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I needed a break from paper writing today and so I headed down to Fernwood #VictoriaBC to top up a few #LittleFreeLibrary.

Here are a few highlights!

@VicPlacemaking #YYJ ImageImageImageImage
I dropped off books, Intergenerational Penpal Postcards 💌 for the #VictoriaBC Literacy Connection, @Moose_Hide Campaign cards, and postcards promoting @nicholsonsonia_'s new book at this lovely #LittleFreeLibrary on Glasgow St. #YYJ 📚 ImageImageImageImage
I dropped off books, Intergenerational Penpal Postcards 💌 for the #VictoriaBC Literacy Connection, @Moose_Hide Campaign cards, and postcards promoting @nicholsonsonia_'s new book at this colourful #LittleFreeLibrary on Princess Ave. #YYJ 📚 ImageImageImageImage
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Today @Snailphanie and I headed up the the @artgalleryvic for local #VictoriaBC author Michelle Mulder's new book "Up For Grabs."

This wonderful YA book is set in #YYJ and features the art gallery, neighbourhood, and our growing network of #LittleFreeLibraries! ImageImageImageImage
Of course we stopped by a few #LittleFreeLibrary on the way home!


We hit up a bunch of LFLs in Fernwood, where I dropped off books, @Moose_Hide Campaign cards, and Intergenerational Penpal Postcards for the #VictoriaBC Literacy Connection 💌

@VicPlacemaking ImageImageImageImage
I was very excited to find a book on my reading list at this lovely #LittleFreeLibrary in the heart of Fernwood #YYJ 📚

I finally have a copy of @MerlinSheldrake's "Entangled Life."🍄

I still remember listening to a talk by Merlin at a @ClareCollege graduate research symposium. ImageImageImageImage
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Bear with me #YYJ folks, got a bit of a thread coming on. Cumbersome, cutting and pasting... and a glitchy computer to contend with; so I'll unroll at end.
working title: I don't think Matt Dell and I are that different
I don't think Matt and I are so different. We both dream of and desire things for our beloved city of #YYJ; that bring joy to ourselves and to our neighbours, now and in future
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M/Cncl in their twisted ideology; prefer crime and attacks upon residents and biz (so long as no one especially police, report on it) ; to #cheapskate citizens patronizing d'twn biz. But hey, we're *vibrant* eh? #YYJ
So what is logical progression of No #Cheapskates allowed in d'twn YYJ? Will it include: 
random demands ala border crossing guards, to show ur wallet, search ur phone to justify ur purpose in being here? Being denied entry if you don't produce >$50?
Will enforcers (who will do this?) be converting the Cdn/USD exchange when making their determination?
50.00 Cdn =36.7389 USD Mar 07/2023
no #CheapskatesAllowed in #YYJ
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Help me #YYJ. I'm curious about t/ HumberGreen proposal to include Transit passes.
During the Feb 09 CoV PH re HarrisGreen, didn't t/Starlight rep, when queried on that idea by a cllr,  give a very cogent reply as to why that wouldn't be doable? 1/
2/ It's a 4 hr meeting, and not available via text, (pet peeve of mine) so I'll have to wade through the entire vid to refresh my memory on the specifics…
3/Also, doesn't city bylaw 80-159 still require min # of off street parking?
Shouldn't we amend bylaws if needed *before* approving variances?…
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Yesterday, I thought I'd get out and about and top up a few #YYJ #LittleFreeLibraries. So I set out with a full bike trailer and a decent podcast 🚲📚

Here are a few highlights!

@VicPlacemaking #Saanich
My first stop was to the @AlderLFL, which is in fine form📚

I dropped off a postcard promoting local #Saanich author @nicholsonsonia_'s forthcoming book 'Provenance Unknown,' some @Moose_Hide Campaign cards, and a lovely painted stone I found in #YYJ.
I've been holding onto these lovely painted stones for a while, and decided that today was the day to share them with the world! Look for these lovely rocks in a #YYJ #LittleFreeLibrary!

#VictoriaBC #Saanich
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Digging into the proposed missing middle zoning language for Victoria #yyj…
I'm not super familiar with @CityOfVictoria zoning (except to know that their lane house policy has been meagre)... but the new zoning seems to allow "Houseplexes" and corner site town houses.

These are generally the low hanging fruit (politically speaking) after LWHs & suites
A "Houseplex" in Vic is 3 to 6 units, most with direct exterior access.

...presumably 'part 9' of the building code, and with a pile of design rules to make it look house like (will have to see)
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BC health ministry presser happening now.
Dr. Henry says there's a spike in serious influenza cases among children, reflected in absenteeism in schools.
Calls for parents to get kids vaccinated against the flu, as the best protection available.

@CapitalDailyVic #bcpoli
@CapitalDailyVic Re: upcoming holiday season: "Now is the time to plan so that you can have a safe and joyful holiday together with friends and family and loved ones."

DBH says to get vaccinated, stay home if sick especially if fever, washing hands, wear mask if you have mild symptoms.
Dr. Penny Ballem announces low influenza vaccination numbers among children.

Only 20% of kids aged 6months to 4 years, and 15% of kids aged 5-11 are vaccinated against the flu
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1/5 Last night I attended the candidates for change debate. I did so to represent my community and make sure a strong progressive case was made for voters to see.

I have a few examples of what VIVA Victoria’s candidates said last night… #yyjpoli #yyj

VIVA candidate Roberta Solvley said that government has been infiltrated by the queer community to push the SOGI123 agenda.
3/5 VIVA candidate Leslie-Anne Goodall said we should teach abstinence only sex education in schools.
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So Dix with his 'plan' to decant complex care hospital patients to LTCs (without consulting) in the face of an expected new wave of Covid and flu

Let me tell you why this is laughable, and BC Gov is making up policy on the fly

#BCpoli #BCed #Nanaimo #YYJ #Vanpoli #YVR
1: seniors, cancer patients, others with serious modals are in hospital for a reason - the need care that requires medications, physical movements requiring nursing and doctors at a level that cannot be provided at home or in long term care
2: Most LTCs are basically serviced by health aides, not nurses - there is be an LPN assigned for each shift for medications - but the aides are not trained or licensed for the care Dix expects - also holds for LPNs, mush of this type of care requires an RN
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I have a serious ? #YYJ #YYJPoli . We're all debating/arguing #housing- what is the best path to get the results we want? BUT - how can we possibly agree on best route; if we haven't even discussed where we want to go? 1/
2/ I mean, really... think about it...
What is our destination?
What do we want #Victoria #YYJ to be now and in future?
How big?
How dense?
How many people?
3/I'm sure we can agree, that the need for housing keeps increasing, both from:
current residents (and I'll add former, who have been forced out)
AND rising demand from ppl wanting to move here to enjoy the west coast life style, climate.
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I haven't yet said much about #YYJ #YYJPoli, council candidate Chris Coleman; cause I assume most #Victorians know him well. I'm thrilled he's running and will bring his extensive skill/experience to our city
It's well worthwhile to follow Chris Coleman on fb...
He updates regularly with informative and interesting insights from his campaign and reactions he's getting from #YYJ peeps #yyjpoli…
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#YYJPoli Guess who said it?
"If I was a citizen...I would be unsettled"
(cheat sheet: ref:@Adam_Stirling Hr1; this am; approx 11 mins in)
#IfIWasACitizen sums up the patronizing attitude we must rid #YYJ of. Pls don't vote4 any #CityFamily candidate…
2/ "I was speaking as the head of the #CityFamily "
Am I the only one who thinks it's beyond weird (and ultra colonial speak/action) that the elected #YYJ city mayor/councillors; decide which indigenous ppl get invited to #CityFamily? (and speak on their behalf?) #reconciliation
3/ "I am the Family head.. absolutely"
"wow wow wow wow" #YYJPoli #CityFamily
"I was representing the will of the family"
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Good morning #YYJ-What's up? Having my am coffee,reading the Accessibility Framework Document submitted to CoV in 2020, by the #AWG (Accessibility Working Group) volunteers formed by city to provide recommendations to make Victoria more inclusive.#yyjpoli…
2/some excerpts:
In order to achieve the vision identified in our
OCP the City must take positive steps to remove barriers, involve those with diverse perspectives
and abilities, promote inclusion, and foster a positive and respectful community through its actions
and services.
3/The City of Victoria is committed to
identifying, removing, and preventing
barriers across its services, programs,
and infrastructure, in order to benefit
the community in a way that respects
the dignity and independence of people
with disabilities.
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I'm so curious, what the
@CityOfVictoria ballot will look like for #YYJElxn, with 37 candidates for councillor alone (+ mayor +school trustee) #VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJPoli Image
2/ Are you registered? (are your friends/neighbours registered, or do they need help to do so?) #VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJElxn #YYJPoli
Check here:…
3/How are you planning to cast your vote
#VictoriaVotes2022 #YYJElxn #YYJPoli
in person? in advance?
or by mail? To receive a mail ballot, you need to complete and submit an application form.… You can also request a mail ballot by calling 250.361.0571.
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OnMyMind: anon twitter accts.
I know there are valid security/privacy issues for some ppl on twitter to use a pseudonym. I have no problem with that... My problem is with the many single issue (slam a candidate) ones that are proliferating in #YYJPoli
Their raison d'etre for being anonymous; is so that they can say anything about anybody; without being accountable in any way. I find this truly reprehensible.
I follow many of them (the ones that haven't yet blocked me); not because I support them; but just to witness the depths to which they will descend in their attack tweets. #YYJPoli
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I'm somewhat curiou, why a tweeter: @VicSidewalkFail has blocked me? I tried to flw them as they state their goal "promoting safe sidewalks" which is something that caught my eye and interest. And was told by twitter I'm blocked from flwing them at their request. Huh?
My curiosity re blocking extends beyond this 1 acct.(Our #YYJPoli pal,Luke,comes to mind) I can understand block if someone is rude/hateful.
But wouldn't those who profess to advocacy want more not less engagement *especialy* w/those who have differing views? #EchoChamber
Aryze has substantially >than average #FakeFollowers (27.4%) as per @SparkTogo. But we can ignore those -
My ? today is directed to his legit 2773 flwrs- some of whom are actively engaged in #YYJPoli #YYJElxn . .
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#NEW: Omicron's newest subvariants are already here and spreading fast, with their ability to bypass antibodies from both vaccines and prior infection, says new data from BC + experts.

What it means for our healthcare system this summer:
“We are all incredibly worried that there will be more morbidity and mortality," said ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger.

Last week, Saanich Peninsula Hospital asked Island Health to shut down the ER overnight, to redirect staff to their busiest hours.

Island Health said no.
With public health measures all but gone & waning immunity from 3rd doses, BA.4 and BA.5 are expected soon become dominant in BC.

A new study shows that the more times you get reinfected with COVID-19, the higher your risk of death, hospitalization, and long COVID.

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Now on @cfax1070: @isitt_ pretaped an interview earlier today with @RyanPriceCFAX on whether councils should have three year terms instead of four.

(Isitt said he didn't have enough time to address the massive list of questions I've sent him that he's never answered. Darn) #yyj
He did answer the question when put to him by @RyanPriceCFAX as to whether he will run again: @isitt_ still has not yet decided if he will run for mayor or council and is considering all options.

The election takes place in 114 days. #yyj
Isitt has just issued a press release elaborating on his 3 year term proposal, which he hopefully sent using an email list distribution that isn’t breaking the law, like the other multiple times he was found to have caused privacy breaches as recently as December 14th, 2021. #yyj
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#BCpoli and #cndpoli: Are you ready for this?

I'd like to introduce my most controversial song to date, which is saying something. This one is a parody of The Village People's YMCA – name at the end of the song to preserve some of the surprise 😁
White men, roving all around town
I see, white men, picking on all the Browns
I see, white men, legitimized by the crown
There's no need for us to have them
White men, leave the Natives alone
I see, white men, sucking up to the throne
We don’t need them doing this on our dime
And it is more than about time

It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
They do everything
In the white people memo
Used to maintain the status quo
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
It's time to defund the R.C.M.P.
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BC, Canada, & the world are falling apart. During several overlapping crises, @jjhorgan & @bcndp think it's time to spend $800 million to close and replace a still viable museum.

If the news and #bcpoli makes you want to live alone in the mountains, I have a new song for you!
This one is a parody of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" 🙂

Sharpen up your knife
Find yourself a shack
Locate a few sheep
And some emus
Farming is your only saviour
This collapse is pretty major
Everybody will destroy the world
It could turn out fine
If you own a horse
Stock up on cowhide
Help you make some
Lovely throw rugs and some leather
Would you like to try my chevre
Everybody will destroy the world
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#NEW: Internal email shared with @CapitalDailyVic shows #yyj hospitals are too full to accept patients and are considering emergency steps like renting hotel rooms.

Healthcare workers say #COVID19 hospitalizations on the rise + surgeries being postponed…
@CapitalDailyVic “I am writing to let you all know that we are facing an extreme overcensus situation at all of our acute care sites,” reads the email which was sent to staff at Victoria General Hospital, and shared with @zoeducklow

According to ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger, all 3 ERs (RJH, VGH, Saan Pen) were full on Sunday and RJH was on ambulance diversion for a part of the night.

A nurse at RJH tells us surgeries are being postponed because there are too many COVID patients in surgical units.
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Day off.

For no particular reason, here’s @isitt_ using his position at the Council table Feb 13, 2020 to read a letter he wrote to one of the owners of @HarbourCats in their capacity as Chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, who Isitt claimed had defamed him. #yyj
I asked Isitt about it the next day. It’s unusual to see an elected office holder (who later voted on matters that could directly impact the team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s letter) to use a council seat in this fashion.

Isitt did not recuse himself Thursday. #yyj
Instead of recusing himself Thursday from a matter potentially impacting the sports team partly owned by the recipient of Isitt’s Feb 13, 2020 letter alleging defamation (above), Isitt predicted potential problems with “fecal matter” proximate to the sports field.

Neat. #yyj.
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Adventures in ventilation from last weekend’s flight on @AirCanada Airbus320 with about 130+ people on board

Ventilation at #yyj airport foyer good, as noted by the pCO2 monitor (outdoors ~ 420; under 800 ideal as proxy for good ventilation to mitigate #COVIDisAirborne ) 1/ Image
In lineup for security, high plexiglass barriers preventing good circulation; CO2 rising
2/ Image
On the gangway to the plane, waiting to board

3/ Image
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