This is a really good thread from an RCC perspective, explaining why Roman Catholicism has a supranationalist ideal and that nationalism is a protestant ideal.

This is why I keep saying a protestant worldview is the future.
Both the romanist and secularist world view ultimately lead to imperialism.

The romanist to Church superiority over the State (Ecclesiasticism) and the secularist to State superiority over the Church (Statism).
The only worldview that is pro-nationalism and provides for true Church/State separation is classic protestantism.

The ecclesiastical empire of Rome was permanently destroyed at the protestant reformation.
The statist empire of the secularists will be permanently destroyed by the second protestant reformation.

Embrace reformed post-milennialism.

The end.

• • •

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23 Nov

This is what I mean by conservatives need to understand how we contributed to how we got here.

We need to unlearn the vain philosophies of men that gave us the Statism we inherited.

Behold... Image
Oh the horror of family government as God intended!

We must get children and the elderly under the care of the almighty omni-benevolent State (who's only divine tool is the sword) so that our wives and mothers can be slaves to the corporate machine outside of the home!
If they can't climb that greasy pole of career advancement then what good are they?

Behold the power of women who fear the Lord! Each woman that keeps her home as a blessing to all generations takes power and control away from the State Leviathan.
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23 Nov
@drjamesmerritt is the same guy that cynically used the bully pulpit to shame the conservatives at #SBC21 for "caring about CRT more than the gospel" to rousing applause from his tribe.

Here you see the reason conservatives care about CRT/I is *because* of the gospel...
Dr. Merritt explains that his gay son's message on Mark 13 is "both brilliant and faithful."

It would seem Dr. Merritt is neither.

"No liberal drift" they said.
A lot of third-way unity guys loved that jab from Merritt at the convention, but it shows you that guys like that don't *really* want unity, they just want you to want unity.
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22 Nov
Thread: On Thanksgiving and Natural Family...

I'm clearly a guy that has a place in his worldview for biblical polemics.

That being said let me remind all you Chad's and based meme lords out there to remember the 5th commandment this Thanksgiving.
Chances are high for all of us that not everyone sitting around your Thanskgiving table will have a sanctified worldview.

Being gracious and cordial with them, looking for ways to avoid conflict rather than provoke it, doesn't mean you are honoring their worldview.
It means, as a Christian, that you are honoring yours.

"Honor your father and mother so that it may go well with you in the land."
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12 Nov

So one of the things I am thinking about is how do we, on the evangelical/reformed right, convert the discernment and information regularly made available to us into actionable strategy for accountability and reform‽
In otherwords, we don't just need an evangelical/reformed version of FoxNews.

Outrage porn for those powerless to do anything about it.

We need to layout an actionable plan for a groundswell of pressure to bring about reform.
We need to think politically and collectively to do so.

Evangelicals have a misguided aversion to thinking politically, particularly in ecclesiastical matters, and conservatives have an aversion to thinking collectively, out of a bias towards individualism.
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11 Nov
Thread On The Biblical Apologetic For The Death Penalty Vs @tisaiahcho's "Christian Convictions":

God Institutes the death penalty in Gen 9:6, the Noahic covenant.

"He who sheds the blood of man by man shall his blood blood shed."
It should be noted that this institution of a civil jurisdiction is a radical deviation from the pre-flood anarchy and evil resulting from God sparing Cain for the murder of Abel and the ensuing boasting of Lamech (Gen 4:23-24).
Lamech considered himself 77 times more untouchable than Cain for being 77 times more evil.

God expands the penal sanction for all capital crimes covered in the book of the law, Deuteronomy, in the Mosaic covenant.
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25 Aug

If you tell the left that their virtue-signaling culture exists solely to drown out their guilty conscience before God...

They get really really mad.

Which proves the point.
We have affirmation from Christ and the indwelt Holy Spirit.

Our consciences don't condemn us. Their's do.


So they need endless affirmation that they are in fact good guys.
When you refuse to affirm, just one time, one interruption of the endless stream of their gluttony of human affirmation, they go ballistic.
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