The Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Day 13
Court is expected to resume at 9:00 am CST when the jury will return to deliberations.

Yesterday the jury deliberated the entire day from roughly 9:00a-6:00p

@JackPosobiec reported yesterday that two jurors are holding up a verdict decision due to threats of violence.
The jury has requested to see video evidence. The attorneys and judge Schroeder are still working on specifics relating to how many times they can view each file. When they determine that the jury will view the evidence in the courtroom by themselves and likely the bailiff.
Court resumed with both sides arguing over how many times the jury would be permitted to view each video. During the arguments Judge Schroeder brought up the motion to dismiss, primarily regarding the lesser quality drone video provided to the defense.
I will be posting videos of the arguments but the prosecution argued that it was the defense attorneys phone that made the file lesser quality and that it wasn’t done purposely.

There are huge arguments to be made against this.
The file was emailed to the defense. It is possible that whomever emailed the file chose to send a compressed version by not choosing [send original].

However this does not account for the file being renamed.
Everyone returned to the courtroom to argue about how many times the jury could watch videos. I believe this ended with the jury being permitted to view countless times. Court is adjourned again while they figure out how the jury will view the files.
Defense attorney Richards has rightfully objected to allowing the jury to view the files on the 4k tv in the courtroom. The 4k tv Will upscale content and add 4x or even more pixels to each video or image shown.
The motion for mistrial or dismissal was discussed again. Judge Schroeder alludes to wanting the rest of the process to play-out before hearing all of the arguments and making a decision. Previously he stated he wants people under oath and experts to explain the file difference.
The jury is now watching video evidence.
The manner in which video evidence was nonchalantly sent from person to person through different programs and applications is an absolute train wreck.

Surely the State of Wisconsin has laws pertaining to video evidence and proper procedures to follow to ensure file integrity.
The jury has been sent home for the evening and will return at 9:00 am CST.

I will be updating the thread later with video from todays happenings.

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18 Nov
Manufactured Miracle evidence.

That’s what the prosecution did in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Four days into the trial a man who refused to be identified transferred a video file to a detective. Then Det Antaramian testified that he could see Rittenhouse aiming at Ziminski.
Then it’s off to the state crime lab to “enhance” the video. They of course did this while sharing a 4x lesser quality version with the defense team. Millions of pixels/details were added during the “enhancing” process. Later they further “enhanced” 4 still images from the video.
This evidence is the basis of their entire case. Without it they could not dream of getting a provocation instruction. Without it they could not attempt to prove their case.

They were doing so poorly presenting their case that the 4th day in, they miracled evidence into trial.
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17 Nov
This is likely a question that we will never have an acceptable answer to.

Detective Antaramian testified that the drone video was sourced from “UrbanAired” this is the only testimony regarding the videos origin.

Nothing about the type of drone. Nothing about the pilot.
Detective Antaramian first learned about the drone video after the video was played during a segment on Fox News.

The twitter account @freekyleusa posted about the Fox clip months ago and in later posts questioned if the prosecution was withholding evidence (the original).
The @freekyleusa posts detailed that the video posted within hours of the shooting, was attributed to “UrbanAired” by Brandon Beamon, and that online information pertaining to both were scrubbed from the internet and the company dissolved. Why?

Why remove the video from Fox?
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16 Nov
The Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Day 12 Image
Court will begin at 9:00 am CST when 12 of the remaining 18 jurors will be randomly selected to determine Rittenhouse’s fate.

The 12 chosen will begin deliberations while the other 6 will remain at the courthouse should an alternate be required.
Yesterday morning before the days proceedings defense attorney Chirafisi brought up a motion to dismiss with extreme prejudice, that the defense orally requested last week.

The motion has now been formally filed and that the defense team still intends to argue the motion.
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15 Nov
Judge Schroeder warned the prosecution of the danger of the inclusion of the doctored images.

Schroeder “..or which phone I’m going to buy… this is being used to decide if someone’s innocent or guilty of a crime…”

Schroeder “this is going to fall like a house of cards.”
This is one of the doctored images admitted into evidence. I use the word doctored bc the image was created using AI algorithms to insert pixels where pixels did not previously exist. This was done purposely push a false narrative that Rittenhouse aimed his rifle.
Do you believe that ADA Binger and Kraus would have published these doctored images or the accompanying doctored video if they actually displayed the actual truth? The truth that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t aim his weapon at anyone prior to being attacked?

No. No they wouldn’t.
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15 Nov
The Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Day 11
This morning we expect to hear Judge Schroeder give the jury instructions and hear closing statements from the prosecution and defense.

2.5 hours has been allotted to both sides for statements. The prosecution will split their time between their first and rebuttal arguments.
I would not be surprised if the motion to dismiss with extreme prejudice is mentioned this morning. Although at this time I wouldn’t expect Judge Schroeder to entertain the motion very long. In spite of noted prosecutorial misconduct.
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11 Nov
The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Day 8
Today we will likely hear more on the defense motion to dismiss with prejudice, which was brought up yesterday with the defense claiming prosecution misconduct.

See yesterday’s thread for detailed information.
Expected to testify today are Drew Hernandez and John Black.

Hernandez is an investigative reporter, host of Drew Hernandez Live, and was on the ground in Kenosha reporting on the riots.

Black is a use-of-force and forensic audio/video expert.
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