Democrats keep claiming their massive spending bill is “popular” but we aren’t sure they’ve actually READ this 2,000+ page monstrosity.

Let’s take a look under the hood to determine how “popular” this bill actually should be.

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First, Dems are relying on budget gimmicks when they say this thing costs $1.75 trillion.

@BudgetModel found the true cost will be a whopping $4 TRILLION after Dems make their spending programs permanent

Even the NYT called them out on their BS 👇

Even if you buy that this will be paid for (it won’t) all of the spending is front loaded. It will increase the deficit by $800B over the first 5 yrs before recouping some of the costs later.

This means it will make inflation – which hit a 30 yr high in October – worse.

We know Biden was lying when he said this bill “costs zero dollars.”

The Biden admin is now attacking the non-partisan CBO after it found the tax enforcement provisions in the bill will raise a massive $280 billion LESS than the admin claimed.

This radical bill would grant MASS AMNESTY to illegal immigrants in the middle of a border crisis.

Specifically, it would:
-Grant parole to illegals in the country
-Give illegals driver’s licenses and work permits
-Make illegals eligible for certain government programs

These provisions would exacerbate the already unmanageable #BidenBorderCrisis:

-In FY 2021, @CBP reported a record 1.7 MILLION southern border encounters

-11,200 lbs of deadly fentanyl has poured over our border in FY 2021

This thing also contains a whopping $555 billion for “climate.”

These programs will destroy the grid and increase U.S. reliance on our enemies.

Exhibit A: Unreliable wind and solar electricity producers get billions in direct tax credits just to PRODUCE electricity.

Dems are also exploiting climate hysteria to bail out to corrupt unions.

On top of the massive tax breaks electric vehicles ALREADY receive, this would provide ANOTHER $4,500 to cars made by union labor.

This is an affront to taxpayers AND the right to work.

Oil and natural gas prices are skyrocketing, but Democrats STILL plan to tax American energy.

This bill reimposes a tax on EVERY BARREL OF CRUDE OIL.

It also fines oil and gas producers for methane emissions.

This will drive up gas and home heating costs even further.

And, of course, leave it to leftists to find a way to tie climate to radical gender ideology…

Check out this $85 million program that teaches healthcare workers climate change counseling for “pregnant, lactating, and postpartum individuals.”

Or, in the real world, “moms”

Speaking of healthcare workers, here’s a $50 million program to indoctrinate them with critical race theory under the guise of “antidiscrimination and bias training.”

When will Democrats learn?

The bill would also destroy healthcare freedom with things like a massive expansion of Obamacare.

Democrats’ plans are another massive step toward government-run healthcare.

This also helps Biden enforce his tyrannical vax mandate that forces workers to choose between a vax or their job, by:

-Increasing the max OSHA fine from $70K to $700K (!)

-Giving OSHA $707 million to increase enforcement

We should abolish OSHA, not bolster it. #NOSHA

Dems will funnel hundreds of billions into programs that increase dependency on the gov’t – ranging from federal housing programs, to welfare tax credits, to gov’t-run childcare.

Worse still – these programs actually penalize marriage and work.

Now let’s take a look at the disastrous tax policies.

This bill would increase taxes by $1.5 TRILLION – that doesn’t even account for the massive inflation it will cause.

@TaxFoundation found these increases will kill over 100,000 jobs, decrease wages, and shrink GDP.

Biden claims this won’t increase taxes on Americans that make $400K.

As we pointed out last week – that’s a lie.

One analysis found up to 30% of middle-class families will face tax increases.

Under this bill, America would have the highest effective top income tax rate in the developed world, clocking in at an absurd 57.4%.

This will hurt growth and make the US a worse place to do business.

This is AMERICA LAST tax policy.

And the poor design of some of the tax hikes may end up hurting the retirement plans of many Americans.

Combined w/ cost-of-living increases stemming from record inflation, this will make it exceedingly difficult for retired folks on fixed incomes.

Dems plan to DOUBLE the size of the IRS by giving it $80 billion.

This money isn’t to help Americans get their tax refunds on time

IRS will use most of it to hire thousands of new auditors to scrape every last penny out of your wallet.

At this point, you may be wondering who actually benefits

Well – Dems plan to give a massive $300 billion tax cut to their rich blue state donors by lifting the SALT deduction cap

@BudgetHawks found 2/3s of American MILLIONAIRES will get a tax cut under this

And how about this provision?

This would directly subsidize the payrolls of “local news journalists” at a cost of $1.6 billion to taxpayers.

Perhaps this is the Democrats’ way of thanking the leftist media for all of its favorable coverage?

Taxpayers in right to work states will be forced to subsidize membership dues that fund corrupt unions.

This means parents will subsidize the tyrannical teachers’ unions that closed schools and force masks and vaccines onto our kids.

We call this the @rweingarten bailout

Of course, they also found a way to help wealthy individuals funnel cash to woke universities like Cal Berkeley with a tax credit for donations to public universities…
The provisions outlined above are just SOME of the outrageous things in this bill.

There are PLENTY more, like:

-$2.5 billion for “tree equity” (whatever that is)
-$200 million for “Native American language teachers and educators”
-$1 billion for “Pacific salmon”

BOTTOM LINE: It’s clear that Dem's plan to "Build Back Better" is completely unredeemable.

That’s why Rep. Roy introduced an amendment to strike every last word from the bill.


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NEW: A 24-year-old Honduran charged with murder crossed the US border illegally while posing as a minor amid the #BidenBorderCrisis

INEXCUSABLE. This is the exact sort of thing Rep. Roy has been fighting against since Biden took office

(THREAD) 🧵🧵🧵…
The victim was "a father of four who had taken in the immigrant who told authorities he was 17."

“This horrific crime is the latest example of how unfettered illegal migration costs Floridians’ lives,” @GovRonDeSantis office told @nypost

FACT CHECK: TRUE, more below 🔽🔽🔽
"In keeping with President Biden’s border policy on unaccompanied minors crossing the US border, Ulloa wasn’t turned away"

"It is not clear how Ulloa ended up in Florida after being detained in Texas"

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24 Sep
The House of Representatives just voted to pass the #NDAA, 316 - 113

134 Republicans voted for it.

While many of them are going to focus on the uncontroversial parts of this “bipartisan” defense bill, there’s plenty in there that isn’t getting enough attention:

THREAD: (1/9)

First, this bill forces young women to register for the draft, which Rep. Roy has been against from the start.

"A vote for this #NDAA is a vote to draft your daughter, your sister, your mother & your wife" Image

Next up on the list, this #NDAA actually targets the Second Amendment rights of America’s military personnel with unconstitutional, gun-grabbing “red flag” laws.

Yes, that means violating the Constitutional rights of those defending the Constitution. Image
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“Today, I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY22.

“I support the fundamental purpose of the NDAA to ensure we have well trained service members with all the tools necessary to carry out their mission — but unfortunately it has been hijacked by the radical left.
“Under no circumstances will I support a NDAA that requires my daughter — and thousands of other young women — to register for the draft. I will not stand for it.
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10 Aug
19 Republican senators just voted for a $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” package that’s filled with leftist garbage.

There’s been a lot of smoke and mirror efforts to hide what’s in this bill, so let’s take a look at what they actually voted for.

🧵THREAD 🧵(1/14)
First, the bill isn’t focused on hard infrastructure and instead provides billions to Green New Deal programs.

For example, it funnels $16.2 billion to renewable and energy efficiency projects and $7.5 billion to electric vehicle chargers. (2/14)
Even when it funds "hard" infrastructure, it also wastes your money on programs that have no business being in an “infrastructure” bill.

Of the $65 billion for broadband, over $14 billion goes to a permanent federal welfare program to pay individuals’ internet bills. (3/14)
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