How did doctors ignore this history? Did they even ask?

▪️Father wanted a son, was abusive
▪️Eating disorder at 13
▪️Self-harm at 14
▪️Sexual assault at 14
▪️Learned about transgender at 15
▪️Social media obsession
▪️Testosterone at 17
▪️Mastectomy at 19

She’s just a lesbian.
“I was never excited about surgery, just scared.“

“For a month I fell into a very deep depression. When I got my bandages off I refused to even look at myself in the mirror. I hated it more than I thought I hated my breasts.”
“Summarized: I never had gender dysphoria until I learned the term transgender, I just hated my body.”

“I suffered from an eating disorder and was sexually assulted shortly before deciding I was trans.”

“I feel confident and happy in my body while presenting female.”
This started as a child. A hurt girl. Doctors ignored the trauma and comorbidites and they’re ignoring them all today with children much younger than this.

We have a few hundred gender clinics in North America, up from a handful a decade ago.

They practice ‘affirmation only.’
Exposing this madness is important. It simply cannot be allowed to continue.

As a dad of two girls, when I learned about all this stuff going on, it ate at me, and ate at me, so I decided to start doing this.

One conversation at a time. On the street. Out of our echo chambers.
I’m off to Texas on Wednesday, because after more than a year of doing this in Canada, awareness is not growing fast enough.

Going into bigger markets with more media exposure helps everyone, and this giant mess gets solved more quickly everywhere if the U.S. gets on it.
Having said that of Canada, it is also true that awareness has improved a lot.

Because of the collective efforts of so many, I notice a significant increase in awareness all across the country. It’s immediately apparent in my conversations.

We just need to keep accelerating.
If you are able to support my efforts, I greatly appreciate it.

On the street, people say to me all the time, “oh it’s just you out here” and the answer I tell them is “maybe it’s just me right now, but there are a lot of people behind me.”

Thank you.

• • •

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More from @BillboardChris

27 Oct
This is the story of Dr. John Money — one of the founders of gender identity theory — who used a baby boy as a medical experiment.

The boy’s penis had been burned off in a botched circumcision, so Dr. Money advised the parents raise the boy as a girl.

Quite a guy, that John Money. He had the twin boys (yes, there was a twin) simulate sex acts on each other.

He also lied about the success of his research, yet here we are dealing with gender identity theory being taught in schools.

Then there are his views on pedophilia.
We’d all be better off if the word ‘gender’ had never been invented. All it refers to are the stereotypes associated with each sex.

Masculine girls are still girls.

Feminine boys are still boys.
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25 Oct
I’m commencing legal action against the VPD for my wrongful arrest on this date last year.

I had gone downtown to have conversations and there were over 1000 people at the Vancouver Art Gallery, so I was just checking things out when I was surrounded nearly immediately.

After police told me that I was instigating, it became clear they weren’t going to do anything about the actual violent people.

I walked off the sidewalk into the public square a second time and my phone was knocked out of my hand.

I then talked to police for a couple minutes, who told me again not to walk in a public space.

The arresting officer told me this was a ‘safe space.’

I do not appreciate having my Charter Rights violated.

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15 Oct
To all the parents of Bowmore Road Public School, do you really know what you’re objecting to when you shout abuse at me?
Do you want thousands of healthy girls — CHILDREN who are caught up in a widespread social contagion — having their puberty blocked with experimental, unproven treatment that other progressive countries are stopping?
Do you want girls — aka female CHILDREN — getting double mastectomies without parental consent when they can’t even drive a car?

Are you fine with children becoming sterilized?

Are you fine with girls having to get hysterectomies because of atrophy?
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13 Oct
I had a nice morning at the corner near Bowmore Road Public School.

Several dads came to have a positive chat.

One supportive mom of 3 put me on the phone to her husband at work, and he commented how they all had a chat about gender around the dinner table last night.
That’s because most of my job was already done before I got here.

The principal, in coordination with @tdsb, sent out this letter to all parents announcing my arrival.

This is perfect because all I’m here to do is get conversations started. Image
When a child doesn’t know anything about this topic, they are a blank slate for any woke teacher to come along and indoctrinate.

When parents have conversations with their kids beforehand, those false teachings from ideological teachers don’t have the same power.
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13 Oct
In the upside down world of 2021, I am now seen as a hateful bigot for HAVING PEACEFUL CONVERSATIONS about children being taught they may be ‘born in the wrong body’ simply because they don’t conform to gender stereotypes.
Children should be taught that they can defy gender norms, that their potential is boundless, and girls should be taught that there is nothing in the world they can’t do, apart from peeing standing up.
Instead of rejecting harmful stereotypes, children are now taught that it is in fact stereotypes that define WHAT they are.

This isn’t a case of ideology saying that girls belong in the kitchen. It is an ideology which preaches that whoever is in the kitchen is a girl.
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10 Sep
I’m going to live tweet the Canadian election debate.👇🏼

Jagmeet Singh starts it off with “billionaires need to pay their fair share.” Cause that’s the issue affecting Canadians. Classic NDP.
Trudeau doesn’t bother answering his question. Turns on his fake orator voice. I might as well copy and paste this tweet for every other time he speaks.
Bloc Québécois leader wants Quebec to be a separate nation. Totally makes sense why he’s in this debate and not @MaximeBernier.
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