If this insurrectionist leader thinks this will stop me from reporting on her ongoing seditious attempts to destroy American democracy, she is wrong.
(PS) Note that the tweet by this person that I attacked in the strongest possible terms—pre-block—was one in which she urged her far-right insurrectionist followers to “be like Kyle,” i.e. armed vigilantes.
(PS2) But I'm sure she was also unnerved by my revelation that members of Trump's January 5 Trump International Hotel war room are political donors of hers.

She is an Oath Keeper, a sponsor of domestic terrorist Ali Alexander, and a clear and present danger to the United States.
(PS3) So I offer this note to all independent journalists in the United States, many of whom likely already knew this: if you want to track the progress of Trump's armed insurrection in Arizona—and the plot to steal the 2024 election in Arizona—you need to report on Wendy Rogers.

• • •

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19 Nov
(1 of 2) I hope everyone is screenshotting the statements being made today by top Republicans and far-rght demagogues. It won't be long before someone in the antifa movement brings an AR-15 to a Proud Boys or Oath Keeper event and starts shooting if someone throws a plastic bag.
(2 of 2) This is precisely why—unlike Republican leaders and unlike far-right demagogues—those of us who believe in peace and the rule of law are urging all parties to stay away from protests in which they are not participating, and to by no means go to such protests while armed.
PS/ The reason to screenshot today's comments by Republican leaders and far-right demagogues is that this sort of vigilante violence—which is wholly unacceptable—will undoubtedly come from both ends of the political spectrum. Anyone not condemning it categorically isn't a leader.
Read 4 tweets
19 Nov
This is the result that most criminal defense attorneys have been saying we would see since the beginning of the trial. Take that for what it's worth, which may be absolutely nothing. I know a lot of people are upset and hurting right now over this verdict.
(PS) I mention this because the hunt will now be on for far-right demagogues searching through social media to find journalists predicting a conviction. They'll have to search very hard, as most experts predicted the verdict we just saw and did so from very early on in the trial.
(PS2) In fact, the people least confident of an acquittal where those on the far right. Yesterday, Newsmax falsely reported that the jury was deadlocked 6-6; the far right believed it and soon began spinning conspiracy theories. Those on the left continued to expect an acquittal.
Read 4 tweets
18 Nov
(🔒) BREAKING NEWS: Three Major Revelations About the January 6 Insurrection Just Dropped

I hope you'll subscribe, read, and RT—these revelations about the funding of January 6, a key January 5 war council, and the January 6 Ellipse speakers are critical. sethabramson.substack.com/p/breaking-new…
Summary #1: Everything we thought about the funding of January 6 appears to be wrong.
Summary #2: The first new attendee of the January 5 Trump International Hotel war council to be revealed in six months has now been revealed—and the identity of this person *and what we now know they did at the hotel* may change everything about who was responsible for January 6.
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18 Nov
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you—below—the biggest turd on Twitter. This man has plagued my hometown, Boston, for decades. The only thing he has even a mediocre grasp of is sports, but despite a troglodytic IQ believes he knows better than anyone about everything else, too.
When he got pushed out at WEEI in 2019 Callahan blamed "dark forces" and "bad people"—your typical blame-everyone-else-first Trumpist "victim" who can't take responsibility for his abject mediocrity. This is who far-right snowflakes are and always will be. nbcboston.com/news/local/ger…
Callahan tends to have the biggest problem with women of color—whom he habitually deems stupid—but hey! it's just a coincidence! stop seeing race in everything! /s

Only Boston would let a white guy with a subzero knowledge of crime and justice opine about it on-air for 30 years.
Read 5 tweets
18 Nov
Please don’t comment about the criminal justice system if you know nothing about it. I practiced criminal law for many years, and this is something judges say all the time. When a defendant negotiates a plea, he often gets a better sentence than he’d get from a judge after trial.
What this judge is saying, and again this is something I myself have heard as a criminal defense attorney many times, is, “You’re lucky that you and the prosecutor were able to reach an agreement, because if this were in my hands after a trial, I wouldn’t be as lenient with you.”
Our criminal justice system literally wouldn’t work if judges didn’t give defendants a big discount on their sentences for agreeing to a plea rather than forcing the system to undergo a costly trial. It’s *astounding* that @ggreenwald retweeted this embarrassingly ignorant tweet.
Read 7 tweets
17 Nov
(THREAD) Major media must stop enabling far-right lies about the Steele dossier and the Trump-Russia scandal. Both these lies and those enabling them give aid and comfort to a neofascist insurrection. This thread debunks the NYT oped below. Please RETWEET. nytimes.com/2021/11/15/opi…
1/ As I know from hard experience, columnists often don't get to write their own headlines. But what this means is that someone at the New York Times either wrote or specifically approved this headline, which is not just a lie but an easily disproven one, at that. And here's why:
2/ There's no proof in this article, nor could there be, of how media "got the Steele dossier so wrong"—as the media never reported that *any* part of the dossier had been conclusively confirmed, never misreported its origins and wrote on the dossier far less than is now claimed.
Read 103 tweets

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