The American people have been subjected to absolutely INSANE levels of lying, misinformation, and dishonesty from the Biden administration over the past 10 months

Since the corporate media has no real interest in pointing it out, here’s a list:

Let's start with the lie that Biden wouldn't call for a federal vaxx mandate

Then President Elect Biden said in December of 2020 "No - I don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand it to be mandatory"

We all saw how that turned out…
Going back to COVID response, we're also being sold a load of garbage over Biden's vaccine mandate:

To begin, while this mandate makes no consideration for natural immunity, a recent CDC admission points how effective it actually is vs a vaccine:

Case in point, first we were told: "You’re not going to — you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations."

Now we’re being told that people have to get vaccinated to protect the already-vaccinated.…
And yet, while there's a new push to vaccinate 5-11 year old kids (including Big Bird), there's very little discussion on the myocarditis risks.

Then there was the massive whirlwind of lies about Ivermectin not being meant for human consumption. Never mind that it received a nobel prize in 2015 for its applications in treating human disease.…
Next, gain of function Fauci called Senator Paul a liar and said that they NIH did not fund dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab:

We now know that to be false.…
But that's not all of the good doctor's dishonesty.

Here's a reminder on how Fauci went back and forth on masks, changing his advice to fit the political narrative of the moment.

This is CLEARLY not about science or your health. It's about compliance.

Next, the border: When questioned about whether he was planning on allocating 450k to individual illegal immigrants, Biden said, “That’s not going to happen.”

His handlers at the White House quickly clarified.…
The next day, the WH Dep. Sec. said, “The President is perfectly comfortable with the Department of Justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the U.S. government."…
And speaking of the border, let's not forget when when the White House was outright denying the existence of a border crisis, despite all obvious evidence to the contrary:…
But once that lie gave out, "Border Czar" Harris didn’t actually visit the border

Instead of going to the heart of the crisis, she flew into El Paso, took her pictures, and did nothing to address the cartel driven border that is worsening every day…
Then there were those midnight flights from the border, which Psaki tried to mislead America about

When asked by P. Doocy about flying UAC’s in the middle of the night (2:30 AM & 4:29AM), she said, “Well I’m not sure that it’s the middle of the night.”…
And then there was the smear about Border Patrol Agents "whipping" migrants (which never happened).

Biden STILL hasn't apologized for this lie:…
The admin lied about how many Americans were left in Afghanistan and lied about staying until every American was out of Afghanistan.…
During the Virginia election we were told over and over again how Critical Race Theory supposedly wasn’t being taught in the state’s public schools. In reality, it was woven into the fabric of the curricula…
Biden claimed he would not raise taxes if your income was under $400K

Biden’s Build Back Better agenda would “raise taxes on up to 30 percent of middle-class families"…
Plus, inflation is a tax on all consumers. Yet Biden’s claims that inflation is “temporary” has predictably proven to be complete garbage as prices continue to spike to their highest level in 30 years.…
Bottom line:

All this is just a sampling from Biden’s first 10 months in office. We’ll continue to update this as needed.

There's sure to be no shortage of Biden lies and misinfo going forward.

• • •

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I believe our body should vote on the certification of those members to ensure the integrity of the House of Representatives is guarded from all suspicion of illegitimacy.
While the Constitution and the 12th Amendment do not make Congress the judge of the states’ presidential electors, it does require us to be the arbiters of the elections to this body.
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