get-go, we humans are hapless, lacking in good fortune.
Even Adam and Eve were burdened with bad faith, their small demographic.
Desperate souls deserve fine accommodations, better than the cold streets." ~ @StereoRooster

"Horrible your absence, our friendship ends in tears, I lost you forever.
Even though people die, you didn't have to go, your problems weren't so bad.
Maybe I could help you still by helping others in your predicament." ~ @StereoRooster

"Monsters create our minds, our minds create monsters, imagine hell on earth.
Yet, I'm not a monster though I lost my soul, then and accepted my role.
Perpetrators suffer in their isolation, they play a role as well." ~ @StereoRooster

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21 Oct
@progressntwrk Not really. I just followed the link to your website and read words, and words are my specialty.
@progressntwrk Oh! Perhaps you're referring to my research! My research into Capitalism and the Engineered Starvation of 1893: how Capitalists hoarded gold to starve to death and impoverish an entire swath of the American public that included the original American Left.

@progressntwrk Perhaps we should illuminate your founder, @zacharykarabell. Maybe @victorperton can slap a fresh coat of gloss on all those poor immigrants who trampled each other to death for bread in the neighborhoods my family has called home since the late nineteenth century.
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20 Oct
@zacharykarabell The word "progress" was used to denote a reversal of the degenerative characteristics that describe Capitalist enterprise, being first used by the only successful Communist theology in recent history, The United Society of Believers. Your use of the word is a form of redirection.
@zacharykarabell The @progressntwrk is painted in shades of hubris: lipstick on a pig. It reminds me of how poor immigrants would convince themselves the United States was paved with gold while the gold-hoarding Capitalists of Wall Street engineered a mass starvation event across the US in 1893.
@zacharykarabell @progressntwrk The same saccharine language and perspective is being pushed by @victorperton and his @Centre4Optimism, who are polluting @optimist_press' brand.
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20 Oct
@adamjohnsonNYC @WalkerBragman Has anyone other than me discussed a "defund & replace" approach to the policing problem? A cumpulsory municipal civil defense corps. Municipalities would only need to invest in training and supplies while offering our youth a shared sense of purpose.
@adamjohnsonNYC @WalkerBragman One could make the case that the Second Amendment is unconstitutionally abrogated since our militias, the intended policing units, were dissolved after the Civil War, so the people and their firearms are not properly regulated, thereby eliciting funds from the central authority.
@adamjohnsonNYC @WalkerBragman I imagine it would double as a food, education, sanitation, social health and trades program.
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