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21 Jul 20
Deleted an earlier tweet after reviewing audio.

The mayor of @CityOfVictoria is calling on the 19,000 people who signed the petition to Save Beacon Hill Park to wage a letter writing campaign to the offices of:


And parl sec


To provide money.
But as was put to the mayor by our own @RyanPriceCFAX, all the money in the world would not house every single person in the park because some are notoriously hard to house and even if they did, new campers could choose to arrive at any time.

She admits this number exists.
The mayor argues that this number is small, which does not address the main issue — the campers are legally in the park because the daytime camping ban was suspended by a decision *the city made.*

I think she’s trying to aim public anger at the federal government wrongly. #yyj
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25 Apr 20
Pro tip: politicians are defined and loved based on who their enemies are. It’s beneficial to ponder from time to time whether what one does makes the other side exceedingly happy because they’ll win, and whether one should continue. Or not. Losing always works too. Every time.
The trick is making one’s adversary believe one is choosing to fall directly into traps over and over and over and over again.

The hardest part is trying not to laugh while they hurl themselves into the grinder yet again...

You can only laugh once they’ve committed. So much.
(Moderates on the one side secretly want to high five extreme views opposite because they know if those views — even if they look tired, beaten, & oh so weary — live through at least one more cycle so they can sabotage them one more time. They goad them, trying to keep them awake
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20 Feb 20
I have no idea how to solve this. The legitimacy of the courts has already been ruthlessly undermined (attempting enforcement of the interim court order in 2019 is what *started* all of this), that I’m not sure another ruling would be recognized at all. What then?
The supremacy of the courts is the mortar that holds together the social contract. Too many have spent too long playing with fire. What happens when the counter protesters start disobeying too?

Some of us saw this coming a mile away. Others charged ahead & caused it. Now what?
We live in an age where the courts can say “this is the law,” and anybody with a website can post a piece saying “no it’s not” and that piece gets 100,000 views, and the general public says 🤷🏻‍♂️.

People realize that it’s all arguable. That’s when it falls apart. We’re in trouble.
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6 Oct 19
On top of the $1.8B in the 2016 budget (actively being spent)

And the $4B in the 2017 budget (actively being spent).

He announced something that’s already happening and nobody noticed because a reporter said the term “blank cheque.”

I was going nuts this morning, trying to figure out why the hell everyone was reacting the way they were, then I realized: they don’t know he’s announcing something govt already did.

People didn’t know $1.8B was from 2016 and another $4-billion was from 2017.

He didn’t say.
Anyway, my entire feed is people being inspired by the @NDP promising to spend $1.8-billion to end boil water advisories on First Nation reserves

While the actual government is spending $5.8-billion to end boil water advisories on First Nation reserves.

Nothing matters...
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9 Jan 19
So on the LNG pipeline story we’ve gone from a scenario where the army was secretly being deployed in tandem with cell phone jamming tech while special forces evicted indigenous nations who were never consulted to... something very, very different. In only two days.
It turned out there was no cell phone jammer, the army was never deployed, every indigenous council along the route was not only consulted but also *consented* by signing agreements, and the protesters are a small number of hereditary chiefs of the same nations who signed.
There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here in terms of narratives. Things seldom fit together as perfectly in real life as they do when various non-profits are sending out fundraising emails. I suspect many people are wishing they’d held back before jumping in with both feet.
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29 Oct 18
Worth mentioning that once upon a time the #BurnabySouth by-election was going to be about a pipeline that suddenly had way more public support than it did before.

Why is Singh even running outside of Ontario anyway? Does the NDP still think Burnaby is their *only* shot?
I mean there’s nothing wrong per se with a leader getting parachuted into a BC riding from a million miles away... but why?

If Singh needs to be in the house *now*, why not run in a sooner by-election? Why is the NDP fixed on parachuting him in from thousands of kilometers away?
Parachuting a candidate is all about convenience. Parties do it because it’s an opportunity for something they can’t get any other way.

So why is *waiting* for the Liberals to call a byelection thousands of kilometers away from where Singh is from in Ontario a smart move?
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27 May 18
Because this is the misunderstanding that just won’t die, yes the 2007 Kinder Morgan spill WAS bitumen. A dilsynbit specifically called Albian Heavy Synthetic. It is NOT fully upgraded. At API = 19.2, it is among of heaviest dilbits in existence. If anything sinks, it will.
I’m just going to pin this and leave it here until further noticr. Use/copy/cite at your leisure. No credit to me needed. I’m more interested in the public being properly informed.
I can see why there is confusion. Albian Heavy Synthetic is not a synthetic in the proper term (synthetic usually denotes fully upgraded bitumen). It is a dilbit / syth blend that is *partially* (not fully) upgraded. It’s less acidic and has lower sulfur, but it is heavy as hell.
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