1/ A prediction. In the next 10 years, the term "Enemies of Humanity" will become an important part of our day to day language, both IRL and on social media. With a caveat. It will be popular and heavily used either openly or only within the underground / resistance movement.
2/ I say that because I still can't see who will get the upper hand, the lunatics and The Party or the people themselves. I still don't know if the narrative will collapse soon or we will be tormented with the biggest propaganda campaign and psy-op the world have ever seen for ..
3/ the years to come. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the latter is most likely to happen. And no, I don't mean only the narrative behind the most popular virus ever. The Climate Change agenda is an intrinsic part of the big game that the enemy is playing and is relying on.
4/ Paradoxically, when you really think about it, both are invisible enemies that they want you to fight and to act against. They tell you exactly how the enemy looks like, where it is, what to do and how to behave when this invisible enemy is revealing itself and is making an ..
5/ attack. They literally tell you what to think, they try to program you like a machine, they try to shape how you perceive the reality but they never provide you with raw data, objective analysis & accurate information so you can make your own assessment of the situation and ..
6/ act accordingly. They don’t trust you, they don’t treat you as their equals, what they are after is ultimate control and power over your entire existence. They want to sell you their version of reality, the only right one, the only acceptable one, the only truthful one…
7/ just like The Ministry of Truth did. You are just a thing for them, an object to move and order around, a product to be exploited and to be taken advantage of. The enemy consists of The Party and other forces who are supporting both these narratives, which will inevitably ..
8/ lead to the emergence of a global biosecurity state in the near future. It will heavily utilize & rely on big data collection, including biometric data, control & centralization of power on a scale never seen before. They are preparing for the age of big data, massive data ..
9/ storage, data processing and data utilization. In some way it looks like their efforts are focused on cracking the code called human. They won’t be able to do that at such a pace as long as things like human freedoms, human rights, bodily autonomy, right for privacy, ..
10/ right to ownership or private property are still around. This is the ultimate revolution that Huxley spoke about. The ultimate enslavement of a human being, when it comes to both physical and mental sphere. It may sound bizarre, but based on everything that is happening ..
11/ this is the exact direction we are heading into. Even the enemy itself, The Party & its minions are telling you exactly what is going to happen and how the future for you will look like. The next most important question, is there any fail-safe to prevent that from happening ?
12/ We all know the answer. This is how you know they are not joking around and are very serious and committed to what they are doing. Without any fail-safe in place, “conspiracies” will come true, either as part of the plan or due to natural progression of events which ..
13/ inevitably will create and lead to the same and very dreadful outcome. And if we pause for a second and think what is really at stake here, then the only conclusion is that the humanity itself and its future is at stake here. Not your life, not your family’s life, not the ..
14/ lives of people living in your society and country, what is at stake here is what we all call a human being and what defines it. Sounds familiar ? It’s because you have already heard them stating this being their objective.
15/ Either way, the new term will be coined to describe the enemy or old terms will be reused once again. Doesn't matter if we call them Nazis, Techno-Fascists or the thing they want to create as some form or Neo or Techno-Feudalist rule, it all falls under the same umbrella ..
16/ of Enemies of Humanity. Or maybe I should refer to them collectively as The Enemy of All Humanity ? Would that be a better term to use ? Time will tell as there are still few unanswered questions that still stay hidden and are not accessible beyond wild guesses.
17/ The writing is already on the wall and although the precise term is yet to be determined, the great struggle is once again upon us. The people aren't ready, I see that also in my own circles, but what history has shown us is that without struggle, there is no progress.
18/ The struggle has an ability of opening our eyes, changing us, bringing the best of us and revealing our true characters, priorities and convictions. The near future will show us if we deserve to be free or if we are indeed what the enemy thinks we are.
19/ “What it means to be human ?“ is the question that I will leave you today with. Soon enough, everyone will be forced to answer that question for themselves, make a decision and act accordingly based on the answer they come up with.

• • •

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9 Nov
1/ Parallel society approach won't work, we need the entire new system on how we run our society. This means that the new system needs to have majority of people in it and supporting it while having the power to defend itself. This cannot be achieved however, without bringing ..
2/ the current system down. Also, ignoring and running away from lunatics, authoritarians, communists or fascists will not end well for those who choose to pursue that kind of solution. I see no possibility of these two systems coexisting together and The Party most certainly ..
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1/ A question to the #Police and to the #Military, to the active duty officers, to those still in training and to the retired ones. Did your training and education ever involved a scenario where the enemy and the danger to your own country and to the people comes directly from ..
2/ your own government, your superiors, Chiefs and Generals ? Did any of you received a formal training in how to recognize that, how to react and what to do when such an event occurs ? If not, then you should really rethink what you have been taught since joining / enlisting.
3/ The good news is, I will provide a free lesson for you in this regard and will also remind you of a few things along the way. Many of you joined because you wanted to learn how to protect yourself and others when necessary or when the time comes. Many of you joined as you ..
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1/ This is where things get tricky. Either The Party assumes that anyone who agreed to the jabs is now on their side and will happily agree to the perpetual booster shots for life, which would be foolish, or they have other things planned to force compliance and to counter the ..
2/ inevitable confrontation against the people. Another manufactured crisis perhaps ? What about the economic fallout, food shortages and famine ? This would create a situation where food is seized and fully controlled by the government and rationing would only cover the ones ..
3/ who agree to receive the booster shots and to participate in the system based on health passports. But even this scenario does not bode well for The Party in my opinion, because this would further deplete the support (especially passive support) for the official narrative.
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17 Oct
1/ Someone asked me recently why I have abandoned to focus strictly on science and data aspect in regards to the pandemic and its response to it. The reason is simple. I came to the conclusion that our problem is a political, economic and ideological one and not a scientific one.
2/ The battle simply cannot be won if one chooses to focus only on sharing unbiased data and science. You can't expect to fight religion and people who engage in religious-like rituals with science. You can't convince the crazy and delusional ones with logic or common sense or ..
3/ arguments that are grounded in and supported by evidence and science. Same goes for the hypnotized. If someone is under the spell of mass delusional psychosis, their attention span is very narrowly focused on a very specific thing and because of that, they simply start ..
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1/ Probably one of the most important articles you will ever read. Brilliant, eye opening & combines all the relevant data & information. I was already aware of many things that it mentions, because ever since this covid debacle I have been researching ..

2/ the connection between biology & nutrition in relation to viruses & other infectious diseases. There is plenty of evidence showing that malnutrition is the main driver behind all the epidemics & pandemics that have ever happened in the human history.
3/ Wartime, famine, food scarcity, frailty, vitamin & mineral deficiencies etc. these are the things that increase risk from both viral & bacterial infections & its severity. I just wasn't aware of the scale to which both pharmaceutical & medical industries are lying about that.
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11 Oct
1/ Beware of those people. And I don't mean it in a literal sense, as they might not really know what they are doing. Some of them are just following the part of deep programming and conditioning that they have been exposed to throughout their lives. Image
2/ They are following the blueprint set by the enemy, the blueprint that will lead to their own demise including everyone else who follows their lead. They have been raised in a bubble by the system that was designed with a certain goal in mind & now they do exactly what enemy .. Image
3/ wants them to do. They are marching like sheep to the slaughter & everyone who follows will be met with the same fate. If you want to avoid that trap, try to zoom out as far as you can and build the big picture of our world & reality we find ourselves in, all within your mind. Image
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