How to stop the mind's chatter before sleep? 🧵
Its sleep time,

and your brain becomes your BFF who seems to have so many stories to tell. With so many things going around, you don't seem to find a way around it.

Not one, let's look at 9. 👇
1. Counting 999 to 0 is a great distractor

It’s crude, I agree, but if you’re just starting, this is the place you can start when you can't seem to get out of the chatter.

BTW, if you ever reach 0 coming down from 999, let me know. We need to talk.
2. Stop judging people

When you judge people (how they look/walk/talk etc) you think others judge you too.

You become extra cautious about everything you do. You attempt perfectionism or not do it at all.

Result? Anxiety. And anxieties love to come to haunt you just before 💤
"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people" ~Socrates.
3. Body scan meditation can do wonders

if you try to go into sleep while doing it.

I suggest you learn about it (YouTube), do it as a practice session in the day (when you can afford to, don't fall asleep though) and then do it before sleeping at night.
4. At-least 1 hour before sleeping,

stop looking at your phone or any of the devices you own for that matter. Get a real alarm clock and keep the phone in another room.

Make sure to darken your room.

Cozy, dark and cool rooms are your ally to pull in some good sleep.
5. Try being mindful

Feel the air on your skin, feel the temperature, feel the texture of the bed, the quilt, the bedsheet.

It helps you cut off the fat (unwanted thoughts) of your mind.
6. Keeping a notebook and

a pen on the bedside helps. A lot of times those chatter may even bring up some great ideas.

Writing things down helps in two ways..

1. Offloading the thought from your mind to paper

2. Not forget if it's worth remembering (like an idea)
"If the chaos is overwhelming, I start making lists. To write it down puts it in perspective."

Renee Lawless
7. Another great tool, as always,

is focusing on your breath.

This tool never goes out of fashion no matter what the situation is. The benefits are immense. Costs only $0.

Try inhaling to the count of 5, hold to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 5. AKA box breathing
8. When your mind goes on and on

at a turbo mode and chatters like a kid, you just seem to get sucked into it.

What do you do? You have to ignore it.

Brain is like “blah blah blah” you be like “meh”. It’s your part after all, it understands. Simple? Or not, try it.
9. If you want to get rid of the root

of the problem you need to still your mind.

When you do that, no matter the time, you’ll always be able to command your mind, and not the other way around.

Lost where to start? Start with meditation.

Start with 5 min of it.
If you want to find more ways to calm your mind, check out this good guy @master_nobody’s account.

You may find something which you're looking for.
Well, that's it folks.

Thank you for reading! If you liked it, please RT as well to help others.

Feedback welcome in comments.

Connect here @AmegoAlter; IG

BTW if you’re reading this on your bed before sleeping, stop now. Read it tomorrow. Good night!

• • •

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