🧺 Picnic Point: Even nicer than last time #victownhall #yyj #bcstorm
#urbanspaces #yyj #victownhall #negative
This place has way more people than last time! #yyj #victownhall
Picnic Point and the howling wind and sea spray remains so nice and easy to enjoy #yyj

• • •

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16 Nov
The economic damage we suffered in the storm is still being significantly understated. Canada has no trade access to Pacific tidewater for the 1st time since the completion of the railroad. Each day of lost movement results in someone accruing a loss that is not recoverable.
It won’t be noticeable for a few days, but the endless flow of goods East to west grinding to a halt is difficult to overstate with respect to the harm it will cause.

The big one is energy — there’s a 150,000 barrel per day backlog building for every 24hr Trans Mountain’s down.
Ships are floating off Vancouver right now waiting to unload goods to be shipped by rail lines that are severed. The same lines fill them. They won’t be able to load/unload until that flow is restored. Others are on the way & will arrive to find a system brought to a standstill.
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16 Nov
The thing that scares me the most right now is the Trans Mountain pipeline being shutdown. We need to bring it back online and we need to do it as fast as humanly possible.

Most cars/trucks/busses/etc in the entire province get their gas from it. Not an exaggeration.
BC has 2 refineries — Husky in the interior and Parkland in Burnaby. Neither has the capacity to come even close to keeping vehicles (land, sea & air) fueled for the 5 million people who live here.

Constant resupply from Alberta is what does that.

And we’re cutoff…
Furthermore, the Husky and Burnaby refineries source most of not all of their feedstock from… the same pipeline!

That means Vancouver International Airport runs out of jet fuel before too long (Parkland makes it).
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15 Nov
Don’t worry it’s been more than a year since last time a random person was permanently maimed by a random assailant in Centennial Square who was never identified/arrested perhaps because there were no surveillance cameras allowed, a risk the city ignored.

It’s better now #yyj
I’m not being glib either. That really happened. All the whiners out there mewling about how I criticize them for spreading misinformation that allowed this crisis to happen in the first place: at least your hands etc still work. #yyj cheknews.ca/it-came-out-of…
You know warned people? I warned people. Those of you who helped the politicians lie are despicable and no censure you face will be worse than what innocent people who had no choice at all have already suffered.

These conditions were a choice #yyj iheartradio.ca/cfax-1070/news…
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22 Aug
I love how the #fairycreek narrative has wandered so far from reality that they’re yelling for the courts to protect them from the RCMP (who were sent there by the courts) to remove them for defying the courts.

Judges *love* stupid games that insult them & waste their time. 👍🏻
Galaxy brain move: defeat the courts by convincing the courts that enforcing their lawful orders is actually unlawful so the courts have no choice but to enjoin themselves from enjoining you.

Way to go, geniuses. In the 900 years of the common law, nobody thought of that before
Blockade: We are frustrating logging operations!

Courts: Move.

Blockade: You can’t tell us to move! You’re garbage! Nobody should obey you!

Courts: Move now.

Blockade: Do your worst!

Courts: RCMP, move them.


Blockade: Courts! Help us! They’re shoving us! Help!!!
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21 Jul 20
Deleted an earlier tweet after reviewing audio.

The mayor of @CityOfVictoria is calling on the 19,000 people who signed the petition to Save Beacon Hill Park to wage a letter writing campaign to the offices of:


And parl sec


To provide money.
But as was put to the mayor by our own @RyanPriceCFAX, all the money in the world would not house every single person in the park because some are notoriously hard to house and even if they did, new campers could choose to arrive at any time.

She admits this number exists.
The mayor argues that this number is small, which does not address the main issue — the campers are legally in the park because the daytime camping ban was suspended by a decision *the city made.*

I think she’s trying to aim public anger at the federal government wrongly. #yyj
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25 Apr 20
Pro tip: politicians are defined and loved based on who their enemies are. It’s beneficial to ponder from time to time whether what one does makes the other side exceedingly happy because they’ll win, and whether one should continue. Or not. Losing always works too. Every time.
The trick is making one’s adversary believe one is choosing to fall directly into traps over and over and over and over again.

The hardest part is trying not to laugh while they hurl themselves into the grinder yet again...

You can only laugh once they’ve committed. So much.
(Moderates on the one side secretly want to high five extreme views opposite because they know if those views — even if they look tired, beaten, & oh so weary — live through at least one more cycle so they can sabotage them one more time. They goad them, trying to keep them awake
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